FAE showcases the versatility of its machine attachments

FAE is constantly developing and designing its product line to match the unique needs of the construction industry, ensuring its customers have the right machine attachment for road, highway, trail, quarry, mine and infrastructure construction applications.

Increased costs, poor project results and slow productivity growth are currently some of the most talked about topics in the Australian construction industry, but FAE is delivering solutions to help make these challenges a thing of the past. The company has created a product line of machine attachments specifically designed to maximise business and project performance.

FAE Australia Pacific managing director Alberto Rosso says the company has a product range dedicated to vehicles with hydraulic or mechanical power take-off. “A number of products within this range are designed for specific processes that require high-level results such as our multitask products, which amplify the versatility of both our attachments and of the driving machine already owned by the customer,” says Rosso.

“Depending on the customer’s needs, they can equip their machinery with our attachments and systems, such as our fixed-rotor systems, variable geometry chambers, and high technology and precision water systems, to further enhance performance.”

FAE’s product line features machine attachments that are capable of performing multiple jobs, from asphalt grinding and rock and concrete crushing to soil stabilisation, tunnelling and asphalt recycling.

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FAE showcases the versatility of its machine attachments
A FAE MTH multi-function head completing soil stabilisation works.

“For instance, full-depth reclamation – a pavement rehabilitation technique – whether of the asphalt layer or the supporting substrate, is an innovative technique involving the milling and homogenisation of both layers with the simultaneous addition of water and structural binding agents, which normally consist of cement and/or lime, or other specific materials,” says Rosso. “This operating method entails the onsite recycling of all material, drastically reducing the need of machinery and, as a result, eliminating the costs of disposing of the surplus material.”

FAE’s specially designed heads are ideal for this type of application, enabling the operator to reach significant depths and work successfully in areas that are difficult to access and in confined spaces such as tunnels where conventional self-powered vehicles may experience difficulty accessing and moving about. This results in improved site logistics and therefore a reduction in costs, Rosso explains.

“FAE’s heads feature a variable geometry chamber,” says Rosso. “The rotor is attached to a moving frame that allows for extremely precise control over the working depth, without compromising structural strength.”

“To complete the line, water injection systems are also available to control the operating temperature of the rotor and teeth that come into contact with the asphalt, guaranteeing consistent productivity and giving the soil the right amount of moisture for top mixing results.”

FAE has a machine attachment for several structural and architectural applications, one being stone and rock crushing for road, commercial and large infrastructure construction projects. In these types of environments, large rocks and stones need to be reduced for total or partial burying or crushed to rubble to produce gravel.

The wide range of multitask crushers offered by FAE, says Rosso, means that every specific need associated with full-depth reclamation can be fulfilled with extremely high productivity and under all conditions.

Another application FAE’s attachments are used for is slab rock milling. FAE’s heads generate fewer vibrations and optimise the crushing process when used instead of conventional crushing equipment, in turn boosting productivity onsite.

“The wide range of specialty teeth patented by FAE offers a complete response to the most diverse operating needs,” says Rosso.

In asphalt treatment FAE can provide a range of solutions, inspired by its vast experience in the sector, to support productive and profitable processes. The company’s heads offer speed and precision for improved operational reliability.

FAE showcases the versatility of its machine attachments
FAE’s RPL/SSL Road Planer.

For instance, in situations where it is necessary to mill the top asphalt layer during road maintenance, FAE offers a series of models that are ideal for streamlining the job, Rosso says. “Also, when it comes to processing asphalt and its subgrades, FAE offers a series of multitask heads that can perform crushing and mixing in a single pass,” he says.

For soil strengthening applications, when soil stabilisation and mixing is required on construction sites to achieve the engineered load-bearing capacity, FAE delivers a wide range of products for incorporating various binding agents – such as lime, cement or special materials – into the substrate. FAE’s heads can be used to effectively build dirt and gravel roads, asphalt roads, railroads, airports, embankments and large parking lots as well as industrial, commercial or sports complexes and backfill or landfill.

Reaching large depths is not a problem for FAE’s heads, says Rosso. Again, the ability to use these heads in difficult to access and confined spaces creates significant savings on the initial investment.

FAE is showcasing a number of its products, specifically designed for the fast-paced, tough environments of the infrastructure and construction sectors, at this year’s Inside Construction Expo on 20 to 21 September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. For those looking to achieve high-level results on their construction projects, visit FAE’s stand to discover the latest in its inventory of machine attachments, currently available at its Melbourne branch.

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