Revizto unveils game-changing features in latest update

Revizto unveils game-changing features in latest update
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Revizto, a leading integrated collaboration platform for building information modelling (BIM) and digital project delivery, has announced the release of Revizto 5.14. This update introduces powerful new features designed to enhance project collaboration and streamline workflows.

Key highlights of Revizto 5.14

  1. Enhanced 2D/3D issue tracker: Seamlessly track and manage issues across both 2D drawings and 3D models, reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.
  2. Advanced clash detection: Automatically detect and manage clashes within BIM models, improving coordination and proactive issue resolution.
  3. Improved user interface: A revamped, user-friendly interface enhances productivity by simplifying navigation and tool access.
  4. Integration with common data environment (CDE): Effortlessly connect Revizto with existing project management and collaboration tools for smoother data exchange.
  5. Expanded support for industry standards: Support for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) ensures effective collaboration with partners using different software and standards.
  6. Customisable workflows: Tailor Revizto’s features to specific project needs, providing a bespoke solution for every user.
  7. Enhanced security features: Improved security measures protect sensitive project information, ensuring data security and compliance.

Revizto is a cutting-edge integrated collaboration platform that combines the power of BIM with advanced issue tracking and management tools. It enables real-time project collaboration, streamlining communication and coordination across all phases of the project lifecycle. Revizto 5.14 marks the next step in the platform’s evolution.

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