Yamaro: Opportunities in Venezuela

If you are looking for unique businesses opportunities, then you should check Venezuela and the enterprise that is representing an amazing chance for many entrepreneurs around the world: Construcciones Yamaro.

Yamaro: Opportunities in Venezuela
Armando Iachini: Important projects are done in Yamaro

Yes, this enterprise is one of the most significant portals that every entrepreneur has to get into the touristic business in Venezuela. That is something that you should consider if you are into businesses and tourism. Why? Well, consider that Venezuela is a country where many businesses opportunities can result very easily when it comes to tourism. Consider their geography and then you will be able to understand the potential of this land. The fact that there is a desert in the same country where it can snow is something significant for many people who are looking for a unique business opportunity.

Yamaro has been able to develop important projects and you could be part of one of these projects in the future. Remember that Yamaro has the specialization in the construction area and this is good for your business since you will need a headquarter or some sort of institution in the physical sense.

Yamaro: Opportunities in Venezuela
Armando Iachini: Building professionally

If you are the kind of person who is looking to improve in the sense of being a good entrepreneur, then Yamaro is an open possibility that you can take advantage of before somebody else does. Now, you may be feeling like, well I don’t want to be the first one, let’s wait for someone else to do it first better, but if that happens, even if you are going to be under a safer margin, then you will not be the first one to do it, really, consider that specific chance right there!

Constructing the Infrastructure of Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) manages and oversees dozens of state road and bridge construction projects on the state highway system within Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. These projects range from minor intersection upgrades that will enhance traffic flow, to major multi-million dollar programs such as the State Road (SR) 826/ Palmetto Expressway Expansion Program and the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), which offer significant benefits to the movement of people and goods in their district.

Some of the Current Projects:

Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge

Constructing the Infrastructure of Florida
Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge

The FDOT has begun a bridge rehabilitation project on the I-195/Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway in Miami-Dade County. The activities to be performed are:

Capacity improvements include the reconstruction and widening along both SR 826 and SR 836, the construction of a four-level interchange as well as the reconstruction/modifications of the Flagler Street/ SR 826 and the Milam Dairy Road/NW 72 Avenue/SR 836 interchanges.

95 Express Phase 2

The Florida Department of Transportation is extending I-95 Express from the Golden Glades Interchange in Miami-Dade County to just south of Broward Boulevard in Broward County.  The work that is being performed is:

  • Converting the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to two express lanes in each direction
  • Installing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) components
  • Installing tolling equipment
  • Widening bridges at Snake Creek Canal, Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Pembroke Road, Hollywood Boulevard and Stirling Road
  • Installing noise walls at various locations between Hollywood Boulevard and Taft Street

Palmetto Express Lanes

The FDOT District Six and FDOT District Four are working together to implement express lanes along 28 miles of the SR 826/Palmetto Expressway and I-75 corridors from just south of SR 836/Dolphin Expressway in Miami-Dade County to I-595 in Broward County.

Roadway Project

Constructing the Infrastructure of Florida
Roadway Project

The FDOT has begun a roadway project on southbound and northbound State Road (SR) 9A/I-95 from NW 79 Street to NW 103 Street and from NW 151 Street to the Golden Glades Interchange in Miami-Dade County. The work to be performed is:

  • Repairing concrete slabs along northbound and southbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 79 Street to NW 103 Street, and from the Biscayne River Canal to the Golden Glades Interchange
  • Repaving the ramps from NW 79 Street to NW 103 Street, Biscayne River Canal to Golden Glades Interchange and from Biscayne River Canal to NW 125 Street
  • Installing new pavement markings
  • Replacing existing plastic poles that separate the 95 Express lanes from the local traffic lanes along northbound and southbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 79 Street to NW 103 Street and from the Biscayne River Canal to the Golden Glades Interchange

Another Roadway Project

Constructing the Infrastructure of Florida
Roadways Improvement Projects

The FDOT has begun a roadway project on southbound State Road (SR) 9A/I-95 from NW 125 Street to NW 103 Street and northbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 103 Street to NW 151 Street in Miami-Dade County. The work that is being done is:

  • Repairing concrete slabs along southbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 125 Street to NW 103 Street and northbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 103 Street to NW 151 Street.
  • Repaving on/off ramps along southbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 125 Street to NW 103 Street and northbound SR 9A/I-95 from NW 103 Street to NW 151 Street.
  • Installing new pavement markings.

Safety and Sustainable Construction Services of Yates

Yates Construction is ranked among the top construction services providers in the US by Engineering News RecordYates Construction is family owned and provides a wide range of construction and building services. The company was founded in 1964 by William G. Yates Jr., and it has steadily grown to become one of the top construction providers in the nation. At Yates, they are financially sound with a significant bonding capacity as well as vast personnel and equipment resources.

Safety and Sustainable Construction Services of Yates
Yates Construction

Their portfolio includes projects from various sectors, including arts and culture, civil, commercial, education, entertainment and gaming, federal, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, municipal, retail, and technology. They work hard to understand their client’s business needs and continually look for opportunities to provide additional value to their clients and their projects.

The client relationships of Yates are the foundation of their success, and their primary goal is to help each of their clients achieve their vision. Yates Construction does this by carefully managing the details and complexities of each project and communicating constantly with all team members.

Promoting a culture of Safety. Utilizing behavioral-based safety management, the culture of Yates supports a zero-injury philosophy achieved through ongoing education, training, and behavioral modification. Their policy encourages dedication and an unwavering awareness to the safety and well-being of the job site as a whole. Experience, continuing education, and personal responsibility ensure adherence to strict safety standards, and the results of their commitment are evidenced by continuously low EMR and incident rates.

Safety and Sustainable Construction Services of Yates
CenturyLink Technology Center of Excellence

Their Corporate Safety Team. Every Yates employee is a member of the corporate safety team and strives to achieve a zero incident rate on every project.

Safety Recognition. Through company-wide collaboration, they have achieved a nationally recognized level of safety success. In recent years, they have received more than 45 safety awards including the Associated Builders and Contractors’ National Safety Excellence Award – the organization’s highest level of safety recognition.

Sustainability at Yates Construction. Yates Construction is dedicated to providing high performance buildings and services based on environmentally-conscious principles. The company is committed to integrating sustainable design and construction practices in their operations to provide safe, healthy, and economically viable projects. Additionally, they believe it is their responsibility to be good stewards of the environment.

As a leader in sustainable construction, the company continues to focus on sustainable practices.

Their sustainability efforts include:

  • Preserve our natural environment
  • Maintain sustainable sites
  • Maximize water efficiency
  • Lower energy use
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Enhance indoor environmental air quality
  • Provide a healthy place to live and work

The Work Team. Yates Construction provides safe, healthy working environments for the employees.  The company provides in-house LEED training, promotes professional development, and incentivizes LEED accreditation. The staff of LEED Accredited Professionals is trained to provide construction services to meet their clients’ needs. Their employees serve in-state, regional, and national non-profit organizations. Yates Construction employees are encouraged to participate in community organizations that work toward more sustainable neighborhoods. Sustainability at Yates Construction is incorporated at all levels of the organization.

Some of the sustainable projects at Yates are:

Social Committed Projects of Bechtel Group

Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel Group) is the largest construction and civil engineering company in the United States, ranking as the 4th-largest privately owned company in the United States. This company is among the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world, and a cornerstone of innovation in the industry. Together with its customers, Bechtel delivers landmark projects –the modern marvels of the world- that foster sustainable progress and grow economies. Bechtel has the resources and reach to provide its customers confidence in delivery.

Since 1898, the company has completed more than 25,000 extraordinary projects –many first-of-a-kind- in 160 countries on all seven continents serving the energy delivery, defense, environmental cleanup, mining & metals, oil, gas & chemicals, infrastructure and transportation, and telecommunications industries. Bechtel is a family company grounded in hard work, integrity and trust, values integral to all they do.

Expertise of the Company

Infrastructure: Airports, bridges, highways, hydroelectric power, ports, rail, sports venues, urban development with:

  • Defense and security: chemical weapons disassembly and destruction, critical infrastructure, facilities operations and management, supply chain management, U.S. naval programs.
  • Environmental Cleanup and Management: cleanup and remediation, decontamination and decommissioning, waste processing and disposal.
  • Mining and Metals
  • Oil, Gas and Chemicals: liquefied natural gas, offshore oil and gas, onshore oil and gas, petrochemicals, pipelines.
  • Power: nuclear, renewables, thermal, transmission
  • Tanks
  • Telecommunications
  • Water

With every project the company undertakes, no matter the scale, it places a core focus on protecting people and the environment, promoting local economic development, and partnering with communities and society.

Committed to Delivering Sustainable Solutions

The company regards sustainability as its responsibility to enhance the positive effects of its projects and to avoid or mitigate the negative ones. The company believes that it is not just delivering a physical asset to its customers and communities, but also enabling an environment that will benefit them in the long term.

Sustainability is a core Bechtel value, and the company is committed to delivering sustainable outcomes on every project, everywhere the company operates. This enduring value has enabled the company to contribute to a century of global development.


Social Committed Projects of Bechtel Group
Safety on the job

The company believes that every incident is preventable; that is why Bechtel continues to be an industry leader in safety. The company is relentless in its approach to prevent each and every accident, as it believes that every incident, thus, every occupational injury, is preventable.

·         On the job: every one of its colleagues, as well as its partners and subcontractors, has stop-work authority. If it’s not safe, the company does not operate. It reinforces this philosophy through a combination of technical field procedures, ongoing training, and a Life Critical Requirements Program that highlights activities that could be life-threatening when not executed according to published procedures.

·         Public safety: public safety is a critical part of the environmental, safety, and health programs of Bechtel, and it works with all appropriate stakeholders to improve industry and national standards. On many projects, the company prepares and implements traffic safety management plans specific to the work site and to the local roads over which equipment and materials flow to support construction. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations.

Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

 is a contractor with headquartes in:

  • Canada,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • USA,
  • Mexico,
  • Venezuela
  • and Europe,

This company offers to its clients full service Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for reliable implementation of projects.

Y&V was established in 1985 through the merger of the engineering company Yanes & Asociados and construction firm DRV, each one with its own tradition and name in the market of contractors in Venezuela. The historical roots of the founding companies of the group Y&V date from the early sixties, when the civil engineer Adolfo Yanes began his operations, focusing on engineering projects for national infrastructure sector in Venezuela.Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

Since its creation, Y&V has continually expanded its technological expertise, achieving a solid growth, and has successfully developed as one of the leading EPC contractors in Venezuela for industrial projects with a range of regional activity.

Y&V is known as a supplier company of construction services oriented to success and high quality work, with a successful track recorded related to a demanding construction work on large-scale EPC projects with international reach. As part of its construction activities Y&V offers to its customers the following services for the realization of their industrial projects:

  • Civil and structural works.
  • Electromechanical works.
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start.



For Y&V acting responsibly is a strategic priority, as a commitment assumed by the shareholders and management in the company.

Corporate social Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitmentresponsibility in Y&V is coordinated and executed by a department whose head reports directly to the CEO of the group. The staff of this department is responsible for developing all activities of corporate social responsibility in close coordination with representatives of top management and heads in every country where the organization operates.

This is why Y&V guarantees its action for the benefit of the society, always oriented goals according to local requirements in each country. As a comprehensive company in its social action, Y&V focuses on five major areas, achievement-oriented in business development of the group and responsible in terms of social and ecological matters:


  • Stakeholders / Related.
  • Employees.
  • Health and Security.
  • Quality.
  • Y&V Foundation.

Y&V Foundation

Y&V: Engineering and Construction CommitmentY&V believes that enterprise and social responsibility go together. So the social dimension of the company has been and will always be a strategic priority, wherever Y&V carries it business and works. Y&V encourages its employees to be socially active, offering them and their families the opportunity to participate in different social initiatives. Good percentage of employees Y&V support various organizations in their respective countries, with monetary donations and through personal involvement.

In this regard, Y&V and its employees are particularly concentrated in organizations working with children and adolescents with limited resources and who are exposed to social inequalities. Y&V aims to balance these inequalities giving access to programs and projects during various festivities like Christmas, Children’s Day, among others, in:

  • education,
  • sports,
  • cultural and other recreational events,

Even today, and since the creation of the Y&V Foundation, more than 3,000 young people are benefited each year, through training programsorientation programs, job training and attention given in the shelters supported by the Foundation.