IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

Yamaro is a company that has been doing something more than just constructing buildings. In Yamaro, there is a good purpose a well which is improving the life quality of many people.

The enterprise is the creator of the Eco Inn Hotel as well as the Hotel amazonia. Very hard work implies very good results!

IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

The more people want to improve and enhance their brine with high quality buildings, the better because Yamaro will be there in order to help.

You may have not noticed that in order to get a better business, a good structure is going to be needed.

Yamaro has had the opportunity not only the named building but also pavement works. In Venezuela, there is a good need or nice pavement works.

Constructing has great benefits for the country because new buildings, roads and structure can be created. All of this contributes to the development of a nation and Yamaro knows that their responsibility is not only with their business but also with other people.

IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

The CEO of Yamaro, Armando Iachini has been the author of many good works that have been born from Yamaro and their work. Thanks to him and the efforts of his workers, today it is possible to say these structures are enhancing the lives of many people in the country.

It is important to understand that the best business is not only the one in which there is good economic growth but also good social improvement. Yamaro will keep doing a good effort so that other businesses can be developed which at the same time can benefit people in Venezuela and in the world.

It is expected to enhance international businesses that can improve the quality of many people around the globe.

[Armando Iachini] Why chosing Yamaro?

Chances are that you want to know about Yamaro and you want  to learn about Yamaro in the sense of RSE. The social responsibility is surely a very good and interesting topic that you should take into consideration because there are plenty of enterprises that you should consider. Yamaro is one of the bests when it comes to having a very nice way and initiative. There is a good reputation in Yamaro. Yamaro is one of those ones that are into social responsibility n a very good way. Consider that, for example, there are a lot of people who are learning about having a big and interesting responsibility in a team. That means also that teamwork is necessary for social responsibility, you will need to learn this if you are into social responsibility and also entrepreneurship. Also consider that there.

[Armando Iachini] Why chosing Yamaro?
Armando Iachini de Construcciones Yamaro

When it comes to Yamaro, you have to learn that you have a very good and interesting mindset. Remember that Yamaro is also about constructing not only buildings but also a good awareness of what it is to be an entrepreneur.

[Armando Iachini] Why chosing Yamaro?
Armando Iachini – “We woke up happy”

When it comes to Yamaro, you have to learn that you have a very good and interesting mindset. Remember that Yamaro is also about constructing not only buildings but also a good awareness of what and enterprise is. If you have the social responsibility, Then you will easily understand that university is not always necessary to study this important aspect of being successful! Remember, you are not only limited by money, limitations commonly come from your mind, and in spite of this being a general truth that everyone knows, not everyone uses it because not all the minds are that strong. But wait, that doesn’t mean that you can not do it, instead, it is time to “change your mindset” and start doing what you are meant to do, remember that when it comes to having a very good option of what Yamaro and enterprise are, you only need two things: a good reputation and a very good way to understand what you are doing with your mindset!

Armando Iachini Lo Medico: Yamaro And Businesses

Yamaro is an enterprise that has had a great amount of good works in Venezuela and they still intend to expand businesses. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to develop a new business in a land like Venezuela. Expert entrepreneurs will understand. This place has a great amount of beaches, soils and even jungles that can be used in such a strong way that only some entrepreneurs could understand.

Armando Iachini Lo Medico: Yamaro And Businesses
Armando Iachini: Together we’re stronger

For those ones who are looking for a way to construct their business space, Yamaro is an option that would go straight forward to the point. Yamaro has more than 40 years of experience and with a very good reputation. Hotel Amazonia, highways and other architectonic constructions are an important part of what Yamaro has been able to create so far.

It is important to mention that this enterprise is willing to go further with the business in terms of getting in touch with entrepreneurs and companies from abroad.

Venezuela is actually well-known for two important things in the world: best-chocolate and highest amount of oil. These two factors should be more than enough for any entrepreneur to expand businesses in Venezuela in order to improve their own. This is interestingly something that some entrepreneur should feel a little skeptical at the beginning since there is like “too much benefit” and only some people from abroad taking advantage of it. Hopefully, more entrepreneurs will be daring to take that “risk” and understand that Venezuela and Yamaro are actually very open to work with them and that there are possibilities of an amazing business that will contribute with the development of both sides.

Armando Iachini Lo Medico: Yamaro And Businesses
Armando Iachini: Amazing possibilities

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future

Green is possible. Green alternatives in the construction sector seem to be the answer for the future in many countries such as: Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United States, Germany, India and Austria. These countries are noted for their new ways to apply Corporate Social Responsibility in the construction sector.  For the company Construcciones Yamaro, in Venezuela, for example, an architectural alternative for the planet has much to do with resources, energy and water consumption savings and improvements in the communities.

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future
Green architecture ideas

How to help the environment? The construction is an activity with high level of impact to the planet. The damage caused by industry is generating numerous problems for several years, as it getting bigger and present because of the continued growth of the population and the consequent need for habitat.

Corporate Social Responsibility considers reducing the impact generated wherever a construction is taking part. This reduction is an implicit need within the construction sector. Home, business and community constructions and buildings of the future are profiled to be developed with friendly materials to the environment. These buildings seek to increase the electrical efficiency and reduce the environmental cost, while considering cost reduction.

Construcciones Yamaro. For Armando Iachini, CEO of Construcciones Yamaro, it is important always to be aware of the environmental impact of the construction works in the country and he knows how to minimize it at a maximum point. There are more sustainable materials than others in the construction sector. For example, wood is one of them because of their characteristic of reuse, recycling and renewal. A very good characteristic of this material is that once it is used, it can become biomass or it can be used to build agglomerate.

Green buildings are built according to bioclimatic guidelines that will achieve between 50% and 80% energy savings compared to conventional buildings. They should use fluorescent bulbs, use of solar panels to generate clean energy and hot water, use best crystals to regulate temperature and reduce the use of heaters and air conditioners.

Cost reduction: LEED. The so called “green” architecture creates a problem that is being solved. Reducing energy costs of construction of a sustainable building also causes an increase in margins of primary investment translated to a 10% to 15% in the construction budget, compared to a conventional building.

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future
Sustainable construction

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a system of standardization for eco-friendly construction works, which dictates the standards to consider a building as “green”. LEED certification is a method that evaluates buildings and communities through objective design guidelines and measurable parameters. Environmental performance includes:

  • energy efficiency,
  • indoor environmental quality,
  • materials selection,
  • sustainable site development,
  • water savings.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification categorizes a building in one of the five standards mentioned before, among which include: Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Saving (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR) and Environmental Quality interiors (IEQ). Innovation Design (ID) is an additional category that studies how the construction was handled as well as the design measures not covered in the other four categories. Therefore, construction companies have four levels of accreditation to consider:

  • Regional Certification (40-49 points),
  • Silver (50-59 points),
  • Gold (60-70 points),
  • Platinum (80 or more points).