Queensland’s mini excavator park for kids now open

DIG IT, said to be Australia’s first mini excavator park for kids, is officially open in the Scenic Rim Region of Queensland.

Participating kids get the chance to graduate from the sandpit to the driver’s seat and operate their own mini excavator just like a real construction worker.

Set in an outdoor construction zone at Thunderbird Park, DIG IT has been custom designed for children and families and boasts nine CAT mini excavators that have been built locally in Queensland. The park features a range of fun, educational and engaging activities where kids can learn about the construction industry, earthworks, engineering, building, the importance of safety, and teamwork.

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Queensland’s mini excavator park for kids now open
DIG IT’s official site induction.

The experience includes: 

Mini excavator digging: Kids get hands-on experience operating a mini excavator, digging and moving dirt and rocks. Experienced instructors teach the basics of excavation and safety, making sure that everyone has a great time while staying safe. At the completion of each challenge, kids receive their induction card, meaning at the end of their session they have been fully inducted into the DIG IT worksite.

  • The Dig Zone – kids get trained on a 1.7-tonne excavator, digging in the earth.
  • The Demolition Zone – the challenge is to use the wrecking ball to knock over the DIG IT towers.
  • The Croc Zone – on a 1.7-tonne excavator, using precision, kids can try to hook a crocodile.
  • The RC Zone – using state-of-the-art remote-control machines like dozers, dump trucks, excavators and rear loaders, kids will get to use machines like on a construction site.

Mini excavator challenges: This is a great way for kids to test their skills and compete against their friends. They’ll get to navigate obstacle courses and complete tasks while learning about the importance of teamwork and safety.

Safety is also a top priority at DIG IT park. All operators are trained and experienced, all safety equipment is provided, and all activities are age appropriate.

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