Armando Iachini: CSR, Time To Be Responsible

Social responsibility can make  difference among companies. There are many entrepreneurs, brand and enterprise that seem to be more of a trend every day that passes. However, only the one who are socially responsible have a very good background that makes them be seen a better potential allies while making businesses. If you do not think that social responsibility is very powerful, you should remember that this important strategy will make your business a lot more intelligent.

If you are socially responsible, you will have a very good idea on how entrepreneurship ha to be taken. The more responsible you are toward the planet, the more people will understand that you care about the world that surrounds you.

Armando Iachini: CSR, Time To Be Responsible

Remember that there are many ways to enhance the planet. You could use campaigns with a positive message, donations for charity or even offering  support to a hospital through your own services. It all depends on you and what you want to do. The important part is that you remember that there is always something we can all do in order to live in a better planet. It will be up to you to take action.

If you are a person who likes responsibility, you will be a person with more likeliness to be successful. This is good and it makes people respect you easily. When there are people who do the right thing, other people can learn to do the same as well and this is a very nice benefit because the idea is that more entrepreneurs can join this good responsibility party!

Taking Care of Your Planet

If you are one of those people who are concerned about global warming and how we could help this planet in terms of its environment, then this article will lead you to a good amount of pratical ideas that you could use.

Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: There are plenty of things we can do to preserve the environment!
  • Try to use your drier less time and just hang your clothes outsideby doing this, you would reduce the energy consumption.
  • Try to buy food with fewer packages: by doing that, you would get a lot less of unnecessary paper or boxes that you don’t really need and you would avoid damaging the environment with them.
  • Use timers for things that use electricity: this could sound a little exaggerated, but actually if many people did it around the world chances are that electricity would be used in a really nice way. Consider that by doing this, you would limit the usage of some appliances that use electricity and you would possibly feel good about the fact that at least you do it and your responsibility is being fulfilled.
  • Reuse envelopes: this would be nice, so you don’t have to use different envelopes each time you need and certainly you would contaminate less if you do so.
  • Buy used furniture: this may sound like you are just looking for cheap stuff, but actually there are some good used furniture’s that you may like a lot and not only that, but if you buy them you would reduce the amount of potential trash that would end up in a junkyard or in a place where trash contaminates the environment.
Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: Consider those many plants that will live longer because of you!

These are some important and practical tips that you can totally follow, imagine if this was done not only by you, but by many people! Let’s try to help other people with a better consciousness and share this information!

Armando Iachini: Yamaro: Building Dreams, Building Great!

Construcciones Yamaro is an enterprise that can surely be worthy for those who are thinking on investing in Venezuelan companies or building an institution. The good thing about this is that Yamaro not only has good skills at building, but also many of their masterpieces are a very good evidence of the fact that they are surely nice when it comes to create a building from scratch.

Armando Iachini: Yamaro: Building Dreams, Building Great!
Armando Iachini: Hard Work

Yamaro is an enterprise that has a very good reputation if we consider the more than 40 years of service that they have had so far. This is not something that every building company could say and the good aspect is also that many people will see themselves benefited, the enterprise, the customers and actually, hundreds of clients!

This enterprise has been developing not only a reputation, but also what could be considered as a “brand consciousness” because the enterprise in Venezuela is a synonym of professional world and excellence. Everyone who is thinking on the many important opportunities that Venezuela represents in terms of oil, chocolate distribution and other products promotions, should consider Yamaro as an enterprise to work with since they are Venezuelans who totally know how to achieve great projects for this country with a great quality.

Armando Iachini: Yamaro: Building Dreams, Building Great!
Armando Iachini: Growing Dreams

Yamaro will surely keep working hard in order to improve the already great reputation that they have and chances are that they keep developing important projects like the Amazonia hotel which is considered as one of the many masterpieces of this important company,.

Moreover, the company also has its website at disposal which is totally convenient for those ones who are looking for the services themselves and it is a sure thing that Yamaro will give a high quality attention!

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR

Climate change has not only and important impact on climate itself, the environment and the preservation of some of their inhabitants and species, but also affects and puts food security at risk, promoting shortages of certain foods or significant drop in the rate of production of certain products. Today, Construcciones Yamaro wants to dedicate this post to those construction companies that also concern about environment and create different corporate social responsibility campaigns to give something back to the planet.

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR
Armando Iachini: Plants that Provide Us Energy

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the determining factors in global warming gases, one of the main responsible factors for climate change that our planet is facing today. Fortunately, plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide in order to release oxygen. This simple biological process makes us understand the importance of trees for the protection of life in our planet.

Reforestation has become over the years one of the most significant projects that corporate social responsibility has developed in certain companies, especially those that include deforestation during their construction activities in order to obtain raw materials or for papermaking.

Many companies have focused on the task of making from reforestation an activity that can also involve some communities in order to promote the value of conservation in people as well as the importance that nature has in this crusade for the conservation and protection of the planet. In this sense, constant tree planting campaigns, financed by reputable firms, have voluntary participation of altruistic or ecofriendly people.

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR
Armando Iachini: Green Thought and Ideas for the Future

Experts also recommend companies to bet on the ecology, as this can connect to a healthy population with a huge desire to collaborate and make their contribution to the change. Through such initiatives, highly visible firms can harmonize with their surroundings, reducing the violence and impact on society and the environment.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Environmental Protection

Construcciones Yamaro has been always aware that everyday our climate is more variable and different, the winters are not as cold and heat increases and rains can come at any time. Researches in the world show that pollution spread by humans is growing and, responding to that phenomenon, the planet is getting hotter and more polluted space. All this situation is also considered by the company in every work the team starts.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Environmental Protection
Thinking Green in Every Work

According to Construcciones Yamaro, companies can obtain new corporate culture in line with the global challenges of today: economic crisis, environmental disasters, climate change, access to water, among others, in order to give that knowledge and consciousness to the communities. Some of the activities that can be considered as corporate environmental responsibility go beyond the own benefit for the company and spread to every participant in the society, as well as the impact on environment. Those activities can be:

  • Carrying out activities in accordance with the standards of environmental protection.
  • Labor protection.
  • Transparent management of human resources.
  • Creation of a department specializing in environment made up of professionals in the area.
  • To promote corporate environmental responsibility as an activity of preventive approach rather than repairing damage.

    Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Environmental Protection
    Considering Sustainability with every Material Used

  • To generate and follow eco-efficiency programs, cleaner production, green production, design for the environment and full responsibility for commercial partners and community.
  • To follow the requirements demanded by the laws for environmental protection.
  • Developing information and environmental education programs in which everyone is benefited and involved with the practice of activities for the environment.

In order to avoid causing more damage to the environment in the Venezuelan environment, Construcciones Yamaro seeks to use materials that do not emit toxic substances neither in the production process nor in construction, in order to avoid unhealthy or dangerous risks for those who inhabit the surrounding environments. In this regard, the work at Construcciones Yamaro must be designed in such a way that the products do not emit pollutants or waste that may change the quality of the environment and create danger to people, animals or plants.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Environmental Protection
Avoiding more Damage

The City of Maracaibo and Eco-friendly Buildings

In Venezuela, optimizing the use of natural resources has become one of the most important factors to consider when designing and building. Today, the faculty of Architecture and Design of the University of Zulia aims its teachings to the eco-friendly constructions; the reason: Valeria Residences sustainability. Of course, Construcciones Yamaro is always interested in those topics around the world, and Venezuela is not far from that. The company presents a brief review of this green building in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The City of Maracaibo and Eco-friendly Buildings
María Esperanza Perozo, Luis Romero and Adriana Romero

Valeria Residences

The building was designed by the retired teacher Maria Esperanza Perozo, her husband and architect Luis Romero and her daughter Adriana Romero. It is an ingenious and functional construction for the city context.

Aspects considered for the construction

The City of Maracaibo and Eco-friendly Buildings
Valeria Residences

Through a specialized assessment, a variety of the system’s advantages were determined for the construction of the building in order to be exploited to minimize the impact on the environment and the surrounding community.

Orienting the facade to the west and southwest -directions receiving the sunlight- the location of the building was considered as an opportunity and not as a disadvantage.

During the uprising, two layers of walls of expanded polystyrene blocks were built in the center. This technique allowed reducing 21 ° C in internal temperature with respect to the outside temperature without the use of air conditioning.

The construction required the use of sunbreakers to avoid direct incidence of sunlight on the windows, but ensuring optimal lighting without using electricity.

The water tank of the building is located on the roof, so that the water can flow down freely because of the gravity force without the use of hydro-pneumatic pumps. In addition to that, when receiving sunlight directly, it remains hot water without an electric heater.

The City of Maracaibo and Eco-friendly Buildings
Green ideas for eco-friendly constructions

Awards for the idea

All mechanisms used for saving energy and protecting the environment with the construction of Valeria Residences were awarded with the distinction of building “Highly Recommended” in the category of Best Architecture of Multifamiliar Housing of Venezuela 2012. The prestigious award was delivered by Americas Property Awards of the International Property Awards Organization.