Your Duty! ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Your Duty! ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
[Construcciones Yamaro]: Social responsibility
Social responsibility should be part of your daily basis as an entrepreneur. You would not forget the real meaning of being an entrepreneur after you see how much you can contribute to the environment.
Your Duty! ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
[Construcciones Yamaro]: CSR

Of course, it is not like you will solve all the problems of other people by being socially responsible. You will just do part of what your responsibility is. Never stop doing your duty and even if it is hard, consider that it could be harder to see damages in the environment for not doing anything.

Remember that social responsibility will make you a better person and a more ethic one. When you contribute to others, you’re in a sense contributing to yourself as well. The reason? You are getting rid of the selfish mindset!

Your Duty! ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
[Construcciones Yamaro]: Responsibility
It is necessary to be a person who can constantly contribute to others in a sense or another. We’re all human beings and it would make more sense to think of success by being together than not helping each other. It is similar to what ants do, they collaborate everyday endlessly and they multiply and get their food at home.

It would be very good that you keep doing your job. At least, God will thank you. 

Being an entrepreneur is more than only thinking on growing your enterprise, it also requires you to become a better human being. You will only be able to be a successful entrepreneur when you can work also for others without really expecting anything from it.

Sounds hard? Well, this is why not everyone can get the so-desired success, many people will need to get rid of selfishness until they can think more of giving to others and the environment than to their own enterprise.

By [Construcciones Yamaro].

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