Lentune integrates with Procore to help push construction industry forward

Understanding collaboration is key to transformation, Lentune integrates with a number of the construction industry’s key accounting and project management software packages, such as Procore, to deliver outstanding results for its customers.

Lentune integrates with Procore to help push construction industry forward
Jono Bonifant, CEO, Lentune.

It’s crucial that the industry bands together to develop effective solutions to the labour and material shortages and supply chain challenges that are wreaking havoc on Australian construction costs.

While many businesses in the sector continue to work in silos, Lentune is harnessing collaboration to break down barriers in project cost management.

Spearheading Lentune’s relationships with the wider industry, CEO Jono Bonifant says Lentune can play a key role in facilitating the construction sector’s adoption of Procore Technologies’ Project Financials module.

Keeping customers at front of mind, Lentune is now helping construction businesses better manage their project costs by transferring invoices into Procore, without the need for data entry. “Our integration with Procore enhances interoperability and provides a seamless project cost management process for our customers,” Bonifant says.

“Procore’s Project Financials is starting to grow and get a lot more traction in the market, and Lentune has really come into its own to be able to facilitate helping people adopt it easily.”

Productive partnership

Lentune’s integration with Procore eliminates data entry for construction project teams. Lentune automatically pulls supplier invoices and subcontractor claims directly from the business’s email and sends important data into the cloud. Then, if enabled, Lentune matches these invoices to the commitments in Procore. It can even check them for price discrepancies.

Next, the system automatically assigns the invoices to the correct project and cost code, and delegates them to the appropriate team member or department for approval. Finally, as soon as these documents are approved, Lentune sends the data to the business’s Procore project management software as a direct cost. The entire process is supported by automation to streamline workflows and provide complete visibility of project costs, saving Lentune’s customers up to 70 per cent of their invoice processing workload.

Lentune integrates with Procore to help push construction industry forward

“This integration provides businesses the flexibility to be able to handle different workflows or requirements for different customers,” says Bonifant. “Understanding those nuances and being able to add value to the different ways people use a system is essential to a good integration like that of Lentune and Procore.”

The element of maturity that Lentune brings to a business’s financial information is only further bolstered by this integration.

Lentune creates an approval process with delegated authority and full visibility for project teams that facilitates the collection of data in a timely manner. Ultimately, Lentune’s integration with Procore means that customers can get up-to-date financial information quickly, giving everyone in the business an immediate understanding of project costs. By utilising Lentune with Procore’s Project Financials software, businesses get the best of both worlds – accounting teams get full visibility of project costs, and the teams onsite get a system that eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Procore Partner Account Manager (APAC) Jhon Camargo says it’s encouraging to see how Procore technology partners are successfully adopting ‘partnership-first’ go-to-market strategies. “These partners are leveraging knowledge, network and data to better serve their clients and empower digital transformation,” says Camargo.

A recipe for success

New Zealand construction company iLine Construction is one customer loving Lentune’s integration with Procore. The company’s finance administrator Karen Bloxham says since adopting Lentune, iLine has seen a drastic reduction in data entry hours for its administration team.

“We’ve also seen a reduction in paper costs and waste thanks to the paperless integrated system, as well as fewer manual errors due to the reduction in data entry,” says Bloxham.

Through its integration with Procore, Bonifant says, Lentune has provided iLine Construction the ability to rapidly turn around quantity surveyor and financial reporting. “Transactions flow through Lentune and Procore almost instantly, enabling iLine Construction to approve invoices on a daily basis and sync them into Xero,” Bonifant adds.

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Lentune integrates with Procore to help push construction industry forward
By utilising Lentune with Procore’s Project Financials software, businesses get the best of both worlds.

Better together

Lentune’s motto is to “drive innovation and play well with others” – a mission that is clearly demonstrated by the company’s integration with Procore. But it doesn’t stop there. Bonifant says the company strives to integrate with the software its customers are already using, resulting in integrations with Xero, Jopbac, simPRO, CostCon and MYOB, as well as Procore. “The days of trying to do everything yourself are gone,” he says. “What we’re seeing in the technology space, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence, is that working together with the industry is the way forward.”

“Some businesses have platforms that are too vast, but we know that the greatest value comes from focusing on what we do best – eliminating tedious data entry by providing a robust, automated accounts payable workflow – while working well with other key software providers to move the sector forward.

“On the whole, we want to create a seamless, high-quality technology stack for our customers and our integration with Procore enables us to do that.”

No integration is ever finished, explains Bonifant, and Lentune is always looking at how it can further its integration with Procore and other software. “The Procore product range is continuing to excel and get better,” he says. “We will continue to facilitate the syncing of data between Lentune and Procore to ensure together we create a solid platform that works well for our customers.”

By working together with other accounting and project management software in the market, Lentune is creating more clarity, control and insight for its customers so that they have more time to focus on higher value tasks.

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