Ships, major shipbuilding works

Boat building can last for many years and that is why the demand for durable and resistant materials is very important, since the useful life of these boats is estimated between 20 and 30 years. There are several factors such as cost, aesthetics and hardness that influence the choice of materials.

Construcciones Yamaro explains the types of boats according to the material used:

Ships, major shipbuilding works
  • Wooden boats: wood has been one of the most used materials throughout history, it gives a touch of beauty and tradition, but it has a big problem, it demands high maintenance.
  • Fiberglass boats: fiberglass is a very inexpensive material that provides an impeccable finish, it also allows different elements that can be used on the boat.
  •  Steel boats: steel is a strong and resistant material widely used in the manufacture of large boats; it allows any design without jeopardizing the final resistance of the boat.
  • Ferrocement boats: ferrocement is very economical and its care is very similar to fiberglass. It is very heavy, has little resistance in the event of a collision and requires insulation layers.
  • Aluminum Boats: aluminum is ideal for this shipbuilding as the weight-to-hardness ratio is excellent. It has great resistance to corrosion and is immune to water pressure.

Armando Iachini: What Other Things Construcciones Yamaro May Offer

Many people may think that having the power of association between a science such as engineering and other such as sociology and its various branches has poor results or has no sense. However, the reality is that today it is not possible to separate one from the other.

Armando Iachini: What Other Things Construcciones Yamaro May Offer
Avoiding any risks of harm

The company’s principles and values instilled to its employees, from the moment they enter the organization, must be premised on ensuring the quality of the work performed and for the environment where it is built.

Regardless of the environment where the person is working, Construcciones Yamaro has taken into consideration as a main value to avoid using substances that can be capable of harming the nature, flora and fauna in the environment surrounding any of its works. All this means that the company has reinvented itself in its market, becoming a pioneer of the Venezuelan construction, while positioned as an example to follow for competition and other companies, regardless of the market in which they unfold.

Construcciones Yamaro works incessantly every day under these parameters, to the point that within its management -it can be during one, three, six and twelve months- many direct or indirectly competing companies have joined the initiative to construct large buildings, but with the least possible chances or risk of pollution. Currently, there are some studies conducted to demonstrate which the market is, how often they change their methodology and analysis are performed to discover what kind of materials -anticorrosive, minerals, and tools- should be used to avoid any negative changes in the ecosystem.

Armando Iachini: What Other Things Construcciones Yamaro May Offer
Hard work with green conscious

Corporate Environmental Responsibility always favors improving the place where we live and where the companies operate by reducing environmental costs and the costs of the company: the proper use of natural resources, it also reduces costs of energy, water, raw materials, waste, etc. This is a really serious topic for the company, so it is important to remember that Construcciones Yamaro guarantees the best quality in its works, while minimizing all risks of environmental degradation.

Armando Iachini: Sustainability in Each Construction Material

It is a fact that construction of buildings and infrastructure can dramatically impact our environment. There are two main ways of this impact: by consuming resources and by creating pollutants and wastes. The construction industry contributes to 23 percent of air pollution, 50 percent of climate change gases, 40 percent of drinking water pollution, and another 50 percent of landfill wastes. It is important then that construction companies focus more on minimizing waste production, maximizing the use of recycling, and creating sustainable buildings.

All these data and information is important for Construcciones Yamaro, which is always aware of the damage human being is making to our Planet. Since it is a responsible company, Construcciones Yamaro has created some important rules that try to determine and manage the performance of each construction work the company does. These rules manage several points of Corporate Social Responsibility, including sustainability of the materials used for the care of the environment.

Armando Iachini: Sustainability in Each Construction Material
Thinking in sustainable buildings

Some of the features that each construction material should have to achieve the sustainability objectives are:

  • Sticking to a particular model.
  • Having long duration.
  • Coming from renewable sources.
  • Possessing a percentage of recycled material.
  • Not being pollutant.
  • Consuming little energy in its life cycle.

Construction and the environmental impact

Armando Iachini: Sustainability in Each Construction Material
Measuring the impact on the environment

Failure to comply with these qualities can mean that the materials have a major impact on the environment, so companies have to take five fundamental points, such as:

  • Energy consumption they have,
  • How it is as waste
  • Emissions to the atmosphere
  • Consumption of natural resources (large-scale use of some material can lead to its demise).

There are several countries where certificates that guarantee the source where the material was obtained is controlled and generates no impact against the environment can be provided.