Shoring product innovation delivers value for Coates customers

Coates’ new MP375 strut and HW500 waler, part of the company’s hydraulic shoring range, are already delivering value for its customers.

David Dragicevich, National Technical Engineering Manager at Coates, introduces the two new additions to the company’s hydraulic shoring range and explores the benefits they bring to Coates customers.

From securing ground anchor rights to supporting high structural loads, constructing basements in urban environments presents a variety of design challenges for engineers and building contractors. As an innovative company designing and installing internal shoring systems for complex excavations, Coates has launched two new hydraulic shoring products – the MP375 strut and HW500 waler – that offer high load capacity and greater flexibility for customers in the construction industry.

Introducing the new MP375 strut and HW500 waler

Coates has grown its fleet to include the new MP375 strut – one of the highest capacity double-acting hydraulic strut rams in Australia – and the proprietary HW500 waler, which offers double the load capacity of its existing waler beams.

The super heavy-duty MP375 offers a high level of support in basement-type excavations. “With a maximum safe working compression capacity of 375-tonne, the MP375 allows us to design and implement even more efficient and cost-effective temporary works solutions, with the assurance and ease of using components that have been tested and proven in real-world construction applications,” Mr Dragicevich explains.

Shoring product innovation delivers value for Coates customers

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In partnership with Monash University and Van Der Meer Consulting Engineers, Coates engineers also recently developed the HW500 waler, a high-capacity hydraulic ground support system that complements Coates’ temporary works offering.

“This system can be used with sheet piling or concrete piled walls to create a standalone perimeter beam bracing solution,” says Mr Dragicevich. “It can also be supported by hydraulic strutting when there is a significant structural load, or when support for particularly large excavations is required.”

What makes these products different?

Both the MP375 and HW500 combine the compressive strength of steel with the ease of hydraulic actuation for length adjustment and pre-loading. Unlike fabricated structural steel shoring solutions, Coates’ new systems are also reusable, improving cost efficiencies and helping customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

These additional features also set the MP375 and HW500 apart:
MP375 HW500
  • Large capacity double-acting hydraulic strut.
  • Modular design for ease of transportation, installation and removal.
  • Wireless load and movement monitoring through telemetry sensors, with alerts if conditions change.
  • Twice the capacity of the current proprietary waler, Mega Brace.
  • Features beam segments joined with interconnecting blades, pinned with proprietary, engineered connections.
  • Adjustable unit to make light work of fine-tuning waler dimensions.

So, what’s in it for Coates customers?

Flexible excavation spaces

Without access to high-capacity struts like the MP375, construction firms can opt for a greater number of smaller struts to support the same load, but there are some technical and practical reasons why this approach isn’t always feasible, or preferable.

“Designing shoring solutions with smaller struts requires a lot more engineering to achieve the right distribution and load sharing between the different props,” says Mr Dragicevich. “It also limits excavation space, which can restrict construction activity.”

“The MP375 strut supports high structural loads with fewer components, creating more space for excavation and construction, and in many cases Coates customers will find this approach more efficient.”

Easy to scale and customise

The MP375’s tubular component-based design allows Coates to tailor the load capacity and spanning capability of a shoring solution, by coupling it with appropriately sized tubular extensions. This design allows the MP375 to support diverse applications, from small spans where space is tight, right up to extremely large and highly loaded applications with the use of the 1.2-metre diameter Super Tube extensions.

David describes the HW500 waler as equally flexible and scalable. “The HW500 system is compiled by joining together beam segments, or extensions, using propriety engineered connections,” he says. “Once the extension pieces are assembled, an adjustable hydraulic unit is fitted to allow for fine tuning, giving customers a great degree of precision and flexibility.”

Less disruption

The use of proprietary, engineered connections removes the need for special tooling and welding during installation, and makes installation much safer and less complex than fabricated structural steel. Using fewer, high-capacity struts also cuts down on the time it takes for customers to get started on site.

“We can install a single MP375 hydraulic strut much faster than a collection of smaller struts, and the less time this process takes, the more time it gives back to the customer,” says Mr Dragicevich. “The fewer the struts, the less customers are restrained in what they can do on site, which means their productivity can also increase with this innovation.”

Fewer surprises

“Having used these products hundreds of times, Coates has already made refinements and fixed any design issues that were encountered,” says Mr Dragicevich. “But with fabricated steel each application is essentially the first try, so it’s difficult to identify design issues until installation begins.”

“It’s also much less engineering and design-intensive to work with pre-engineered and pre-rated components, which allows the design process to be radically accelerated without compromising design quality or safety.”

Innovation in action

The MP375 and HW500 have already been utilised in internal hydraulic shoring systems for basements under construction in NSW and the ACT. Stay tuned for the customer case studies examining how Coates Engineering Solutions used these products to overcome site and project challenges, ensuring construction work could continue safely and on schedule.

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