Carmix self-loading concrete mixers come with off-road advantage

Carmix is an innovative range of self-loading concrete mixers, dumpers and silos for onsite concrete production, and Pilecom Equipment has made it readily available for the Australian construction market.

National solution provider for solar farm construction Pilecom Equipment has recently launched an exciting new product range for the Australian construction and infrastructure sectors. In recent years, the company became the official Australian agent of Carmix mobile self-loading concrete batching units and products, which have since been changing the game for project teams working in rural, remote and difficult to access locations.

Carmix self-loading concrete mixers come with off-road advantage
Boyd Cousins, director, Pilecom Equipment – the official Australian agent of Carmix mobile self-loading concrete batching units and products.

Pilecom Equipment is a local family-owned business led by director Boyd Cousins and his two sons, who all have a deep passion for the products and services they provide. Their excitement for the Carmix range is evident, and given the units’ unique capabilities, it’s not hard to see why.

Carmix is a range of off-road mobile concrete plants, ideal for construction projects in remote regions and with steep incline or narrow forest access, as well as for tunnelling works, mine sites and island constructions.

In contrast to conventional concrete trucks, Carmix plants are permanent four-wheel, hydraulic drive – designed for power in the toughest of project locations. Pairing the concrete batching units is Carmix’s dumpers, silos, pumps and baggers, which are also available at Pilecom Equipment.

“We currently have eight models of the Carmix self-loading concrete batching units available for the local industry, ranging from the smallest machine with a one cubic metre mixer drum capacity, to the largest with a five and a half cubic metre capacity,” says Cousins. “These units are a dedicated batch plant that enable construction contractors to mix their own concrete onsite.”

“Being a permanent four-wheel drive machine, the Carmix off-road concrete plants are ideal in muddy conditions and can tackle a 30 per cent incline with ease.”

Commercial trucks often encounter the challenge of their load starting to tip off the back when they’re climbing a steep incline. Carmix units avoid this through their forward-facing drum, meaning it won’t spill if it’s carrying a full load.

Remote projects come with unique problems. When it comes to concrete, many remote projects are a great distance from commercial concrete suppliers, resulting in exorbitant transport costs to have it delivered to site. There’s an increasing pressure on contractors to deliver commercial and government projects on time and on budget. By being able to mix their own concrete onsite with the Carmix, contractors can not only save on these costs but are also able to avoid project delays as a result of having to wait for supplied concrete to arrive.

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Carmix self-loading concrete mixers come with off-road advantage
Loading sequence of Carmix.

For tunnelling construction, Pilecom Equipment offers two Carmix units, which can move with ease in environments with limited space – the Dumper D6 and the 45 FX. Both units can drive in and out without turning around thanks to their bi-directional steering system, which means the operator is always facing forward instead of having to turn their head to reverse out. “These units can also be retrofitted with roll-over protective structures, falling object protective structures and cabin air control systems,” says Cousins.

Another huge advantage of Carmix units is that they’re easy to operate. Given the skilled labour shortage, says Cousins, equipment suppliers need to be supporting all levels of construction professionals.

“Those operating these machines don’t need a high-risk licence, only a regular driver licence or preferably a heavy-vehicle licence,” says Cousins. “Our team has extensive experience in operating these machines.”

“With the purchase of any Carmix unit, we offer a full day of training either on the jobsite or in the contractor’s yard where we try to simulate project site conditions – we offer robust solutions and robust support.”

With the construction industry increasing its focus on environmental impacts and sustainability, Carmix can also mix green concrete. Carmix has the ability to mix green and recycled concrete where loading of non-traditional concrete materials is difficult.

“The Carmix is perfect for loading unusual aggregates,” says Cousins. “We believe that our units can help increase the construction industry’s understanding of green concrete by enabling contractors to mix it themselves on their own sites.”

Productivity growth in the construction industry has majorly lagged other industries over the last 30 years – another challenge the sector continues to face. In 2020, the Australian Constructors Association commissioned a report by BIS Oxford Economics, which concluded the opportunity cost of poor productivity in the industry is likely valued at $35 billion for the 2019-2020 year alone. “Carmix’s self-loading feature improves productivity by taking the load off workers,” says Cousins. “A single operator can shovel cement, sand and aggregates and mix the concrete onsite.”

Carmix self-loading concrete mixers come with off-road advantage
Carmix 3500TC & Carmix Bagger/Hopper – mix concrete with ease.

Carmix silos – available from Pilecom Equipment in 16, 26, and 36 cubic metre models – are often used in conjunction with Carmix units to optimise site productivity and reduce cement wastage. “These systems are stationary horizontal cement silos fitted on telescopic stabilisers for easy loading and unloading from trucks,” says Cousins. “They don’t require assistance from lifting machines.”

“An electronic load cell weighing system can also be fitted to the Carmix silo systems, which manages cement discharge as well as quantity management of cement inside the silo.”

Contractors are searching for greener solutions, machinery that can withstand the harsh environment of the increasingly complex projects they’re working on, and equipment that can save them time and money to boost productivity and efficiency onsite – and Pilecom Equipment is offering solutions with Carmix.

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