Industry Safe Tips From Construcciones Yamaro

Always consolidated in the construction of important projects in the construction sector in Venezuela, Construcciones Yamaro believes it is important to recognize the value of their employees and equipment as the key element of the success that has accompanied the entire management of the company since its creation, always based on values such as reliability, dedication, commitment, respect and, above all, industry safe for workers.

Industrial Safety

Industry Safe Tips From Construcciones Yamaro
Safety equipment

The works related to construction, whatever the area and the type may bring various risks, including those about physical aspects. These risks factor can be noise, heat, cold, vibration, pressure and radiation. Different aspects and activities in construction may lead to the primary risks, to which workers are exposed, and even supervisors may be victims of those risks if the necessary measures are not taken. Masons, to mention one of these professions, have to be aware of contracting dermatitis because of the exposure to cement; they also have to be trained to avoid bad postures during hard work with heavy loads. It is important to distinguish that every work and activity in the construction sector has its risks, however, all these risks can be handle and avoided in a right way in order to abstain from any health risk.

Industrial Safety Workshop

Industry Safe Tips From Construcciones Yamaro
Workshops on industry safe

Construcciones Yamaro is an example of the application of industrial safety and hygiene in the construction area, in compliance with all standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in this regard. In order to Venezuelans to follow this same way of work, Inces Carabobo gave a 60-hour workshop where points as accident prevention, safety in the workplace, physical and chemical hazards and use of personal protective equipment were studied. Yoleida Linares, one of the responsible for offering the workshop, said that more than 40 participants were part of the activity that took place a month ago in the Carabobo entity with an educational purpose. Students said that the workshop gave them important knowledge to their careers, especially for those currently working in the sector. The Venezuelan Construction Chamber (CVC) has repeatedly stated that it has always assumed its commitment to CSR and it also has been responsible for encouraging all its members to contribute in it, not only in terms of prevention, but also regarding the improvement of the environment.

Some of the accidents related to construction can be:

Industry Safe Tips From Construcciones Yamaro
Fall protection
  • Falls by irregularities in the ground: Construcciones Yamaro recommend you to use safety shoes, clear walkways and store excess material properly.
  • To be cut by tools: the company suggests ensuring the teams are in good condition and are used exactly for the purpose for which they were designed. They also have to use gloves, goggles and appropriate footwear.
  • Poisoning by polluting products: remember that toxic substances must be handled with personal protective equipment.
  • Falls from heights: the person who works at a significant height should be authorized to do so and needs to use the necessary protection equipment to prevent injury to a setback.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela

Venezuela and Latin America always try to improve their productivity in every aspect. A productive company has not necessarily to be worthy of a successful CSR. Social commitment is related to a worker to ensure the compliance with this commitment. This is the starting point of this topic.

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela

Constructiones Yamaro works with the communities where high national scale works are being performed. Armando Iachini –CEO of Construcciones Yamaro– says that what Construcciones Yamaro does is to get the community to make a contribution in working together with them, raising awareness and values.

In this sense, Construcciones Yamaro CA promotes the constant review of the human profile of all who are involved in its projects, always committed to the implementation of works made by impeccable and protected entrepreneurs in the course of their operational works.

Construcciones Yamaro is a construction company founded on November 7th, since that moment on, Construcciones Yamaro has not stopped the work with dedication and commitment.

What characteristics should an entrepreneur CSR?

Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela
Construcciones Yamaro and CSR

First of all, the company’s CSR has to count with an entrepreneur worker. It seems obvious, but when workers – especially from the construction sector – are imbued in their everyday activities, often forget to take a break to assess themselves and thus their social projects.

Nowadays, it is very important to review what are the characteristics of these entrepreneur workers who have become a model for Construcciones Yamaro and the construction sector:

  • They believe in what they do and are confident that they can achieve success.
  • They think in a different way: they do good works that emphasize the human aspect.
  • They have the technical capacity to develop an idea, organize and even when the environment is not the most favorable, can run without mishap.
  • When the workplace is not favorable, they do it favorable.
  • They try to identify opportunities to meet the needs of the environment.
  • They invent and innovate with the activities in which they operate.
  • They optimize the use of all resources for the project in order to grow and become self-sustaining.
  • They strive to seek and to have the best technology for the development of activities and skills of those who are involved.
  • They apply strategies to achieve the results that benefit the company, other workers and communities where the company operates.
  • They know who the best allies are and value them.
  • They know how to motivate their team.
  • They are responsible not to abandon what they have begun.

    Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro and the Improvement of CSR in Venezuela
    CSR is important

  • They are persistent because they know that the success of the projects is not given in only one day.
  • They are open to change to new things and new challenges that come before the dynamic changes of social realities.
  • They never forget that the company is a source of development and social welfare.
  • They achieve social commitment which is replicated to other workers.
  • They found in CSR a new vocation of service in which they combine their knowledge, experience and discover new skills.