How SiteIQ data can improve the efficiency of construction projects

How SiteIQ data can improve the efficiency of construction projects
Coates’ proprietary asset management system, SiteIQ, in action. (Images: Coates)

Data from Coates’ proprietary asset management system, SiteIQ, is enhancing the efficiency of customers’ construction projects and industrial shutdowns like never before.

With hundreds of contractors onsite during major construction and infrastructure projects, meticulous planning of tools and equipment is paramount to minimise downtime and optimise resource utilisation.

Coates is no stranger to the ins and outs of supporting major projects across Australia, drawing on decades of experience from across a range of industries.

Arguably the most crucial tool at the disposal of Coates’ teams on these major projects is SiteIQ, the next-generation asset management system that has replaced the legacy CHASE system.

Used in conjunction with a staffed tool store, barcoded assets are tracked, monitored and managed, with detailed reporting to provide clearer understanding of costs, timings and utilisation.

Kamaile Knight, general manager of Industrial Solutions at Coates, emphasises that a well-informed approach leads to better outcomes when delivering large construction projects or planned industrial events like shutdowns.

“In supporting the delivery of major events, our emphasis is on helping customers to work safely, efficiently and cost effectively, and data is an important part of how we do this,” says Knight.

Developed in response to evolutions in technology, as well as learnings from the previous system, SiteIQ represents a significant leap forward, offering a suite of smart, intuitive features designed to support complex maintenance events and construction projects more efficiently and effectively.

Customer challenges

To better understand the benefits of this system, it’s important to first unpack some of the typical challenges customers face on major projects such as shutdowns.

  • Scale and complexity: The successful delivery of major industrial and construction events typically demands a large temporary workforce. Managing a large workforce and its equipment needs can be costly and complex, especially for projects with tight schedules and budgets.
  • Cost of tools and equipment: Contractors working on major projects require access to the right tools, equipment and consumables from the moment they arrive onsite. To minimise downtime and stick to budgets and deadlines, the efficient management of these resources is crucial.
  • Labour shortages: In a tight labour market, workforce utilisation is another challenge many customers are facing. This means it’s more important than ever to make the most of the personnel available and empower them to do their best work.

Smooth operations

SiteIQ has been designed to address each of these problems using a range of innovative features and functions. Coates’ experienced Tool Store controllers manage day-to-day operation of the system onsite, with customers benefitting from the extra level of detail available to them through reporting.

The cloud-based platform harnesses real-time and historical data to enable precise planning and cost estimation. This ensures that each event has the right equipment and tools onsite when needed, which is particularly crucial in remote locations.

SiteIQ also facilitates the monitoring of tool and equipment allocation to various contractors, promoting accountability and cost savings. It allows for detailed tracking of hired assets, ensuring their timely return and reducing the chance of loss or damage. This visibility into asset utilisation and contractor activities enables better hiring practices and increased event workforce efficiency.

Custom access also reduces unnecessary equipment use and improves safety and tool time, while data-informed site mapping supports the strategic placement of stores and staff allocation, enhancing overall productivity and reducing transaction times.

“Customers can easily have 15-20 different contractors onsite, each with its own tooling requirements,” says Knight. “Without an itemised view of what’s on hire for each contractor, it’s difficult to keep track of these assets.”

“When customers have a comprehensive view of all tooling and equipment, they can optimise equipment hire and proactively follow up with contractors when items aren’t returned. This is particularly important in the lead-up to event close-out.”

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How SiteIQ data can improve the efficiency of construction projects
Coates’ Tool Store controllers manage day-to-day operation of the system onsite.

Flexible support

Coates has successfully deployed SiteIQ on shutdown events for customers across Australia, including in challenging remote locations off the coasts of Darwin and the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

According to Knight, SiteIQ strengthens Coates’ ability to provide comprehensive support for customers, whatever challenges they’re facing.

“With branches Australia-wide, Coates has reach into a large asset pool which drives cost efficiency and takes some of the pressure off our customers,” she says. “Coates also has the flexibility to provide a range of additional services to support customers how, when, and where they need it.”

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