Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction

From a vanguard point of view, builders and construction companies in general are trying at all costs to obtain contracts with companies that generate reputation within their market. However, the environment is the first thing affected in this regard and does not go unnoticed for Construcciones Yamaro.

Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction
Armando Iachini: Principles to guide the company

This company has managed to create an awareness plan to carry out their work, keeping a series of policies to protect the environment and to avoid pollution as much as possible, whatever its type. Construcciones Yamaro has developed six principles:

  • Making a law that encourages companies to adapt their work on preserving the environment.
  • Creating statements about current trends on environmental awareness, both within the country and outside its borders.
  • Promoting the participation of all companies in the media in prevention programs environmental, focused on the construction sector.
  • Linking to the construction and higher education to design avant-garde and cooperation with the ecosystem projects.
  • Always observing international environmental mechanisms.
  • Supporting all projects with this initiative as construction pattern.

According to Construcciones Yamaro, companies can obtain new corporate culture in line with the global challenges of today: economic crisis, environmental disasters, climate change, access to water, among others, in order to give that knowledge and consciousness to the communities. Some of the activities that can be considered as corporate environmental responsibility go beyond the own benefit for the company and spread to every participant in the society, as well as the impact on the environment.

Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction
Armando Iachini: Planting a new hope

In the current globalized Venezuelan society, hand in hand with environmentalists, architects, civil engineers and workers will work together to meet all possible expectations, since the need of creating information-leanings and working table discussions about the topic is very important, as well as using solutions for sustainable development, planting thoughts of environmental measures to the communities that will benefit from the construction works, without neglecting the present conditions the country offers to operate at full capacity to obtain an expectant vision for the future in the broad construction market.

Armando Iachini: How Construcciones Yamaro is Today a Responsible Company

For Construcciones Yamaro, taking care of the environment and the welfare of the communities that live in it has become as important as the work itself, and the reasons vary in number and in nature.

Armando Iachini: How Construcciones Yamaro is Today a Responsible Company
Working together

Construcciones Yamaro has received many benefits since its beginning because it has considered environmental protection and the practice of social responsibility in every work the company performs. Some of the benefits:

  • The company manages the production activities towards the use of new technological alternatives that allow optimization of work and the protection of employees, thus favoring access to more demanding markets, power continuously innovation and creativity, the diversification of the economy.
  • Corporate environmental responsibility allows achieving sustainable development by favoring the creation of new opportunities and constant re-engineering business activities.
  • Improves image and credibility of the company.

The values considered by the company in each one of its construction works are perseverance, sacrifice, honesty, compromise, dedication and high quality of work, with the aim of creating jobs, moving the country’s economy and also being able with care, maintenance and recovery of spaces throughout the national territory.

Armando Iachini: How Construcciones Yamaro is Today a Responsible Company
Considering every aspect

Armando Iachini, manager of Construcciones Yamaro, ensures that the term Social Responsibility is not a new sentence for them; he claims that for many years in the country the company has offered its part since they believe that the country has given the company the opportunity to grow as a great team.

Today, in order to meet the requirements of the Venezuelan law, Constructiones Yamaro has established mechanisms for working with communities where high national scale works are being performed. Additionally, Armando Iachini says that what Construcciones Yamaro does is to get into the community to make a contribution in working together with the people, raising the most important awareness and values. In his opinion, talking about this and taking these actions is more than a gift; the company offers options for each sector to value what they receive.

In the case of Social Commitment, Construcciones Yamaro has:

  • Budget item.
  • Personnel serving communities.
  • The company caters to requirements.
  • The company does not limit it work to the budget; it can allocate more resources if necessary.
Armando Iachini: How Construcciones Yamaro is Today a Responsible Company
Benefits for the communities

Finally, in order to avoid causing more damage to the environment in the Venezuelan environment in which the company operates, Construcciones Yamaro seeks to use materials that do not emit toxic substances neither in the production process nor in construction, in order to avoid unhealthy or dangerous risks for those who inhabit the surrounding environments. In this regard, the work at Construcciones Yamaro must be designed in such a way that the products do not emit pollutants or waste that may change the quality of the environment and create danger to people, animals or plants.

Each day, month and year that pass, construction firm, as well as Construcciones Yamaro, are seeing to the sustainability and environmental situation before undertaking construction work, to the point of valuing waste generated or incinerate to avoid harmful consequences.

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro

Construcciones Yamaro was founded on 07 November 1969, and it started its activities with the execution of earthworks. The company was established as a statutory document registered with the commercial register of the Judicial District of the Federal District, Miranda State, Venezuela.

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro
Commitment and Work at Construcciones Yamaro

During the first years they performed as subcontractors, making works of great importance in the country, such as “Francisco Fajardo” Freeway, Section Caricuao; “La Araña” Distributor for the consortium BARSANTI – SPILIMER; Maiquetia Airport: earthmoving work for EDIVIAGRO Company; preliminary works of cleaning the foundations and preparing the loans to EDIVIAGRO Company, Ministry of Defense: earthworks for the construction of its headquarters (EDIVIAGRO Company), among others.

With the passing of the years the company was dabbling in various road works in different states in Venezuela. Since the year 1991, Construcciones Yamaro expanded into other states such as Sucre, Monagas, Portuguesa, Barinas and Lara, where the company does different works in the construction industry.

Construcciones Yamaro -branch office in Lara- was incorporated under a statutory document registered with the Mercantile Registry of the Judicial District of Lara State on November 14, 1997 which is directed by the Engineer Ruben Dario Suarez.

Construcciones Yamaro is currently performing earthworks for the construction of roads, urban development, landfills and water works, all of this by using highly qualified machinery. In addition to that, the company is working on concrete activities, among which we can find: drainage, containment works, bridges, walls, gabions and earth walls armed volume of poured concrete. At the same time, the company works on Stabilizers Bases and Cold Recycling.

This evolutionary phase of the company presents the transformation that has undoubtedly played an important role according to its original mission and vision since its founding, taking into account the factors of the economic and business environment that gave rise to such transformations, and that today offer new possibilities for the company in a country like Venezuela.

Current Works and Commitment

History and Social Commitment of Construcciones Yamaro
The company does not stop

The values of Construcciones Yamaro are perseverance, sacrifice, honesty, compromise, dedication and high quality of work, with the aim of creating jobs, move the country’s economy and also be able with care, maintenance and recovery of spaces throughout the national territory.

Construcciones Yamaro is currently commemorating its 46th anniversary with all the Venezuelan people, employees and family with the aim of continuing the important and committed work through the whole country with sacrifice, perseverance and dedication. Some of its social impact activities are:

  • 2,300 tons of asphalt settled and placed in roads and streets in Lara State.
  • 1800 Tons of asphalt were invested in a road in Lara State .
  • Social Responsibility in the sector Vegonia Located in San Jose de Quibor, Jimenez Municipality in Lara State.
  • Social Responsibility in the streets and roads of Gameotal Town.
  • The work Gamelotal – Buria was in charge of the engineer Eleazar Espinal.

El Manto de María”. To honor “La Divina Pastora“, today Armando Iachini and Fiorindo Marozzi, both Directors of Construcciones Yamaro CA, have presented the project architects of the work called “Manto de María” (Mary’s Cape), which takes place at the entrance of Barquisimeto in Lara state.