Armando Iachini Lighting equipment on construction sites

Lighting equipment on construction sites

In the world of construction there are large-scale works that demand arduous work done both day and night. Having a correct and adequate luminosity is not only part of the safety standards and protection regulations, but also to provide a suitable environment to work.

Characteristics of lighting within a building

  • The light used must not generate reflection, heat or blindness.
  • The lighting should be 25 lux intensity.
  • The color of the lights should not alter or influence the signs of the place.
  • The placement of the lighting systems must not generate any type of risk.

Different lighting systems

Lighting equipment on construction sites

Lighting systems that are used more frequently in different constructions:

Mast lighting: It is like a kind of permanent flashlight. It is composed of several lamps that offer the appropriate light intensity.

Lighting towers: It offers a high-power luminosity that covers the entire enclosure.

Metal halide or nite lights: It is a type of portable lighting that has the advantage of being armed with the assembly of several metal halogen lamps.

Balloon lighting: It consists of one or more lamps that are suspended inside translucent balloons that contain helium or air.

Individual lamps: It is a lighting system that each worker has to have light where it is needed.