Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela

Venezuela and Latin America always try to improve their productivity in every aspect. A productive company has not necessarily to be worthy of a successful CSR. Social commitment is related to a worker to ensure the compliance with this commitment. This is the starting point of this topic.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela

Constructiones Yamaro works with the communities where high national scale works are being performed. Armando Iachini –CEO of Construcciones Yamaro– says that what Construcciones Yamaro does is to get the community to make a contribution in working together with them, raising awareness and values.

In this sense, Construcciones Yamaro CA promotes the constant review of the human profile of all who are involved in its projects, always committed to the implementation of works made by impeccable and protected entrepreneurs in the course of their operational works.

Construcciones Yamaro is a construction company founded on November 7th, since that moment on, Construcciones Yamaro has not stopped the work with dedication and commitment.

What characteristics should an entrepreneur CSR?

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela
Construcciones Yamaro and CSR

First of all, the company’s CSR has to count with an entrepreneur worker. It seems obvious, but when workers – especially from the construction sector – are imbued in their everyday activities, often forget to take a break to assess themselves and thus their social projects.

Nowadays, it is very important to review what are the characteristics of these entrepreneur workers who have become a model for Construcciones Yamaro and the construction sector:

  • They believe in what they do and are confident that they can achieve success.
  • They think in a different way: they do good works that emphasize the human aspect.
  • They have the technical capacity to develop an idea, organize and even when the environment is not the most favorable, can run without mishap.
  • When the workplace is not favorable, they do it favorable.
  • They try to identify opportunities to meet the needs of the environment.
  • They invent and innovate with the activities in which they operate.
  • They optimize the use of all resources for the project in order to grow and become self-sustaining.
  • They strive to seek and to have the best technology for the development of activities and skills of those who are involved.
  • They apply strategies to achieve the results that benefit the company, other workers and communities where the company operates.
  • They know who the best allies are and value them.
  • They know how to motivate their team.
  • They are responsible not to abandon what they have begun.

    Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela
    CSR is important

  • They are persistent because they know that the success of the projects is not given in only one day.
  • They are open to change to new things and new challenges that come before the dynamic changes of social realities.
  • They never forget that the company is a source of development and social welfare.
  • They achieve social commitment which is replicated to other workers.
  • They found in CSR a new vocation of service in which they combine their knowledge, experience and discover new skills.

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future

Green is possible. Green alternatives in the construction sector seem to be the answer for the future in many countries such as: Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United States, Germany, India and Austria. These countries are noted for their new ways to apply Corporate Social Responsibility in the construction sector.  For the company Construcciones Yamaro, in Venezuela, for example, an architectural alternative for the planet has much to do with resources, energy and water consumption savings and improvements in the communities.

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future
Green architecture ideas

How to help the environment? The construction is an activity with high level of impact to the planet. The damage caused by industry is generating numerous problems for several years, as it getting bigger and present because of the continued growth of the population and the consequent need for habitat.

Corporate Social Responsibility considers reducing the impact generated wherever a construction is taking part. This reduction is an implicit need within the construction sector. Home, business and community constructions and buildings of the future are profiled to be developed with friendly materials to the environment. These buildings seek to increase the electrical efficiency and reduce the environmental cost, while considering cost reduction.

Construcciones Yamaro. For Armando Iachini, CEO of Construcciones Yamaro, it is important always to be aware of the environmental impact of the construction works in the country and he knows how to minimize it at a maximum point. There are more sustainable materials than others in the construction sector. For example, wood is one of them because of their characteristic of reuse, recycling and renewal. A very good characteristic of this material is that once it is used, it can become biomass or it can be used to build agglomerate.

Green buildings are built according to bioclimatic guidelines that will achieve between 50% and 80% energy savings compared to conventional buildings. They should use fluorescent bulbs, use of solar panels to generate clean energy and hot water, use best crystals to regulate temperature and reduce the use of heaters and air conditioners.

Cost reduction: LEED. The so called “green” architecture creates a problem that is being solved. Reducing energy costs of construction of a sustainable building also causes an increase in margins of primary investment translated to a 10% to 15% in the construction budget, compared to a conventional building.

Armando Iachini: Green Alternatives for the Future
Sustainable construction

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a system of standardization for eco-friendly construction works, which dictates the standards to consider a building as “green”. LEED certification is a method that evaluates buildings and communities through objective design guidelines and measurable parameters. Environmental performance includes:

  • energy efficiency,
  • indoor environmental quality,
  • materials selection,
  • sustainable site development,
  • water savings.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification categorizes a building in one of the five standards mentioned before, among which include: Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Saving (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR) and Environmental Quality interiors (IEQ). Innovation Design (ID) is an additional category that studies how the construction was handled as well as the design measures not covered in the other four categories. Therefore, construction companies have four levels of accreditation to consider:

  • Regional Certification (40-49 points),
  • Silver (50-59 points),
  • Gold (60-70 points),
  • Platinum (80 or more points).

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro

Construcciones Yamaro was founded on 07 November 1969, and it started its activities with the execution of earthworks. The company was established as a statutory document registered with the commercial register of the Judicial District of the Federal District, Miranda State, Venezuela.

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro
Commitment and Work at Construcciones Yamaro

During the first years they performed as subcontractors, making works of great importance in the country, such as “Francisco Fajardo” Freeway, Section Caricuao; “La Araña” Distributor for the consortium BARSANTI – SPILIMER; Maiquetia Airport: earthmoving work for EDIVIAGRO Company; preliminary works of cleaning the foundations and preparing the loans to EDIVIAGRO Company, Ministry of Defense: earthworks for the construction of its headquarters (EDIVIAGRO Company), among others.

With the passing of the years the company was dabbling in various road works in different states in Venezuela. Since the year 1991, Construcciones Yamaro expanded into other states such as Sucre, Monagas, Portuguesa, Barinas and Lara, where the company does different works in the construction industry.

Construcciones Yamaro -branch office in Lara- was incorporated under a statutory document registered with the Mercantile Registry of the Judicial District of Lara State on November 14, 1997 which is directed by the Engineer Ruben Dario Suarez.

Construcciones Yamaro is currently performing earthworks for the construction of roads, urban development, landfills and water works, all of this by using highly qualified machinery. In addition to that, the company is working on concrete activities, among which we can find: drainage, containment works, bridges, walls, gabions and earth walls armed volume of poured concrete. At the same time, the company works on Stabilizers Bases and Cold Recycling.

This evolutionary phase of the company presents the transformation that has undoubtedly played an important role according to its original mission and vision since its founding, taking into account the factors of the economic and business environment that gave rise to such transformations, and that today offer new possibilities for the company in a country like Venezuela.

Current Works and Commitment

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro
The company does not stop

The values of Construcciones Yamaro are perseverance, sacrifice, honesty, compromise, dedication and high quality of work, with the aim of creating jobs, move the country’s economy and also be able with care, maintenance and recovery of spaces throughout the national territory.

Construcciones Yamaro is currently commemorating its 46th anniversary with all the Venezuelan people, employees and family with the aim of continuing the important and committed work through the whole country with sacrifice, perseverance and dedication. Some of its social impact activities are:

  • 2,300 tons of asphalt settled and placed in roads and streets in Lara State.
  • 1800 Tons of asphalt were invested in a road in Lara State .
  • Social Responsibility in the sector Vegonia Located in San Jose de Quibor, Jimenez Municipality in Lara State.
  • Social Responsibility in the streets and roads of Gameotal Town.
  • The work Gamelotal – Buria was in charge of the engineer Eleazar Espinal.

El Manto de María”. To honor “La Divina Pastora“, today Armando Iachini and Fiorindo Marozzi, both Directors of Construcciones Yamaro CA, have presented the project architects of the work called “Manto de María” (Mary’s Cape), which takes place at the entrance of Barquisimeto in Lara state.

Clancy Construction: A Reference of Environmental Principles

Its origins date back to 1947 and with history comes experience. Clancy Construction uses these 60+ years of experience to deliver a service that truly reflects the particular needs of its clients.

Clancy Construction: A Reference of Environmental Principles
Clancy Construction

Listening is a key part of the strategy of Clancy to ensure that they fully understand the objectives of the project and the concerns around particular aspects of its clients. Once the company fully understand the project, they resource it with the most experienced Project Manager and team to ensure that it is executed with the minimum of fuss and in accordance with agreed timelines and budget.

In Clancy they are flexible, which means that they have extensive experience in commercial, public sector and residential developments. They take projects all the way through, from inception to build and beyond with their wholly owned Facility Management Company.

Environmental Policy

Clancy Construction: A Reference of Environmental Principles
Clancy Construction Best Efforts

Clancy Construction recognizes that construction operations may have a damaging impact upon the environment and, therefore, ensure that all construction activities are carried out in such a manner as to ensure a high standard of environmental protection and awareness.

Clancy Construction is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. It takes a close and responsible interest in, and considers and respects the physical, economic and social environments on all projects in which it is involved.

The company aims to contribute towards environmental improvement and sustainable development by using best practice and innovation to minimize environmental impacts. Environmental impacts are assessed at every stage of the business process in consultation with organizations working on behalf of Clancy Construction including designers, contractors, etc. to develop agreed solutions that are sympathetic to the environment and community. Clancy Construction plays an active role in supporting and encouraging contractors in reducing their environmental impacts.

An environmental action plan seeking continual improvement is produced on an annual basis setting out specific objectives, targets and implementation steps, with the progress routinely monitored, reviewed and reported to the board of management.

Clancy Construction: A Reference of Environmental Principles
Custom tile shower with glass block window to provide additional natural light

The policy relies on these environmental principles:

  • Managers will demonstrate the leadership and commitment necessary to foster a culture of environmental responsibility.
  • Minimize and where possible, eliminate impacts on the surrounding social and natural environment.
  • All staff will be provided with the knowledge, awareness and resources required to meet their environmental responsibilities.
  • Operations, decisions, plans and actions will be conducted in accordance with this policy.
  • All employees, contractors and operators have a responsibility to protect the environment and to prevent pollution.
  • Implementation of the Environmental Management System and manage environmental factors including:

o   Pollution minimization

o   Resource and waste management

o   Ecologically sustainable development

o   Water quality management environmental risks are to be identified, assessed and controlled to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of their operations

  • This policy covers both the construction works as well as general office procedures.

Some of their objectives are to:

o   Comply with, and endeavor to exceed, the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation, codes and guidelines.

o   Continually strive for improvement in the environmental performance of its contractors.

o   Take proactive measures to protect and preserve wildlife & flora and their natural habitats.

o   Prevent pollution and protect both the natural and built environment.

Armando Iachini: McCarthy: A Green Construction Company

Origins. It was 150 years ago when an Irish immigrant named Timothy McCarthy began a lumber business in Ann Arbor, Michigan, building farmhouses and barns. The company he founded in 1864 is now a multi-billion dollar construction firm and one of the largest and most diversified commercial construction companies in United States.Today, it is a 100% employee owned company.

Armando Iachini: McCarthy: A Green Construction Company
McCarthy: A Green Construction Company

Thinking Green. For McCarthy, concepts such as high performance, sustainable and green go hand-in-hand with being a better builder -taking care of every community where the company operates, as well as setting new standards for green building construction, promoting buildings that are environmentally responsible places to do business, and operating their own company in the same way.

As a green construction company -one of the top 20 in the nation– McCarthy strives to meet community and national standards in high performance building, creating innovative structures that blend form with function, in harmony with the environment. Through leadership in the greater green movement, with the U.S. Green Building Council, McCarthy employees are active participants in the green dialogue. In addition, its in-house green training program ensures all McCarthy builders are at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.

Future. The actions McCarthy takes will leave a legacy for the people who will follow the company and create new footprints on the Earth. The advanced green building construction systems and services of McCarthy always go for that. McCarthy has long been a good steward of the environment. They have been creating high-performance buildings for decades, well before LEED became a critical designation for the built environment in the communities. To McCarthy, building “green” is a good business for everyone.

Green Technologies. For these reason, the company continues to set new standards for sustainable construction, providing cost and constructability input in a project’s early stages and implementing the latest in sustainable building design via passive solar design, daylighting, alternative energy sources, photovoltaics, recycled materials and high-performance HVAC systems.

Armando Iachini: McCarthy: A Green Construction Company
Work Team

As leading sustainable builders, the company stays abreast of the latest developments -hundreds of its employees are LEED Accredited Professionals, attending their own, in-house training sessions- to help the projects of the people team achieve their high performance and green building construction goals.

The nationwide, high-performance network of sustainable construction initiatives of McCarthy ensures they bring the most advanced green building solutions to each project. Because at McCarthy green is an enduring philosophy and business solution.

Viable, Sustainable Building Solutions

Armando Iachini: McCarthy: A Green Construction Company
Viable, Sustainable Building Solutions

Today, many talk about green building construction as if it were a new idea. At McCarthy, they focus has always been on high performance. More than a decade ago, the McCarthy Green Team formalized their in-house green knowledge network to further capture these best practices for green construction management. Today, McCarthy employs over 400 LEED Accredited Professionals -each one actively pursuing and applying high performance and LEED construction principles to help McCarthy make a significant environmental difference.

The commitment to green building construction revolves around four basic principles:

  1. Weave sustainability into the fabric of all company operations to reduce carbon footprint.
  2. Encourage all clients and partners to incorporate sustainable design and construction methods regardless of project goals.
  3. Bring viable, green building construction solutions to the table.
  4. Educate and train the employees in sustainable construction best practices and provide the tools for them to lead the way.

Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

 is a contractor with headquartes in:

  • Canada,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • USA,
  • Mexico,
  • Venezuela
  • and Europe,

This company offers to its clients full service Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for reliable implementation of projects.

Y&V was established in 1985 through the merger of the engineering company Yanes & Asociados and construction firm DRV, each one with its own tradition and name in the market of contractors in Venezuela. The historical roots of the founding companies of the group Y&V date from the early sixties, when the civil engineer Adolfo Yanes began his operations, focusing on engineering projects for national infrastructure sector in Venezuela.Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

Since its creation, Y&V has continually expanded its technological expertise, achieving a solid growth, and has successfully developed as one of the leading EPC contractors in Venezuela for industrial projects with a range of regional activity.

Y&V is known as a supplier company of construction services oriented to success and high quality work, with a successful track recorded related to a demanding construction work on large-scale EPC projects with international reach. As part of its construction activities Y&V offers to its customers the following services for the realization of their industrial projects:

  • Civil and structural works.
  • Electromechanical works.
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start.



For Y&V acting responsibly is a strategic priority, as a commitment assumed by the shareholders and management in the company.

Corporate social Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitmentresponsibility in Y&V is coordinated and executed by a department whose head reports directly to the CEO of the group. The staff of this department is responsible for developing all activities of corporate social responsibility in close coordination with representatives of top management and heads in every country where the organization operates.

This is why Y&V guarantees its action for the benefit of the society, always oriented goals according to local requirements in each country. As a comprehensive company in its social action, Y&V focuses on five major areas, achievement-oriented in business development of the group and responsible in terms of social and ecological matters:


  • Stakeholders / Related.
  • Employees.
  • Health and Security.
  • Quality.
  • Y&V Foundation.

Y&V Foundation

Y&V: Engineering and Construction CommitmentY&V believes that enterprise and social responsibility go together. So the social dimension of the company has been and will always be a strategic priority, wherever Y&V carries it business and works. Y&V encourages its employees to be socially active, offering them and their families the opportunity to participate in different social initiatives. Good percentage of employees Y&V support various organizations in their respective countries, with monetary donations and through personal involvement.

In this regard, Y&V and its employees are particularly concentrated in organizations working with children and adolescents with limited resources and who are exposed to social inequalities. Y&V aims to balance these inequalities giving access to programs and projects during various festivities like Christmas, Children’s Day, among others, in:

  • education,
  • sports,
  • cultural and other recreational events,

Even today, and since the creation of the Y&V Foundation, more than 3,000 young people are benefited each year, through training programsorientation programs, job training and attention given in the shelters supported by the Foundation.