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[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the construction

[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the constructionYamaro is a company that has more than forty years in Venezuela. It was founded by two Italian immigrants named Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marrozzi. CEO Armando Iachini believes that Venezuela is wonderful place. Also since Venezuela is a touristic country, that gives any investor great business possibilities.

Yamaro has built significant structures in the country, especially hotels. They have also been involved in demolitions and construction of religious monuments:

  • The Amazonia Hotel located in Coro, Falcón State, which has three floors and forty eight rooms.
  • The demolition of the Lara Hotel located in Barquisimeto, Lara State.
  • The construction of the monument Mary’s mantle in Barquisimeto, Lara State.

This structure is considered the biggest Marian structure in the world with 47 meters high. The project was directed by engineer Armando Iachini himself and involved 150 workers directly and 350 workers indirectly. The monument was inaugurated on January 13th, 2016 with the purpose of attracting people interested in religious tourism.

[Armando Iachini] Yamaro: a different side of the construction
Armando Iachini: Build your business and your dreams with Yamaro

Venezuela is a country like no other. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, snow, deserts, and forests, which makes it the perfect place to build any number of hotels, buildings, hostels, and even bed and breakfast for all kinds of tourists. This is one of many reasons Yamaro Construcciones believes so blindly in this country because it is a place which amazing opportunities to invest and obtain a very good income.

Armando Iachini, who was born in Venezuela and is the son of an Italian immigrant, has the perfect combination and understanding for working in this business. As an Italian, he has the knowledge of his father concerning construction and engineering, and in Venezuela, he has all the different scenarios to make his designs and creations come true. The result of these creations is a wonderful present for the country since it helps make this place more beautiful than what already is.

Armando Iachini