Hobson Engineering locked and loaded with Nord-Lock washers

Hobson Engineering locked and loaded with Nord-Lock washers
Nord-Lock washers have recently received full endorsement with the CE marking certification. (Images: Nord-Lock)

Hobson Engineering takes pride in its role as a trusted distributor of Nord-Lock nuts and washers, ensuring bolt security even in challenging construction environments.

Since 1982, Nord-Lock, a renowned global supplier of engineering and bolting technologies, has been safeguarding the integrity of mechanical systems in the construction industry. With a steadfast commitment to maintaining a world-class team globally, the company has forged a robust partnership with Hobson Engineering. Together, they supply Nord-Lock nuts and washers to the Australian market.

Jeff Jared, who has served as the general manager for Oceania at Nord-Lock Australia for six years, is tasked with bolstering Nord-Lock’s regional presence and providing support to local partners. He speaks highly of the collaboration with Hobson Engineering, stating, “Hobson Engineering’s extensive network connectivity, high attention to detail and commitment to showcasing premier products in its catalogue make it an ideal distributor of Nord-Lock products.”

“Hobson Engineering’s detail-oriented structure enables the efficient distribution of premier products like ours to the masses.”

At the forefront of Nord-Lock’s product line are its revolutionary washers. Meticulously designed with cutting-edge wedge-locking technology, they prevent bolt loosening even under the most rigorous conditions of vibration and dynamic loads.

In the construction industry particularly, this technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability of machinery and the construction of enduring structures characterised by exceptional durability and quality. Secure bolts are crucial for maintaining structural integrity, ensuring safety, preventing failures, complying with regulations, upholding construction quality standards, and extending the lifespan of buildings, infrastructure and equipment.

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Hobson Engineering locked and loaded with Nord-Lock washers
Nord-Lock washers provide unyielding security against vibration or dynamic loads.

Jared often reflects on the many instances where he has encountered individuals whose $500,000 machines have been brought to a halt by the failure of a single bolt.

“Our product is engineered to prevent such occurrences,” he says. “Once a Nord-Lock washer is installed, the bolt is not going to come loose on its own.”

“The only plausible scenario for bolt loosening is human intervention – beyond that, our washers provide unyielding security against vibration or dynamic loads.”

Unlike traditional flat washers, Nord-Lock washers comprise two parts with serrated edges that grip the mating material. Its internal cam system boasts an angle exceeding the bolt thread pitch, requiring any force attempting to loosen the bolt to overcome resistance from the cams.

Furthermore, these washers undergo rigorous testing, enduring a minimum of 1,000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test – an established method for verifying corrosion resistance according to ISO 9227 – ensuring optimal performance over time in harsh environments.

What truly distinguishes this product, however, is Nord-Lock’s lifetime warranty on the initial installation. Once the bolted joint is secured by a Nord-Lock washer, the company guarantees its integrity for the lifespan of that joint, until it is uninstalled. “For instance, if the joint is installed today and remains uninstalled for 10 years, we assure that the joint will remain secure throughout that period,” explains Jared.

In addition to their durability and lifetime guarantee, Nord-Lock washers have recently received full endorsement with the CE marking certification. “Our entire range of washers is CE marking certified,” says Jared. “However, the CE marking certification signifies much more than just suitability for construction.”

“It guarantees our manufacturing process, the quality of our product, and no other wedge locking washer carries such a certification from a regulatory body like CE markings. Stringent checks and balances are ingrained in our manufacturing processes, ensuring the precision and reliability of every unit we produce.

“We leave no room for error, carefully reviewing each step from production to installation, so we can confidently uphold our promise of durability and performance.”

The quality of Nord-Lock washers is further evidenced by their selection for key infrastructure and construction projects across Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Notably, with the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, Brisbane is undergoing extensive upgrades to its public transport system and sports venues. One company, awarded 12 contracts for infrastructure projects associated with the games, has exclusively specified Nord-Lock washers for all 12 ventures.

Beyond its acclaimed washers, Nord-Lock offers three additional product lines: Superbolt mechanical tensioners, Boltight hydraulic tensioners and Expander System pivot pins.

Hobson Engineering locked and loaded with Nord-Lock washers
Nord-Lock Superbolt mechanical tensioners, Boltight hydraulic tensioners, Expander System pivot pins and wedge-locking technology washers.

Jared underscores the indispensable role of the Expander System in construction projects, offering a direct alternative to pivot pins in various earthmoving machinery, such as diggers, excavators and cranes. Traditional pivot pins often suffer from lug wear due to clearance between the bore and the pins, which necessitates line boring repairs. In contrast, the Expander System is engineered to eradicate lug wear entirely.

“As soon as our pins are integrated into a pivot joint, the lug will remain intact for the lifespan of the machine,” explains Jared. “We’ve seen numerous success stories of our pins being utilised in earthmoving equipment across Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.”

For larger bolts crucial in the construction industry, Nord-Lock’s tensioners take centre stage. Jared points out that in most bolted applications, when tightening with a torque wrench, suppliers claim to achieve torque accuracy within 3 to 5 per cent, but this doesn’t necessarily align with preload specifications. Accurate preload is imperative in construction, as any deviation poses significant risks to joints assembled for critical projects.

“Accurate preload is crucial for construction projects, and our Superbolt tensioners ensure this accuracy,” he says.

As a trusted distributor of Nord-Lock products, Hobson Engineering continues to reinforce the foundation of construction projects across Australia with exceptional bolt security. Together, Nord-Lock’s innovative technologies and lifetime warranty, combined with Hobson Engineering’s dedication to delivering premier products and comprehensive expertise, raise the bar for structural reliability and durability in the industry.

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