Olmurtech puts a spotlight on its Tec7 adhesive range

When Evan Olver found out the Tec7 adhesive range was no longer going to be available in Australia, he knew he had to do something about it. As a result, Olmurtech was born.

Evan Olver spent a majority of his career in the sign industry, completing sign manufacture, sign installation and everything in between. At the time, he relied on the Tec7 adhesive range to deliver quality signage, so when he found out it was no longer going to be stocked in Australia, he realised an opportunity that would ensure it would still be available for the local market – leading to the establishment of Olmurtech in 2014.

Today, Olmurtech is the official distributor of Tec7 products for the Oceania region and the Australian construction industry is reaping the rewards.

Olmurtech puts a spotlight on its Tec7 adhesive range
Evan Olver, founder, Olmurtech.

Led by founders Evan and Simone Olver, Olmurtech supplies a range of adhesive, sealant and cleaner solutions to the construction industry. Its product line provides the sector reliable bonding solutions with versatility and resistance to environmental conditions, specialised options and user-friendly application methods – all of which contribute to the efficiency and quality of construction projects.

Since its first container of just three Tec7 products, Olmurtech has continued to evolve and expand its range, introducing new products to the company’s portfolio year on year. “Olmurtech now has 14 different premium products from Belgian supplier Novatech International,” says Olver.

“The Tec7 range is arguably one of the highest quality commercialised MS polymers in the world, and we’re making sure the Australian construction industry can benefit from its local availability.”

The strength alone of the Tec7 range is mind blowing, Olver says. Made from an MS polymer, Tec7 products are a combination of two adhesive technologies, resulting in a solution that has many of the benefits and strengths of polyurethanes, yet the flexibility of silicones.

Trans Clear, a transparent sealing adhesive from the Tec7 range, has the capacity to hold approximately 22 kilograms of weight per square centimetre. Once cured, Trans Clear offers excellent adhesion, continues to be elastic, watertight and fungus resistant, and can be painted on immediately.

With even more strength, the all-in-one Tec7 sealant can bond, mount and seal and is capable of holding 32 kilograms per square centimetre, even under water.

Olmurtech also supplies the X-Tack, which has amazing capacity to hold weight while it’s wet. It’s ideal for applications such as wall and façade coverings, ceiling panels, window frames and sills, door frames and roofing elements as well as construction elements made from materials including stainless steel, aluminium, metal and copper.

“One square metre of X-Tack will hold approximately 600 kilograms in sheer strength, while it’s wet,” says Olver. “Then, once that one square metre of product is cured, it will hold approximately 260 tonnes, or 26 kilograms per square centimetre.”

X-Tack also has great flexibility with 500 per cent elasticity, which allows dissimilar products to move, expand and contract at different rates. When a build requires the application of dissimilar materials, like an aluminium panel to a steel frame, both materials have different expansion and contraction rates, explains Olver. Any adhesive used needs to allow for those materials to move at their different rates, and because of X-Tack’s flexibility it will allow for that movement.

On top of its extreme adhering capacities, these products are impervious to most climatic conditions, able to withstand the tough environments that come with a construction site.

While the strength and durability of adhesives is vital to ensuring great project outcomes, so too is the construction industry’s move towards sustainability. Construction projects being delivered by both the private and public sector are increasingly requiring greener building methods and solutions – and therefore designers and builders are progressively targeting Green Star Credits, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Credits, and WELL Building Standards in project design and delivery.

All project stakeholders can be confident that the Tec7 range is suitable for their next green project. Seen as an alternative to silicones or polyurethanes, the Tec7 range available through Olmurtech has been awarded a Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH HealthRATE outcome under the GreenTag Product Health Declaration (PHD) program and a Global GreenTag GreenRate Level B certification.

These certifications pose huge benefits for the tradespeople applying Tec7, as well as the end-users of the build. “It creates comfort and peace of mind for the end user of the project knowing that they’re not going to be 20 years down the track suffering from a condition because of the toxicity of an adhesive that’s been used,” says Olver.

The green certifications also create peace of mind for the tradespeople who are applying the products. Given they’re working closely with the products, tradespeople or installers are the most susceptible to problems associated with toxic construction materials.

“We’ve all dealt with, or seen over the last 50 years, the ramifications from asbestosis and now silicosis,” says Olver. “As part of these green certifications we’ve achieved, Tec7 products underwent Global GreenTag’s stringent assessment for ethical manufacturing, health, safety and ecological performance – so everyone, from the project team on the ground to the people inhabiting the space upon completion, can rest assured their health won’t be impacted.”

“It’s our responsibility as suppliers of the product to make sure that those people are safe.”

Olmurtech has supplied Tec7 products to construction sites across Australia, including for the new Jordan Springs Public School in NSW. In 2020, the company developed an X-Tack adhesive system for the project team to install 12-millimetre, prefinished hoop pine plywood external ceiling panels manufactured by Austral Plywoods. Installed above an area regularly occupied by school children, the strength and durability of X-Tack was vital to the project’s success.

“Using X-Tack in this application created a seamless finish as no visible mechanical fixings were required,” says Olver. “For that particular project, we spent a lot of time working with the builders and designers and developing their confidence in our product.”

“They were so happy with the quality and finish that they called on Olmurtech to supply X-Tack for stage two of the project, which again involved using it to hold up hoop pine plywood.”

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Olmurtech puts a spotlight on its Tec7 adhesive range
18-millimetre birch plywood panels installed on a suspended ceiling with X-Tack at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Petrie campus, QLD.

X-Tack has also recently been used in a project at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Petrie campus. The project involved the removal of panelling and the installation of new 18-millimetre birch plywood panels on a suspended ceiling, again located above a regularly populated area.

“With that application, they didn’t want to see mechanical fixings, so the project team tracked us down and spoke to us,” says Olver. “I attended the site several times to install prototype panels for the tradespeople who would be using X-Tack to install the panels and showed them how and why the product was perfect for the job.”

“The engineers within that company decided it fitted the bill and went ahead with our X-Tack adhesive solution.”

With all of its products, Olmurtech provides “old-fashioned customer service”, something Olver says seems to be a lost art in many facets of the construction industry. The Olmurtech team gives as much attention, education and training to an individual who wants to buy a single tube of product to reseal a window as they do to someone who is purchasing pallets of product for a major project, he says.

“That’s our mantra and our culture – we know that customers hate being a number, so we ensure every customer feels equally respected, valued and well serviced,” Olver says.

With a commitment to delivering quality products, customer satisfaction and support, Olmurtech is simplifying building, construction, maintenance and repair for professionals industry-wide.

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