Armando Lachini: In 48 Years We Have Become a Reference in National Market

These last 48 years we took part in the developing of our country, in Yamaro Constructions, to stop is not part of the plan.

Our Manager, Armando Lachini, highlighted that all this effort was worth it; nowadays the company is a referent in the construction market. “The enterprise is a reference in the national market, that is for us the biggest satisfaction (…) this is due to our effort on keeping a status of seriousness and reliability and with a solid name in the market”, he said.

Furthermore, he assured “half of a century is easy to say, but keeping and getting the development that we have accomplished in time it means lots of sacrifices (…) We are happy and very pleased for the trajectory of the company and its contribution in many public works for the development of Venezuela” he also emphasized that the company’s image characterized by its integrity and reliability has been built with effort and dedication.

Wherever they work, Yamaro Constructions brings more than cement, asphalt, and toggles; they bring progress and evolution. For example, the Meta road, between San Fernando de Apure and Puerto Páez, the highway to Higuerote and the new road to West. These are construction works that bring progress and growth to people that live there.

“When you build a road or a highway, towns are built around them, in this sense roadways are the first step to develop a region” he said.

Armando Lachini highlighted the edification of the new monument of Divina Pastora in Lara State, as a construction work that will always be at the heart and mind of Venezuelans.

“We want to keep growing; we need to face every challenge in our way and our works with seriousness and integrity.” He sentenced.

“Congratulations, Pasquale and Alfonzo, to create an ethical, professional, solid and strong team that will allow us to get more anniversaries. It has been 48 years of constant work, congratulations for the team that shape this family”

Armando Lachini – Construcciones Yamaro’s General Manager.