APS Industrial powers high-profile construction projects

APS Industrial is taking a focused approach to supporting the construction industry’s electrical and power needs, backed by its partnership with key global technology providers, led by Siemens.

Established just over five years ago, APS Industrial (APS) is the construction industry’s new choice, but the industrial solutions supplier is already making waves in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Providing a broad portfolio of industrial low and medium voltage electrical and automation products for the Australian market, APS is the key national distributor of Siemens, Weidmüller, Rittal, Belden, and Katko in Australia.

Joining the company two years ago, Electrical Products business manager Stephen Gough says APS’ rapid growth stems from its commitment to providing quality products, with a focused approach to servicing its customers.

APS Industrial powers high-profile construction projects
Stephen Gough, Electrical Products business manager, APS Industrial.

“We make doing business easy,” says Gough. “We simplify the process by working closely with stakeholders at all stages in the pipeline of a project to make sure we’re covering all bases.”

Further strengthening APS’ role as the master national distributor of Siemens’ electrical and automation solutions for the local market, the company has recently opened a purpose-built Manufacturing Centre featuring air circuit breaker (ACB) adaptation capability in Adelaide.

Through this facility, based at the company’s existing site in Adelaide, APS’ experienced teams handle design, assembly, testing, research and development, and offer integrated estimating and design services locally to ensure excellent outcomes for its customers’ projects. “We know that speed to market is paramount in today’s market given the current and emerging challenges faced by the construction industry,” says Gough. “By having these capabilities and products locally, we are able to offer customised solutions with greatly reduced lead times.”

One of the biggest challenges to the growth of the construction industry over the last few years has been global supply chain issues, he says. “The establishment of our new facility will reduce the reliance on global supply chains for a product that is critical to many applications and industries, and the construction sector is no exception,” explains Gough.

From a power distribution product perspective, APS recently launched Siemens’ Sentron 3WA Series ACBs, which the company can adapt to local requirements. Available in three frame sizes with current ranges from 630-amperes to 6,300-amperes, these circuit breakers have a potential service life upwards of 100 years.

“Highly reliable in distributed energy systems, Siemens’ Sentron 3WA Series ACBs can handle voltage fluctuations of up to 10 per cent to protect infrastructure and buildings from damage caused by electrical faults, reducing downtime for our customers,” says Gough. “The 3WA Series also has in-built software that allows project teams to test and monitor them remotely and importantly, they can be integrated into automation environments.”

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APS Industrial powers high-profile construction projects
Siemens’ new Sentron 3WA Series air circuit breakers, available at APS Industrial.

The digital compatibility, adaptability, high reliability in distributed energy systems and end-to-end digital lifecycle capabilities of Sentron 3WA Series ACBs ensure that demanding heavy-duty applications maintain supply.

“Siemens’ Sentron ACBs and the extended Sentron power distribution portfolio, which includes miniature circuit breakers and protection devices, forms an ideal solution for various sectors, such as infrastructure, commercial and residential construction,” says Gough.

At the forefront of Siemens’ Sentron range of products is connectivity and integration. The ACBs, including the new 3WA Series, and circuit breakers talk to one another – resulting in seamless integration and application flexibility.

Further, they can all be programmed with an app through Bluetooth. “This means we can connect to the circuit breaker without having to open the switchboard or even go into the switch room,” says Gough. “By removing the need for a person to enter the switch room, we’re keeping them safe and clear of potentially dangerous currents in addition to providing valuable time savings.”

Supporting APS’ power distribution offering is a fully ASNZ61439 compliant family of distribution board (DB) solutions. The APS DB family comes in three models – the DB Ultimate, DB Eco and DB Essential – to suit all applications.

“If you want an off the shelf style distribution board for domestic, commercial and light duty industrial environments – the DB Eco is ideal, with an ingress protection (IP) rating of IP40,” says Gough. “This range is available from local wholesalers for pick-up and installation.”

APS Industrial powers high-profile construction projects
APS Industrial’s distribution board manufacturing floor.

The DB Essential is optimal for high-end commercial and medium-duty industrial environments such as office buildings, retail, hotels, education and warehouses. It has an IP55 rating, with a fully welded Katko enclosure.

Already operating in data centres, airports and critical infrastructure across Australia, the DB Ultimate is an IP66 rated distribution board, which supports high-end industrial applications such as infrastructure, hospitals and power/energy.

“In January this year, we went back to TÜV Rheinland Australia and retested all of our distribution boards,” says Gough. “The DB Eco, Essential and Ultimate were all tested against the AS/NZS 61439 standard, and all passed extremely well.”

Like APS itself, the APS DB family of distribution boards represents a new choice for the local construction industry. Used on a large portfolio of industrial, infrastructure and building projects around the country, APS’ range is ever-evolving to meet the needs of its customers. Whether it’s a retail building, critical infrastructure or high-rise residential apartments, APS supplies the core components for power distribution in all applications.

APS Industrial powers high-profile construction projects
APS Industrial’s Manufacturing Centre in Adelaide.

Having delivered solutions for a new data centre for a global technology company, local mining applications and a major Greenfield Pharmaceutical construction project, APS has received extremely positive feedback from local contractors and end users, says Gough.

“What makes these projects so important to APS’ service promise is that customers not only get their distribution board requirements from us but also have access to the full power distribution portfolio, including Sentron ACBs and moulded case circuit breakers, plus Sivacon S8 low-voltage switchboards and motor control centres,” says Gough.

Through its fully-stocked Manufacturing Centre in Adelaide, APS is ensuring its customers can access fast and reliable services, as well as fully certified, quality electrical and automation products, locally.

APS Manufacturing Centre

Value add services
  • Design of electrical systems using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Assembly of components into finished products, including both one-offs and multiples.
  • Research and development of new applications and technologies.
  • Testing, repair and maintenance services for faulty products.
  • Testing and quality assurance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Expert advice on electrical control options, including programming support.
  • Specialised products including process control panels, water pump control panels, distribution boards, basic transfer switches and controllers.

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