Armando Iachini – Yamaro thinks green!

Yamaro is a very interesting enterprise located in Venezuela.  It has been improving a lot lately and they seem relentless in the sense that they have proved that they can go as further as they want. Yamaro is also getting the best of different aspects in the industry, which is not only when it comes to building but also to take care of our environment.

Armando Iachini - Yamaro thinks green!
Armando Iachini: Work for a better country

There are plenty of responsibilities that any enterprise has to face; one of those has to do with social responsibility. This is a topic that many entrepreneurs must take into consideration, so in order to learn if you are interested in the business world, take Yamaro as an example.

Yamaro takes others into consideration: this means not only that they will try to give the best possible service but also that they will try to take care of them as human beings; for example, by taking care of the environment.

It’s important to take this responsibility seriously: some people think that this topic is related to things such as Green Peace or something similar; but despite the fact that this is kind of true, it doesn’t have to be the way in which you and any entrepreneur have to face this responsibility. This is about being useful for other people and for the environment because even planting a tree or donating money for important causes is something that would be always helpful for the community.

Armando Iachini - Yamaro thinks green!
Armando Iachini – Contribute with the planet

-Armando Iachini