Ships, major shipbuilding works

Boat building can last for many years and that is why the demand for durable and resistant materials is very important, since the useful life of these boats is estimated between 20 and 30 years. There are several factors such as cost, aesthetics and hardness that influence the choice of materials.

Construcciones Yamaro explains the types of boats according to the material used:

Ships, major shipbuilding works
  • Wooden boats: wood has been one of the most used materials throughout history, it gives a touch of beauty and tradition, but it has a big problem, it demands high maintenance.
  • Fiberglass boats: fiberglass is a very inexpensive material that provides an impeccable finish, it also allows different elements that can be used on the boat.
  •  Steel boats: steel is a strong and resistant material widely used in the manufacture of large boats; it allows any design without jeopardizing the final resistance of the boat.
  • Ferrocement boats: ferrocement is very economical and its care is very similar to fiberglass. It is very heavy, has little resistance in the event of a collision and requires insulation layers.
  • Aluminum Boats: aluminum is ideal for this shipbuilding as the weight-to-hardness ratio is excellent. It has great resistance to corrosion and is immune to water pressure.