[Armando Iachini]: Social Responsibility in Yamaro

[Armando Iachini]: Social Responsibility in Yamaro
[Armando Iachini]: Yamaro
Yamaro is a company that has been doing a very good job in terms of social responsibility. This company has created many buildings which means job opportunities for people in the future and that is a way to contribute with social responsibility. Moreover, social responsibility also has to do with enhancing society and Yamaro has focused in doing this since the beginning.

The enterprise is being leaded by [Armando Iachini], who is the CEO of Yamaro and has been promoting his work for more than 40 years. You can now understand that commitment is not for days, but probably during a lifetime.

In Yamaro, there is a good purpose of enhancing the lives of other people and their business by creating high-quality structures that can be turned into:

  • hotels,
  • business offices,
  • and touristic attractions.

Yamaro is doing this work with the best possible team, so that they can create a very good amount of structures for others who need them.

As well, they promote environmental care. It is important not only to take care of our planet, but also to stop damaging it. If there is no good social responsibility from the entrepreneurs, it is not possible to have a very good support because most of the times, they are among the people who can help the most through charity and human resources.

We still want to see how Yamaro will keep enhancing its social responsibility labors. In fact, the future could bring more campaigns and new works that would come from the hand of Yamaro workers. They have done a very useful amount of pavement works that are today the ones that many cars are using in Venezuela.

[Armando Iachini]: Social Responsibility in Yamaro
[Armando Iachini]: Building in Yamaro
By [Armando Iachini].

Yamaro Enterprises: Building A Country

Yamaro is an enterprise that has been able to build many important architectural works which have indeed been useful and extremely important for many people in Venezuela. This enterprise has a very particular feature when it comes to have a good quality of works.

Yamaro Enterprises: Building A Country
Armando Iachini: Efforts are part of their daily basis

There are plenty of examples that would evidence the amazing and unique structures that this enterprise has been making for more than 40 years. It is very interesting because this is an enterprise that is dedicated to help Venezuela in terms of creating important buildings that have a wide variety of purposes such as:

  • tourism,
  • businesses,
  • and improvement of the society in general.

Construcciones Yamaro is an enterprise that also has its own webpage which could be very useful if you need to know more about their different projects. Yamaro constantly works with projects that have a very good benefit for society and the great part of it is that by doing so, there will be not only customers who will be benefited, but also the reputation of the company will keep growing in a nice way. Chances are that even enterprise in other countries would like to work with such an enterprise after understanding the true potential of amazing construction enterprises such as Yamaro.

Yamaro Enterprises: Building A Country
Armando Iachini: Dedication and Calculation

Construction is something that every country will need at some point and Venezuela is one of the best proofs that Yamaro has been doing a good work when it comes to do unique and very useful constructions that will influence the world one way or another after analyzing thoroughly the impressive works that Yamaro has been able to do as an enterprise until current times. Hopefully, there will be more and more constructions that will be helpful for the country.

Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

 is a contractor with headquartes in:

  • Canada,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • USA,
  • Mexico,
  • Venezuela
  • and Europe,

This company offers to its clients full service Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for reliable implementation of projects.

Y&V was established in 1985 through the merger of the engineering company Yanes & Asociados and construction firm DRV, each one with its own tradition and name in the market of contractors in Venezuela. The historical roots of the founding companies of the group Y&V date from the early sixties, when the civil engineer Adolfo Yanes began his operations, focusing on engineering projects for national infrastructure sector in Venezuela.Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitment

Since its creation, Y&V has continually expanded its technological expertise, achieving a solid growth, and has successfully developed as one of the leading EPC contractors in Venezuela for industrial projects with a range of regional activity.

Y&V is known as a supplier company of construction services oriented to success and high quality work, with a successful track recorded related to a demanding construction work on large-scale EPC projects with international reach. As part of its construction activities Y&V offers to its customers the following services for the realization of their industrial projects:

  • Civil and structural works.
  • Electromechanical works.
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start.



For Y&V acting responsibly is a strategic priority, as a commitment assumed by the shareholders and management in the company.

Corporate social Y&V: Engineering and Construction Commitmentresponsibility in Y&V is coordinated and executed by a department whose head reports directly to the CEO of the group. The staff of this department is responsible for developing all activities of corporate social responsibility in close coordination with representatives of top management and heads in every country where the organization operates.

This is why Y&V guarantees its action for the benefit of the society, always oriented goals according to local requirements in each country. As a comprehensive company in its social action, Y&V focuses on five major areas, achievement-oriented in business development of the group and responsible in terms of social and ecological matters:


  • Stakeholders / Related.
  • Employees.
  • Health and Security.
  • Quality.
  • Y&V Foundation.

Y&V Foundation

Y&V: Engineering and Construction CommitmentY&V believes that enterprise and social responsibility go together. So the social dimension of the company has been and will always be a strategic priority, wherever Y&V carries it business and works. Y&V encourages its employees to be socially active, offering them and their families the opportunity to participate in different social initiatives. Good percentage of employees Y&V support various organizations in their respective countries, with monetary donations and through personal involvement.

In this regard, Y&V and its employees are particularly concentrated in organizations working with children and adolescents with limited resources and who are exposed to social inequalities. Y&V aims to balance these inequalities giving access to programs and projects during various festivities like Christmas, Children’s Day, among others, in:

  • education,
  • sports,
  • cultural and other recreational events,

Even today, and since the creation of the Y&V Foundation, more than 3,000 young people are benefited each year, through training programsorientation programs, job training and attention given in the shelters supported by the Foundation.