Important! Armando Iachini: Yamaro And Its Construction Work

You’ll probably want to know about the work that Yamaro has been making as a company. Thanks to its efforts, many people in Venezuela can say today that there are very important roads that are useful for them so that they can actually get to their jobs or move around the country.

Why is it important to keep doing this kind of work for Yamaro? They surely want to help the country so more people can be benefited from their job. Imagine the thousands of people who are out there doing a good job partially because they have roads where to get to their jobs.

Important! Armando Iachini: Yamaro And Its Construction Work

Also,  Yamaro is aiming to improve the way that Venezuela has been working in the touristic area. Tourism in Venezuela can be really efficient if you consider that there are plenty of ecosystems.

Yamaro is pretty much one of the  best companies focused on improving roads and many other infrastructures. Also, it is important to point out that Yamaro is one of the companies that will represent a nice improvement for tourism and many people from all around the world will have the possibilities of seeing themselves benefited from that.

It is going to be good for everyone to have a nice experience with the company they work with and this is the case of most people who work in constructions with Yamaro!



[Armando Ianchini] Yamaro Company Goes Green

In 1950, escaping from the second war, two young Italians named Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marrozzi arrived in Venezuela searching for a better life. Like many other foreigners, they decided to find a way to make a living, so gather all their savings, and were able to buy a Fiat Truck.

[Armando Ianchini] Yamaro Company Goes Green
Armando Iachini: Take care of the environment

In 1969, after some years working in the construction area, they legalize their company and name it Construcciones Yamaro , using the first initials of their last names. In the 1970s, the company ceases to be a sub-contractor and becomes fully independent. In the 1990s, they take bigger and more important projects in the country, such as the José Antonio Páez highway, the Acarigua-Barquisimeto highway and the Cantaura-El Tigre highway, among others.

For more than sixty years, Yamaro has worked in Venezuela and one of its most important priorities has been the environment. Armando Iachini, current CEO of the company believes that construction has an important impact on nature. Nowadays, there are many sustainable materials made entirely from waste products like:

[Armando Ianchini] Yamaro Company Goes Green
Armando Ianchini – Yamaro goes green
  • Bottle bricks, which can be used to build houses. Basically, it consists of a mud-filled bottle which is as strong as a brick, and it lets you do the same as you would do with a brick.
  • Newspaper wood, which was created as a school project by Mieke Meijer, who later joined Arjan van Raadshoven and Anieke Branderhorst to make furniture using paper.
  • Steel, which is the most recycle material in The United States alone. In the past 50 years, more than half percent of the still produced in this country has been recycled.
  • Construcciones Yamaro does not use any product that could affect the environment, in fact in their contract they always have a section where it is established that both parties commit to recovering the damaged area. In a world that no longer cares about the environment, Yamaro is an exception.

-Armando Ianchini

Armando Iachini and the Green Cities of the Future

Vertical Garden Cities. Nowadays cities are becoming denser and all the buildings in them are constantly shooting up. However, the number of gardens in those cities is also on the rise. The vertical garden, which is not a new concept, is getting importance and presence, and in recent times it has certainly become more popular. This type of gardens refers to a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation. A vertical garden includes a growing medium, such as soil, and usually has the characteristic of having an integrated water delivery system. This great creation or invention is responsibility of Patrick Blanc, nevertheless, the emergence of more and more vertical gardens is in direct response to the growing population in cities.

Armando Iachini and the Green Cities of the Future
Patrick Blanc: The creator of the vertical garden

Patrick Blanc commented to the Wall Street Journal that the amount of space in big cities is increasingly at a premium; this is why vertical gardens can provide a welcome and needed oasis to them. In that report, he also said that there is also a growing alarm about things related to climate change and deforestation, making a real responsibility and task the fact to evoke nature and green environments when talking about great cities and growing populations.

The case of Sydney. This topic certainly has to be related to Australia, where a draft policy by the City of Sydney is calling on residents and businesses to green their roofs and walls as a way and solution of improving air quality, supporting biodiversity, and creating new green spaces in the heart of the city for food production and relaxation. There is at least 96,000sqm of green rooftops and walls across the city of Sydney – roughly equal to 230 basketball courts. The City also receives around one new development application that includes a green roof or wall each week. Today, One Central Park is the Sydney’s most popular and important vertical garden.

Armando Iachini and the Green Cities of the Future
One Central Park, Sydney

Armando Iachini and the Green City. One of the biggest international concerns in this century is global warming, referring to the possible destruction of the earth, which is our unique space with the exact features or at least the necessary characteristics for our survival. However, everyday our climate is more variable or different, the winters are not as cold and heat increases and rains can come at any time. Researches in the world show that pollution spread by humans is growing and, responding to that phenomenon, the planet is getting hotter and more polluted space.

To Armando Iachini, engineer and CEO of Construcciones Yamaro, a solution or an important contribution would be to create structures or buildings as the ‘Bosco Verticale’ or vertical Forest, located in Milan. He claims that the vertical forest located in Milan is a good role model worldwide. The civilization needs to take that example and help in the recovery of the ecosystem. He says that trees within the buildings can help purifying the air of our big cities. Additionally, this type of designs and green measures are incredible attractive, colorful and, what is more important, sustainable. All this creates a relaxing environment for those who live in buildings around the world.

Armando Iachini and the Green Cities of the Future
Bosco Verticale, Milan