Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro

Yamaro is a construction enterprise dedicated to helping Venezuela trough different projects focused on the architectonic sense. As supporters of the environment cause and its welfare, Armando Iachini and Yamaro are bringing you a list of important tips we all should take into consideration in order to create awareness about everything that’s affecting our environment.

Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro
Armando Iachini – Take care of our planet!
  1. Plant as many trees as you can: this is something that many people could easily recall but the effect of this action is really important.When you plant a tree, you are not only giving birth to a new life but you are giving the planet a new lunge! Which is also a great way to recompense mother earth for everything she’s giving us.
  2. Consider turning down electricity more often: when you are not using certain electric equipment, you’ll be doing a great favor to your environment by turning them down. You won’t need them all the time so there’s no need to leave them on, right?
  3. Recycling is always a good idea: Pay attention to this one because this is an important tip. You should stop using different items for the same thing, instead of it try to find another possibility for the same item, you’ll see that your life will become easier too. So, if you are the kind of person who, for example, buys plastic forks, spoons, dishes or even glasses for every time you eat, remember that by doing so you’re just contributing to the accumulation of trash. Consider washing them too instead of throwing them away.
  4. You may want to learn a little about pollution: the more you learn about this topic, the more you’ll gain awareness about the impact that can have a small bubble gum pack on the streets. Actually, there are items, like metal soda cans, that take hundreds of years to get totally discomposed! If we’re not careful enough pollution might swallow us all one day.
Armando Iachini : Take care of our environment with Yamaro
Armando Iachini – Return the planet its natural green

Just a single person can have a damaging impact on the environment; imagine hundreds of people doing the same! It’s time we all start taking care of our planet, starting with little acts that will become bigger if we all start helping too.

Taking Care of Your Planet

If you are one of those people who are concerned about global warming and how we could help this planet in terms of its environment, then this article will lead you to a good amount of pratical ideas that you could use.

Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: There are plenty of things we can do to preserve the environment!
  • Try to use your drier less time and just hang your clothes outsideby doing this, you would reduce the energy consumption.
  • Try to buy food with fewer packages: by doing that, you would get a lot less of unnecessary paper or boxes that you don’t really need and you would avoid damaging the environment with them.
  • Use timers for things that use electricity: this could sound a little exaggerated, but actually if many people did it around the world chances are that electricity would be used in a really nice way. Consider that by doing this, you would limit the usage of some appliances that use electricity and you would possibly feel good about the fact that at least you do it and your responsibility is being fulfilled.
  • Reuse envelopes: this would be nice, so you don’t have to use different envelopes each time you need and certainly you would contaminate less if you do so.
  • Buy used furniture: this may sound like you are just looking for cheap stuff, but actually there are some good used furniture’s that you may like a lot and not only that, but if you buy them you would reduce the amount of potential trash that would end up in a junkyard or in a place where trash contaminates the environment.
Taking Care of Your Planet
Armando Iachini: Consider those many plants that will live longer because of you!

These are some important and practical tips that you can totally follow, imagine if this was done not only by you, but by many people! Let’s try to help other people with a better consciousness and share this information!