Powering through summer with Isuzu Power Solutions

On the back of an industry report highlighting a need for construction businesses to consider power resilience strategies in preparation for the upcoming summer months, Isuzu Power Solutions is ensuring the industry has the resources to power through scorching conditions.

While many construction outfits rely on utilising onsite grid power across majority of their projects, a forecast for potential power supply issues arising during the hot summer months ahead indicates the need to be prepared – an area in which Isuzu Power Solutions comes to the fore.

The 2023 Electricity Statement of Opportunities report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has called for urgent investment to ensure reliability of the National Energy Market (NEM) as demand from businesses and households continues to increase.

With high demand for new residential and commercial builds as well as the continued roll-out of infrastructure projects across the country, access to reliable power is, as always, vital.

However, with the Bureau of Meteorology only recently declaring Australia officially in an El Niño weather pattern, a long, dry and extremely hot summer is already on its way and with it, an extremely high chance of more frequent power outages across state capitals.

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Powering through summer with Isuzu Power Solutions
An Isuzu Power Solutions 20kVa generator set on the worksite.

While many larger businesses and essential services have standby generators in place to maintain power supply in the event of a mains outage, Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) sales manager Troy Lawson says the AEMO report highlights a further need for ‘power resilience’, to ensure operations can continue without interruption – particularly for those who may not have a backup power plan in place such as smaller businesses and trade services.

“In the past, we have found enquiries regarding standby power options such as generator sets spike following events like storms, floods and bushfires, especially during the recovery periods,” says Lawson. “Unfortunately, the AEMO report predicts that power outages will occur outside of these events during our upcoming Australian summer weather pattern.”

Enquiries about generator sets to Isuzu dealers have been increasing nation-wide, Lawson explains. Businesses in the construction sector are fully aware that having an outage, even for a small amount of time, can be costly in loss of stock and productivity.

“With the release of the AEMO report, we anticipate many construction businesses will turn that enquiry into a serious purchase consideration,” says Lawson. “Indeed, due to the amount of enquiry already this year, IPS has increased production of generator sets so that we can get them to our customers before the summer heat arrives.”

Isuzu’s diesel-engine enclosed generator sets are ideal as a backup power option and are designed with a compact footprint for easy installation and usage.

At the smaller end of the scale, IPS offers a 20kVA unit well-suited to small construction businesses and mobile applications such as trade field services, as they can be mounted on the back of a work truck and driven to location.

The medium 37kVA and larger 50kVA units are designed with heavier load requirements in mind, such as full-time refrigeration for perishables, but can also be applied to a host of other trade related applications and industries.

The fully enclosed generator sets feature ultra-quiet technology, achieved by redirecting both incoming and outgoing air through a series of sound attenuated baffles. Rated at 51 decibels at seven metres, the IPS 20kVA unit is quieter than the average conversation. This of course ticks the compliance boxes on larger construction worksites in metropolitan and residential areas.

Each generator set can be directly connected to mains power supply, plus has a series of single and three-phase power outlets depending on the size of the unit. All come protected with a Residual Current Device as standard, ensuring they are ready to work.

All-weather canopies constructed from thick gauge steel with a powder coated finish for heavy-duty and long-life operation mean guaranteed performance and peace of mind, regardless of external environmental conditions.

Manufactured in Japan, IPS generator sets are rigorously tested to Australian standards and engineered for local weather and working conditions.

The generator sets can also be configured with an online cloud-based monitoring and control system, meaning operators can access and control the unit via a supported mobile device remotely, without needing to travel to site.

Powering through summer with Isuzu Power Solutions
Isuzu Power Solutions’ generator sets feature an ultra-durable all-weather outer enclosure with a powder coated exterior.

On the service and maintenance side, a high-quality air filtration system with air filter restriction indicator keeps operating temperatures under control. A three-way fuel valve is positioned at the bottom of the unit for easy switching from internal to external fuel tanks, with an air bleeding and fuel priming system for easy start up. An external fuel tank attachment allows for additional hours of run time without the need to refuel the generator internally.

Combined with adjustable voltage and frequency regulators, a lockable battery isolator and generator circuit breaker, it’s a set and forget package that operators can trust to get the job done with minimal intervention.

Those looking to add a generator to their standby power strategy, says Lawson, can find detailed information and view options in person at Isuzu dealerships across the country.

“All customers can expect the same reliability of product, and excellence in service and customer care experienced by Isuzu Trucks customers, with support from their local dealership to ensure the correct generator set is specified for each business need,” says Lawson. “Our products are further backed with a two-year warranty plus full engineering support from our expert IPS team.”

With the relaunch of Isuzu Care earlier this year, aimed at taking the aftersales experience to the next level, customers within the construction industry can expect to be supported far after the sale of their IPS product has concluded. With the needs of Isuzu customers set to evolve in the coming years, with the advent of new technologies, Isuzu Care is making moves now to take customers on that journey.

“No less than 30 Isuzu Trucks dealerships across Australia are stocked with Isuzu Power Solutions’ product and are ready to provide the same outstanding sales and aftersales experience enjoyed by Isuzu Trucks customers,” says Lawson. “The quality and service that Isuzu Trucks customers have come to expect is extended to Isuzu Power Solutions.”

“Rain, hail or shine – our IPS customers will have a power supply they can wholeheartedly rely upon no matter the conditions, which in the construction industry is particularly valuable for time sensitive projects and demanding deadlines.”

The support service unique to Isuzu Australia is vital for customers, especially with the looming summer season around the corner. Isuzu Care offers peace of mind that there is someone only a phone call away, no matter the query or question, for all Isuzu customers.

This comes off the back of Isuzu Australia marking its 34th consecutive year of local Australian market leadership at the close of 2022, with record volume growth and total market share.

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