Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The building sector is increasingly moving towards
the correct and efficient use of
, becoming aware of daily consumption and how to reduce it without affecting your
lifestyle, giving adequate use of heating,
cooling and lighting systems. Also, it is possible from the ground up incorporating insulating materials that achieve a sustainable building.
Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

up to 50% of consumer spending

leading company in construction in Venezuela Construcciones Yamaro, under
the leadership of Armando Iachini
, highlights the tendency to use
insulating materials to reduce consumer spending, achieving savings of up to
50% in electricity consumption when they are used efficiently.

insulation is designed to be used throughout all your life and is as solid as brick at an affordable price
to warrant the investment. The new materials offer even more efficiency,
reaching up to 70% of insulation compared to brick and 50% compared to other
materials such as glass wool and expanded polystyrene.

if the cement is replaced by
polyurethane construction
, although costs have the same value, it saves 30%
in construction time and reducing consumption with better handling lighting and
electrical equipment.

The conscientious use of equipment in the
areas of lighting, cold production of food and steam, contribute to saving
energy, creating a need today to train managers operate in terms of energy
consumption and behavior.

programming of a computer, a gas leak or any other loss, to resolve failures can be achieved savings of 10% to 15%, without
considering an additional investment.

Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

demand in building

construction industry uses 50% power
in the world, forced to seek
cost-cutting mechanism in each of the facets of the process.

the development of the building there are mechanisms
to help reduce the energy requirement
which are:

  • Upgrade
    machinery, equipment and models
    to the low consumption.
  • Programmed
    lighting schedules
    Plus low energy systems or energy saving or LED
  • Setup
    the lighting with movement sensors systems.
  • The
    combination of natural light with artificial,
    it is perfect for a home use artificial
    light when natural light is no longer efficient
  • Avoid
    leaving chargers plugged
    and disable the standby function in electrical appliances.

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The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
By acquiring steel,
a more durable and resilient than
the iron material, we became able to
make better articulation of space, a
feature of high tech architecture, in addition to providing greater expansion in any direction at
and its elements are more easily designed
than any other manufactured with other materials designed.
The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The use of steel over time

From his first job in the Barcelona Exhibition of 1929 in the German
Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, chromed
steel pilaster capable of uniting translucent glass walls
. Currently, a
clear example is the steel trusses designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
for coating the Pompidou Center, example of high-tech architecture.

The steel provides flexibility
and easy reinforcement in those structures where they are necessary
addition can be easily expanded in any direction and steel elements are
designed much easier than the elements of other materials.

When construction is done with a steel structure enables larger clears with fewer columns,
facilitating better interior design without increasing investment.

Also, they can be easily designed, acquire much faster than other
materials and assembly structures in short periods of time. Steel brings a degree of value for ease of
, renovation or the possibility of reinforce to adapt to new

In seismic zones, its ductility makes it the best material and economic,
to withstand quakes. A structure
with this metal maximizes recovery and reduces the costs of demolition if

This metal is 100% recyclable, and
its industry has implemented programs to reduce water and energy consumption
and emissions into the atmosphere. Through this practice, it has saved the
energy equivalent to 110 million households.

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

As for safety, the microcelated
rod has great capacity to absorb deformation energy
before a fracture

Therefore, in seismic areas, building structures must be constructed to absorb the energy
by earthquakes through these rods and prevent not be directed
towards the concrete and generate a fracture movement.

The safety of construction

Concrete is a very stable material and
further when the support is constructed with steel beams that can be affected
by weather effects and rough surfaces.

Rain and acids are problems that can affect metal and concrete itself. When it penetrates into the structure it
can oxidize the steel beams
that support affecting firmness. Oxidation can
also become more aggressive by the use of chemicals in the works.

Armando Iachini, director of Construcciones Yamaro highlights the safety testing and detailed inspections to ensure
stability and firmness of concrete construction.

These inspections begin with a visual
check and then look for support structures
, search metal within the depth
of the concrete and the use of devices for detecting harbor water retention.

In conclusion, it follows the procedure of measuring the compressive
strength of concrete with a hammer rebound driven by a spring, whose force let
you know the impact that the concrete absorbed and identify the state of

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Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Norway is one of the countries that maintains
its policy of building sustainable and
environmentally friendly buildings
, such as, the first skyscraper called Mjøstårnet, the tallest wooden building
in the world

Building with sustainable materials

architect Arthur Buchardt, had the ambition to demonstrate
the feasibility of constructing a building like this with sustainable
, while being respectful with the environment and taking advantage
of local products offered by nature, plus proving that it is possible to reduce
the emission of greenhouse gases up to 85%.

The Mjøstårnet
building will have a total area of 11,300
square meters with 18 floors (80 meters high)
, in which will provide:
housing, restaurant services, common areas, offices and a hotel. Alongside, it
will have a pool of 4,700 square meters.
Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
The inauguration of this skyscraper expects to be on March
. This skyscraper already has been recognized for
international awards on its design and will be located in Brumunddal, 159
kilometers from Oslo.
history, wood has been the material with
greater versatility and accessibility for man to construct their edifications
Experts such as, Armando Iachini,
headmaster of Construcciones Yamaro
highlights its qualities, as well as, the warmth and unique texture offered by
this material in any kind of construction.
The writer and naturalist Richard Mabey in his book ‘Wood’,
demonstrates how different buildings based on this material can show the diversity
of these constructions manufactured with planks and slats also these
constructions have showed the strength and intelligence of wood as a material.
In the
future, will be built in Tokyo the W350 with
a height of 350 meters and 70 floors
, whose inauguration is estimated for
2041, where housing, services and hotel buildings will also be available. 

Hortum Huts: a trend in high

Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

modular wooden houses show
clear advantages over conventional constructions
that present different
designs and multiple dimensions; prefabricated at the same time, these are
gaining ground in the real estate market.

as Hortum Huts, they initially were
created for office solutions, guest rooms or an extra room. The walls are usually
composed of prefabricated wooden panels with OSB or tongue-and-groove cladding.
roof in addition to this cladding includes the EPDM material, ideal for huts
with flat roofs that facilitate the water drainage. In the same way, inside of it has a great flexibility for
from adding a window to dividing spaces for bathrooms and
other needs.

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In These Past 49 Years We Have Become a Household Name In The National Market ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

In These Past 49 Years We Have Become a Household Name In The National Market ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
For 49 years, we have been key in our country’s
growth and development – and Yamaro
Construction Business
has no intention to stop.

Armando Iachini,
our director, remarked that all the effort has borne fruit, as it has helped
make the company a household name when it comes to the construction market. 

Our company name has weight in the national
market, and that alone is the greatest source of satisfaction
(…) this achievement
is based on our ability to remain serious and trusty, keeping our name solid in
the market,” he said.
In These Past 49 Years We Have Become a Household Name In The National Market ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini“’Half a century’ is easy to say, but reaching
and maintaining the level of development we have in that period of time has
required a great deal of sacrifice (…) we
are happy and pleased by our company history and its contributionsto many works for the growth of Venezuela
,” he assured, while
remarking that the trust and reliability that characterizes them has been
earned with effort and dedication.
Wherever they work, Yamaro Construction Business
carries more than cement, asphalt and rebar – they carry progress and growth
with them, too. As testimony of this, we have: The Meta way, located between
San Fernando de Apure and Puerto Páez; the Higuerote highway and the new
Westward road, all works that have led to the progress and growth of the towns
that benefit from all of these new roads.
“When you build a road or a highway, new towns
and stores grow around them, making roads the first step when it comes to the
development of any region,” he said.
Armando Iachini
remarked on the construction of the new monument to the Divine Shepherdess
, located in Lara state, as a work that will
forever remain in the hearts and minds of the Venezuela people.
In These Past 49 Years We Have Become a Household Name In The National Market ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
“We aim to keep growing, facing each and every challenge, as well as work projects offered,
with the great level of seriousness and reliability that characterizes us,”
said Iachini.
Pasquale and Alfonzo, for creating such an ethical, professional, solid and
compact team, which will surely help us grow even older. These have been 48
years of constant work. Congratulations to the entire team that comprises this
wonderful family
Armando Iachini –
Yamaro Construction Business director

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IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

Yamaro is a company that has been doing something more than just constructing buildings. In Yamaro, there is a good purpose a well which is improving the life quality of many people.

The enterprise is the creator of the Eco Inn Hotel as well as the Hotel amazonia. Very hard work implies very good results!

IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

The more people want to improve and enhance their brine with high quality buildings, the better because Yamaro will be there in order to help.

You may have not noticed that in order to get a better business, a good structure is going to be needed.

Yamaro has had the opportunity not only the named building but also pavement works. In Venezuela, there is a good need or nice pavement works.

Constructing has great benefits for the country because new buildings, roads and structure can be created. All of this contributes to the development of a nation and Yamaro knows that their responsibility is not only with their business but also with other people.

IMPORTANT! Armando Iachini: Yamaro Working Hard

The CEO of Yamaro, Armando Iachini has been the author of many good works that have been born from Yamaro and their work. Thanks to him and the efforts of his workers, today it is possible to say these structures are enhancing the lives of many people in the country.

It is important to understand that the best business is not only the one in which there is good economic growth but also good social improvement. Yamaro will keep doing a good effort so that other businesses can be developed which at the same time can benefit people in Venezuela and in the world.

It is expected to enhance international businesses that can improve the quality of many people around the globe.

[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the construction

[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the constructionYamaro is a company that has more than forty years in Venezuela. It was founded by two Italian immigrants named Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marrozzi. CEO Armando Iachini believes that Venezuela is wonderful place. Also since Venezuela is a touristic country, that gives any investor great business possibilities.

Yamaro has built significant structures in the country, especially hotels. They have also been involved in demolitions and construction of religious monuments:

  • The Amazonia Hotel located in Coro, Falcón State, which has three floors and forty eight rooms.
  • The demolition of the Lara Hotel located in Barquisimeto, Lara State.
  • The construction of the monument Mary’s mantle in Barquisimeto, Lara State.

This structure is considered the biggest Marian structure in the world with 47 meters high. The project was directed by engineer Armando Iachini himself and involved 150 workers directly and 350 workers indirectly. The monument was inaugurated on January 13th, 2016 with the purpose of attracting people interested in religious tourism.

[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the construction
Armando Iachini: Build your business and your dreams with Yamaro

Venezuela is a country like no other. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, snow, deserts, and forests, which makes it the perfect place to build any number of hotels, buildings, hostels, and even bed and breakfast for all kinds of tourists. This is one of many reasons Yamaro Construcciones believes so blindly in this country because it is a place which amazing opportunities to invest and obtain a very good income.

Armando Iachini, who was born in Venezuela and is the son of an Italian immigrant, has the perfect combination and understanding for working in this business. As an Italian, he has the knowledge of his father concerning construction and engineering, and in Venezuela, he has all the different scenarios to make his designs and creations come true. The result of these creations is a wonderful present for the country since it helps make this place more beautiful than what already is.

Armando Iachini