The Properties of Steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The Properties of Steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Constructions demand
materials that resist every climate condition so buildings are safe
, among those material we can find steel. Iron was the first metal used as
the structure for sustainable
alongside its different forms. At first, it was used as part
of a melted element, and little by little, tubular cylinders were introduced to
grant beauty and elegance to the current metallic structures.

The Properties of Steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini


Steel is one of the main material used
in modern architecture and in
constructions of great importance. Construcciones Yamaro points 
some advantages this material has that makes it so

1. – Homogeneity: Steel is a
material that does not deforms or alters its physical or mechanical properties with time.

2. – High Ductility: The
ductility is a property, which allows a material to resist and tolerate alterations that cause tensions. Steel possesses
a great flexibility, elasticity, and is malleable; thus making it a very useful
material for anti-seismic constructions.

3. – Efficiency: Steel
allows taller edifications, and its small dimensions, when compared to concrete,
allow more uses of the spaces.

4. – It Eases Modifications:
Constructions with steel ease the integration of new structures without any deformity
and, if the structures are ready, the steel will work as a reinforcement to
resist additional weight.

5. – Great Resistance: Steel
is highly resistant and does not require a heavy structure, which is ideal for edifications of great height.

The Properties of Steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
6. – Durability: Steel
is resistant and, with the adequate maintenance, the constructions elaborated
with this material can last for a very long time.

7. – Low Cost: Steel
structures are usually lighter than other structures with other material. This
lowers the costs of cement; moreover, the metallic
can be prepared somewhere else, so the elements arrived already
built, and they take less time to be ready.

8. – Reusable: When a
construction with a metallic structure is overdue, it can be dismantled and used in some other projects.

9. – Uniformity: The
properties of the steel do not alter nor do they change due to the location of
the construction or with the passing of time. They can last for a long time.

10. – Fast Assemble: The properties of the steel enable a
better handling. That is why constructions with steel are ready in a short
time, contrary to those with concrete.

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The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
By acquiring steel,
a more durable and resilient than
the iron material, we became able to
make better articulation of space, a
feature of high tech architecture, in addition to providing greater expansion in any direction at
and its elements are more easily designed
than any other manufactured with other materials designed.
The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The use of steel over time

From his first job in the Barcelona Exhibition of 1929 in the German
Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, chromed
steel pilaster capable of uniting translucent glass walls
. Currently, a
clear example is the steel trusses designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
for coating the Pompidou Center, example of high-tech architecture.

The steel provides flexibility
and easy reinforcement in those structures where they are necessary
addition can be easily expanded in any direction and steel elements are
designed much easier than the elements of other materials.

When construction is done with a steel structure enables larger clears with fewer columns,
facilitating better interior design without increasing investment.

Also, they can be easily designed, acquire much faster than other
materials and assembly structures in short periods of time. Steel brings a degree of value for ease of
, renovation or the possibility of reinforce to adapt to new

In seismic zones, its ductility makes it the best material and economic,
to withstand quakes. A structure
with this metal maximizes recovery and reduces the costs of demolition if

This metal is 100% recyclable, and
its industry has implemented programs to reduce water and energy consumption
and emissions into the atmosphere. Through this practice, it has saved the
energy equivalent to 110 million households.

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

As for safety, the microcelated
rod has great capacity to absorb deformation energy
before a fracture

Therefore, in seismic areas, building structures must be constructed to absorb the energy
by earthquakes through these rods and prevent not be directed
towards the concrete and generate a fracture movement.

The safety of construction

Concrete is a very stable material and
further when the support is constructed with steel beams that can be affected
by weather effects and rough surfaces.

Rain and acids are problems that can affect metal and concrete itself. When it penetrates into the structure it
can oxidize the steel beams
that support affecting firmness. Oxidation can
also become more aggressive by the use of chemicals in the works.

Armando Iachini, director of Construcciones Yamaro highlights the safety testing and detailed inspections to ensure
stability and firmness of concrete construction.

These inspections begin with a visual
check and then look for support structures
, search metal within the depth
of the concrete and the use of devices for detecting harbor water retention.

In conclusion, it follows the procedure of measuring the compressive
strength of concrete with a hammer rebound driven by a spring, whose force let
you know the impact that the concrete absorbed and identify the state of

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