Armando Iachini: Rational Use of Water in Constructions

Water distribution in our planet is variable and it depends on each region. There are zones in which water is found copiously is any of their states (solid, liquid or gas) while in other places it is scarce. Although there is water in two thirds of our planet, only 2,5% of the liquid reserve is spring water and 97,5% is salty water. Human activities require a vast availability of spring water and that is why is it important to promote a rational use of water.

It is impossible to talk about the development of a city without making reference to the evolution of the architecture and of the constructions. The quantity of inhabitants of a region is proportional to the edification of structures that promote solutions in this matter. The construction activities require the intervention of water as a base element to make the work. Specialists make reference to the need of having efficiency in the use of water and this protocol has to do with spring water saving, but how can we achieve that goal?

Armando Iachini: Rational Use of Water in Constructions

There are more construction enterprises that are concerned about the optimization of this vital liquid. The tendency of using rain water or recycled water in construction is more frequent; therefore, the is a decrease in spring water consumption and this is translated to a decrease of costs when it comes to basic services.

Any plan applied to make more efficient water consumption has to follow these paradigms:

  • Guaranteeing the correct work of water systems in order to avoid leaks and an ulterior water waste
  • Reducing water use via the implementation of technologies that allow the optimal distribution of the liquid taking into account the needs of the sector
  • Sharpening the stocking processes of water
  • Replacing potable water for rain water when it comes to construction mixtures

Water treatment is essential to decrease tap water consumption and to have a high quality environmental control. In Venezuela these are various alternatives to have potable water depending on the type of contamination. The cleaning processes can include precipitation, neutralization, chemical and biological oxidation, reduction, filtration, and osmosis, among others.

The enterprise social responsibility is part of the engagement these enterprises have regarding water care: the main resource is constructions.

Armando Iachini: New Electric Technologies in Construction Sites

In a world where energy consumption is more than the production capacity, there are various reasons that give more force to the lacks when it comes to providing electric service: climatic phenomena, slight investments in this area, and the lack of technologies in order to generate resources.

Engineers and architects are before an enormous challenge and an engagement with the environment. In most of the countries, the construction sector demands more than 50% of energy consumption globally. It is necessary to create alternative in other to sharpen the use of energy from the execution of works to the occupation of the building.

This new labor tendency is under a sustainable construction parameter that marks a milestone in the real state world. Reducing effectively the energetic requirements and incorporating technologies, introducing environmentally friendly materials and practices is the common pattern in those enterprises interested on contributing to the planet.

Armando Iachini: New Electric Technologies in Construction Sites

The new technologies represent the best ally in the construction sector. There is specially designed equipment that guarantees the rational use of electric energy. Using illumination in a defined schedule is an excellent option to save some money and to have more efficient energy consumption. The programing of systems based on movement sensors make easier the process because they detect the presence of workers in every space and they reduce the unnecessary use of energy.

The combination of natural and artificial light is the perfect formula to promote an efficient work. It is time to integrate new elements in constructions such as solar and Eolic power since they are the best options to avoid using electric energy.

It is necessary to take some measures that allows to have a harmonious work with our planet:

  • Using low-consumption illumination known as saving light bulbs
  • Renewing machinery and equipment that demand less energy
  • Avoid leaving chargers plugged and eliminating the “stand by” option from electrical gadgets.

The process of adaptation of the construction enterprises to these work formulas may vary regarding the economic possibilities and the intentions of the people in charge. These small steps will take us to a goal. The results will be greater as long as more companies join to these initiatives.

Armando Lachini: In 48 Years We Have Become a Reference in National Market

These last 48 years we took part in the developing of our country, in Yamaro Constructions, to stop is not part of the plan.

Our Manager, Armando Lachini, highlighted that all this effort was worth it; nowadays the company is a referent in the construction market. “The enterprise is a reference in the national market, that is for us the biggest satisfaction (…) this is due to our effort on keeping a status of seriousness and reliability and with a solid name in the market”, he said.

Furthermore, he assured “half of a century is easy to say, but keeping and getting the development that we have accomplished in time it means lots of sacrifices (…) We are happy and very pleased for the trajectory of the company and its contribution in many public works for the development of Venezuela” he also emphasized that the company’s image characterized by its integrity and reliability has been built with effort and dedication.

Wherever they work, Yamaro Constructions brings more than cement, asphalt, and toggles; they bring progress and evolution. For example, the Meta road, between San Fernando de Apure and Puerto Páez, the highway to Higuerote and the new road to West. These are construction works that bring progress and growth to people that live there.

“When you build a road or a highway, towns are built around them, in this sense roadways are the first step to develop a region” he said.

Armando Lachini highlighted the edification of the new monument of Divina Pastora in Lara State, as a construction work that will always be at the heart and mind of Venezuelans.

“We want to keep growing; we need to face every challenge in our way and our works with seriousness and integrity.” He sentenced.

“Congratulations, Pasquale and Alfonzo, to create an ethical, professional, solid and strong team that will allow us to get more anniversaries. It has been 48 years of constant work, congratulations for the team that shape this family”

Armando Lachini – Construcciones Yamaro’s General Manager.

IMPORTANT! [Armando Iachini]: How Building in Yamaro is Socially Responsible?

IMPORTANT! [Armando Iachini]: How Building in Yamaro is Socially Responsible?
[Armando Iachini]: Building
Did you know that Yamaro is not only a company that creates constructions, but that also develops good social responsibility with its work? That is right, Yamaro as a building company has been creating important roads, pavemented  works and building that are good for society. It is good to know that thecompany can develop good Social Responsibility projects at the same time it does its main objective.

Building is not only  about creating an apartment or establishment that will have commercial functions. It is a contribution to the planet and to people who will eventually make nice use of it. It is obvious that companies in the present are very focused on competition and that there is a strong sense of rivalry among them. Then, it is easy to understand why not every company would feel likely to embrace social responsibility that easily.

In the case of Yamaro, contributing to the environment and society has been  a way to develop a good sense of work. It makes a company and the people in there a lot more “human”.

Entrepreneurs in Yamaro know that contributing to society has a positive effect not only in the company itself, but also in the workers. It is definitely important to serve as an example for other entrepreneurs who are looking to follow the steps of Yamaro and other companies.

Yamaro will keep creating high-quality works that will improve with time and that will keep helping society as they have done.

Maybe the most important part of being socially responsible is not only to contribute to the environment, but also to understand how much you and your company can help the rest of the planet with your own efforts.

By [Armando Iachini].

IMPORTANT! [Armando Iachini]: How Building in Yamaro is Socially Responsible?
[Armando Iachini]: Yamaro Works for Venezuelans

Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro

Yamaro is a construction enterprise dedicated to helping Venezuela trough different projects focused on the architectonic sense. As supporters of the environment cause and its welfare, Armando Iachini and Yamaro are bringing you a list of important tips we all should take into consideration in order to create awareness about everything that’s affecting our environment.

Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro
Armando Iachini – Take care of our planet!
  1. Plant as many trees as you can: this is something that many people could easily recall but the effect of this action is really important.When you plant a tree, you are not only giving birth to a new life but you are giving the planet a new lunge! Which is also a great way to recompense mother earth for everything she’s giving us.
  2. Consider turning down electricity more often: when you are not using certain electric equipment, you’ll be doing a great favor to your environment by turning them down. You won’t need them all the time so there’s no need to leave them on, right?
  3. Recycling is always a good idea: Pay attention to this one because this is an important tip. You should stop using different items for the same thing, instead of it try to find another possibility for the same item, you’ll see that your life will become easier too. So, if you are the kind of person who, for example, buys plastic forks, spoons, dishes or even glasses for every time you eat, remember that by doing so you’re just contributing to the accumulation of trash. Consider washing them too instead of throwing them away.
  4. You may want to learn a little about pollution: the more you learn about this topic, the more you’ll gain awareness about the impact that can have a small bubble gum pack on the streets. Actually, there are items, like metal soda cans, that take hundreds of years to get totally discomposed! If we’re not careful enough pollution might swallow us all one day.
Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro
Armando Iachini – Return the planet its natural green

Just a single person can have a damaging impact on the environment; imagine hundreds of people doing the same! It’s time we all start taking care of our planet, starting with little acts that will become bigger if we all start helping too.

Taking Care of Your Planet

If you are one of those people who are concerned about global warming and how we could help this planet in terms of its environment, then this article will lead you to a good amount of pratical ideas that you could use.

Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: There are plenty of things we can do to preserve the environment!
  • Try to use your drier less time and just hang your clothes outsideby doing this, you would reduce the energy consumption.
  • Try to buy food with fewer packages: by doing that, you would get a lot less of unnecessary paper or boxes that you don’t really need and you would avoid damaging the environment with them.
  • Use timers for things that use electricity: this could sound a little exaggerated, but actually if many people did it around the world chances are that electricity would be used in a really nice way. Consider that by doing this, you would limit the usage of some appliances that use electricity and you would possibly feel good about the fact that at least you do it and your responsibility is being fulfilled.
  • Reuse envelopes: this would be nice, so you don’t have to use different envelopes each time you need and certainly you would contaminate less if you do so.
  • Buy used furniture: this may sound like you are just looking for cheap stuff, but actually there are some good used furniture’s that you may like a lot and not only that, but if you buy them you would reduce the amount of potential trash that would end up in a junkyard or in a place where trash contaminates the environment.
Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: Consider those many plants that will live longer because of you!

These are some important and practical tips that you can totally follow, imagine if this was done not only by you, but by many people! Let’s try to help other people with a better consciousness and share this information!