Armando Iachini: Environmentally Friendly Construction Enterprises

Taking care of our environment is a global concern. That is why the majority of the countries have adopted measures to preserve our planet and to decrease the negative impact of human activities to our ecosystem.

There are international parameters such as the ISO rules 14000 that establish the regulations that enterprises must follow in order to obtain a certification related to their engagement with the environment.

Venezuela is one of the nations that have been environmentally-friendly. The Constitution of the Republic has a chapter dedicated to the protection of nature in which it set obligations for particulars and enterprises in order to guarantee the harmony with our environment.

Armando Iachini: Environmentally Friendly Construction Enterprises

Venezuelan enterprises have shown an increasing interest in participating in activities that promote environment protection. Forums, conferences, talks that are presented in universities, scientific institutes, public enterprises, and private enterprises. They make easier the organization plans relating to labor activities in each sector.

Construction enterprises know their role regarding saving our planet. Thus, they set strategies aimed at decreasing costs, honoring legal obligations, and making responsibility actions that save the environment. These actions include a more intelligent use or water and power as well as recycling.

Environmental engagement of the enterprises dedicated to the construction branch also is seen in the implementation of techniques that decrease environmental impact and the use of less contaminant material. Construcciones Yamaro is aware of the importance of our environment and has engaged itself in the updating of their technology, machines, and in the compliance of environmental rules in order to reduce pollution levels via the reduction of toxic gases.