Walkers Hammers supplies rockbreakers designed to last a lifetime

Specialising in excavator and skid steer attachments, and complete boom and breaker systems for the construction, demolition, mining and recycling industries, Walkers Hammers is helping businesses break ground in project performance.

As part of the Australian dealer network for Rammer, Simex, ALLU, PneuVibe, GTS, TEFRA and Steelwrist equipment, Walkers Hammers is making sure construction professionals have the right attachment for the job.

With owner and sales manager Mike Coghlan at the helm, Walkers Hammers has been around in different capacities for almost 40 years. Today, the company focuses on supplying a premium range of equipment from well-respected industry brands, bolstered by its supreme support, maintenance and repair services.

Among its core products is the Rammer Rockbreaker in the Excellence and Performance Lines. Featuring an optimised piston design and a built-in pressure adjusting valve, which guarantees every blow is delivered with full power, Rammer Rockbreakers are ideal for virtually any construction, demolition or quarrying application. Awarded distribution rights for Rammer Rockbreakers in 1998, Coghlan says Rammer products are the Mercedes-Benz of hammers. “Rammer Rockbreakers are of the highest quality,” he says. “They’re designed to last a lifetime if fully maintained.”

“We have a Rammer Rockbreaker for practically all applications, from customers with a little 1.6-tonne excavator looking to do small jobs to the larger contractors with multiple 30-tonne excavators delivering major infrastructure, demolition or quarrying works.

“Our customers are pretty much anyone that’s into excavation, from those delivering civil works infrastructure – such as sewerage and trenching – to quarrying applications where customers use Rammer Rockbreakers to primary break or secondary break down large boulders into smaller sizes to fit the rock into a crushing plant for use in producing road construction materials.”

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Walkers Hammers supplies rockbreakers designed to last a lifetime
Rammer has readily accessible resources available to advise on correct operation and maintenance, including YouTube videos, product training and manuals, all supported by Walkers Hammers.

Technology also plays a huge role in Walkers Hammers’ Rammer offering. All Rammer Rockbreakers are equipped with the RD3, a remote cloud-based monitoring system that collects data to provide customer insights into the attachment’s usage.

This data helps the customer and Walkers Hammers understand how the rockbreaker is being used and identifies any problems with the equipment as well as whether it’s being operated outside of its design parameters. It will alert the operator of planned services and suggested preventative maintenance and, through its GPS feature, monitor the rockbreaker’s location for increased security.

Maintenance is a crucial element in ensuring Rammer Rockbreakers live up to their ‘lifetime’ life expectancy, something Walkers Hammers places major importance on.

“By helping the operator identify incorrect use of the rockbreaker, it reduces the chance of failure and unscheduled downtime, improving the overall productivity of their assets,” says Coghlan.

Due to its ground engaging application, the Rammer Rockbreakers have what Walkers Hammers calls a duty cycle. The company recommends the rockbreakers be brought into its workshop in Laverton North, Victoria, for servicing, maintenance or a full overhaul once a year. Walkers Hammers will replace any worn parts, put the unit back together and give it back to the customer in prime condition.

Walkers Hammers has recently opened a branch in South Australia where it similarly provides purchase and hiring support and advice, and maintenance and repair services.

“It’s very important that we, as a company, listen to our clients and do what we can to meet their needs,” Coghlan says. “Many companies just want to sell you something – we want you to join our family because, as mentioned earlier, the Rammer equipment that we sell lasts a lifetime if you maintain it.”

“Our team members gain a deep insight of customers’ needs and applications through open and comprehensive communication prior to offering solutions.”

Walkers Hammers’ staff are passionate about fostering life-time relationships. So much so that they would rather explain the importance of maintenance at the point of sale and miss out on a sale than be dishonest about maintenance requirements. If the customer brings their rockbreaker in for a service and repairs every year, Coghlan says the rockbreaker will hold its value and provide reliable service up to its life expectancy.

Within Walkers Hammers is also its separate hire business, offering a great option for one off projects and time-critical jobs. It also supports customers on the off chance that something goes wrong with their attachment.

If for instance something untoward happened and a new rockbreaker broke down (a situation Coghlan says is yet to happen), Walkers Hammers will provide the customer one of its hire breakers while the owned rockbreaker is being repaired.

“What sets us apart from other businesses is our exceptional service and I say that with a lot of confidence because we have the capability to back up our products if something goes wrong,” says Coghlan. “We’re ready to step up to the plate and keep that client going.”

“If something breaks down, customers can’t work or make money until it’s fixed, so we back them up with our service without any delays.”

Commissioning and set up is also an integral part of the business. Walkers Hammers will go out to the customer’s site with the new rockbreaker, conduct a flow test and setting changes on the customer’s excavator, and test everything so that the excavator is set to meet the working parameters of the rockbreaker.

Walkers Hammers supplies rockbreakers designed to last a lifetime
Walkers Hammers’ service technician advising operational and maintenance features of the Rammer 5011E with its customer – Indigenous Civil Group.

Further, choosing the right breaker tool for the job will increase the power and productivity of Rammer Rockbreakers. Rammer has a number of job specific tool models that allow customers to get the most out of their equipment. “Our technicians provide customers unparalleled technical advice and will always ensure they put forward the correct attachment and tools for the application,” says Coghlan.

By offering set up and installation, maintenance, onsite and repair services, as well as a quick turnaround and quality equipment, the company is ensuring it can provide exceptional solutions for generations to come.

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