Armando Iachini: Venezuela And Yamaro

Yamaro: 40 years protecting their workers

Construcciones Yamaro is one of the most important and oldest companies in Venezuela. Its name alone stands as a synonym for quality and responsibility. For forty years, this company founded by Pasquale Iachini and Alfonzo Marrozi has been making many relevant buildings and structures of any kind with the purpose of collaborating with the progress of the nation.

The experience that this company has, it has taught them to prevent accidents and be very careful concerning industrial security. There are many working environments and for each, there are required different safety measures of protection. Some of these are:

Yamaro: 40 years protecting their workers
Armando Ianchini – Yamaro’s Workers
  • In cold environments, it is important to wear special clothing for the weather, especially if it rains. Provide hot drinks and shelter.
  • In the case of a hot environment, it is necessary to give water and refreshments, breathable clothing and avoid prolonged exposure to the heat and take cover in a shaded area.
  • In the case of working in a demolition activity, it is imperative to properly protect the personal with the protective equipment, minimize uneven terrain and avoid charges after being subjected to vibrations.

All these aspects are taking into consideration to avoid accidents. Protective measures prevent calamities, minimize risk and more important, it saves lives. Even tough, the activity of construction involves working with machinery, the most important element of it is the human element. It is not necessary to recall that humans are imperfect and therefore, we must be careful when it comes to work in construction.

The International Labor Organization stated that working accidents occurred every 15 seconds. For this reason, construction companies should always pay attention and follow protocol and safety regulations to the letter. Construcciones Yamaro is a company with a tradition and commitment for the security of its workers. After all, without them, Construcciones Yamaro would not exist.

Yamaro: 40 years protecting their workers
Armando Iachini: Hard Work