VEGA Australia meets measurement demands of construction industry

VEGA Australia, bolstered by its parent company’s global presence and innovations, is ensuring the local construction industry has reliable, next-generation measurement technology to optimise assets and boost operational efficiency.

Sensor and measuring instrument manufacturer VEGA has been developing the measurement solutions of the future, built upon a passion for innovation and transformation, for more than 60 years. In recent decades, the company’s local arm VEGA Australia has cemented partnerships with key players in the construction industry through its local supply of VEGA’s range of level, point level and pressure measurement instruments and technology.

Established in Brookfield NSW in 1987, and now situated at its state-of-the-art site in Caringbah NSW, VEGA Australia is key to supporting the improved productivity and processes of the local construction industry, including the building materials sector.

VEGA Australia meets measurement demands of construction industry
John Leadbetter, managing director, VEGA Australia.

VEGA Australia managing director John Leadbetter has seen the company grow and develop in the local market throughout his 27 years with the business. He says the business’s success stems from the deep relationships and partnerships it has formed within the cement and concrete, quarry, brickworks, tunnelling and road construction sectors.

“We foster long term partnerships with the likes of Hanson, Holcim, Boral, Austral Bricks, James Hardie, CSR Gyprock and BHP Steel – many of which we’ve been working with for well over 20 years all around Australia,” says Leadbetter. “We are part of the international VEGA companies, and backed by that global experience, we’re able to deliver the highest quality, German-built level and pressure instrumentation locally in Australia.”

“As the latest technologies come out that could help improve our customers’ operations, we introduce those technologies to them and help them upgrade to those latest technologies.”

Providing the latest in measurement technology that offers productivity, reliability and safety gains is the cornerstone of VEGA Australia’s offering. At a time when a wealth of challenges continue to torment the construction industry, it has never been so important for the sector to harness solutions to move the needle on productivity and efficiency. Improvements to the construction industry’s productivity performance could save Australia $47 billion annually, according to the Australian Constructors Association’s report Disrupt or die – Transforming Australia’s construction industry, 2020.

Reliable measurement data can play a huge role in shifting these statistics, says Leadbetter. “In days gone by, level and pressure measurement tasks would be completed by a person that would physically have to go out and check the bins, dip tanks or silos and enter measurement records on spreadsheets about what material they had on a plant,” he says. “This resulted in extra work, safety risks from having that person around the equipment which may contain hazardous materials, and poor reliability due to the probability of human error.”

“Our instruments, on the other hand, provide a continuous, accurate output about the amount of level in a silo, saving time, improving efficiency and enabling maintainers to focus on other tasks.

“Our sensors can tell you where the sumps are and anything to do with information about what’s happening in the plant itself.”

As the construction industry enters an age of automation and information, VEGA Australia is delivering automated units that are developed to withstand and suit tough, dusty, noisy and mechanical industry environments.

What the customer is looking for, says Leadbetter, is reliable and accurate information. They’re looking for automated solutions that they can integrate into their plant so that they require less manpower and more mechanical type power.

“That’s where VEGA Australia comes into it,” he says. “We don’t just offer goods for sale – we go out there and offer the sensor solution to the customer and assist them in identifying the best location for it, how to install it and most importantly, setting the instrument up.”

“By offering this comprehensive support and service, as well as our quality, technology-driven instruments, we provide the customer confidence that they have reliable equipment that’s dependable and that they will get years of service out of.”

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VEGA Australia meets measurement demands of construction industry
VEGA Australia has partnerships with huge industry names including Hanson, Holcim, Boral, Austral Bricks, James Hardie, CSR Gyprock and BHP Steel.

The construction industry is also a huge generator of waste. During the 2020-21 financial year, building and demolition materials were responsible for approximately 25.2 million tonnes of Australia’s generated waste – according to the National Waste Report 2022 prepared for the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water by Blue Environment.

Further to the environmental impacts associated with waste generation, it also costs businesses money. Having an accurate, repeatable system, like VEGA Australia’s sensor technology, can greatly reduce waste, says Leadbetter. For instance, the VEGAPULS level measurement radar can accurately track a tank’s capacity to protect against overflow, with no contact required by personnel.

Addressing the current skills shortage, VEGA Australia’s measurement instruments do the job of what previously would have required personnel to complete, resulting in a better use of resources. “Also, our sensors run on 24 volts direct current,” says Leadbetter. “They are low power devices that don’t require alternating current power or high power to run them.”

Having reliability and optimal performance 24 hours day is another plus of VEGA Australia’s offering. All of its measurement units are self-assessing – they alert the maintainers to problems so that they can head out there and fix the problem or replace the damaged unit if required – meaning supervisors and managers don’t have to worry about things going wrong.

As the building materials sector continues to improve and develop its infrastructure, larger sites with several different pieces of equipment are required to achieve the higher throughput. Many sites are now being fully automated, helping the production of materials for the construction industry to be delivered on time. Construction companies used to have delays purely due to the fact that the materials that were required for their projects were taking longer to get there, says Leadbetter. “If the materials are getting there on time, the construction companies are able to plan further ahead, reducing or eliminating the effect of delays,” he adds. “With our sensors doing the heavy lifting in the level and pressure measurement space, we’re supporting building materials companies in getting materials out to contractors at a quicker pace.”

Primarily delivering sensors for level and pressure measurement, VEGA Australia tailors its solutions to fit what the customer is looking for.

The company is at the forefront of radar level and guided radar developments, two product ranges that are continuously used in the construction and building materials sector, and also offers pressure transmitters and switches. “All of our products are developed for the market, not the price point,” says Leadbetter. “We’re not all about the latest technology being the highest price.”

VEGA Australia meets measurement demands of construction industry
The VEGAPULS 68 radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids.

Many of VEGA Australia’s solutions will be on display at the 2023 Inside Construction Expo on 20-21 September. The company will be showcasing working models that aren’t just planted on a desk – they’ll be powered up and working.

“Attendees that visit our stand (D20) will get to speak to people who are dealing with their industry daily, and have industry knowledge and established industry relationships,” says Leadbetter. “They’ll get to meet our team and see the equipment in action and most importantly, see that we’re at the event to help drive the construction industry forward.”

“We aim to play our part in helping develop and future-proof the industry, foster new and existing relationships, and hopefully show attendees something that they’ve never seen before.”

VEGA Australia, with the support and experience of the global group of VEGA companies, endeavours to be at the forefront of level and pressure measuring solutions for the local construction and building materials markets. Be sure to visit the company’s stand at Inside Construction Expo 2023 to discover the latest and emerging developments in sensor technology.

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