Armando Iachini: Roads and Economic Development at Construcciones Yamaro

Armando Iachini: Roads and Economic Development at Construcciones Yamaro

Construcciones Yamaro is a construction company with over 45 years of experience in lifting and construction works in Venezuela. The company exemplifies the entrepreneurship and management for Venezuelans, according to Armando Iachini, director of the company. All this make the company one of the most successful companies in the country in the field of development roadways and earthmoving activities.

Armando Iachini: Roads and Economic Development at Construcciones Yamaro
Taking care of every detail

The construction sector is highly important for the economy of any nation, since it is a true indicator of development. In Venezuela, where roads are so damaged, investing in them could be a very smart move. With its over 45 years of experience in the industry, this investment seems a safe bet for economic development to Construcciones Yamaro.

The importance of investing. The land routes are vital for the development of many sectors within a country. That is why that working on the construction industry to catapult other sectors such as tourism and trade can be very beneficial. A destination can have the most attractive market attraction, but if tourists cannot move to and from it using an adequate road infrastructure, inevitably the number of tourists will decrease.

The similar phenomenon occurs with the trade sector, because the difficulty of accessing the different Venezuelan populations, which makes harder to overland routes to reach the mass of any product. This problem inevitably affects the economic development of any trading company.

Armando Iachini: Roads and Economic Development at Construcciones Yamaro
The company’s services

A little more about the services. Construcciones Yamaro began as a small company in 1969, and was expanded to Venezuela throughout the pass of the years. The company has participated in works of great importance such as: the Caricuao stretchDistributor “La araña” of the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas, one of the major roads in the capital city; the company also participated in earthmoving works carried out in the Maiquetia Airport in Vargas state.

Although the company only worked with the road infrastructure sector at its beginning, today it has diversified its works offering services such as:

  • Earth movement,
  • landfills,
  • town planning,
  • waterworks,
  • bridges,
  • developments, among others works.

The quality of the work

Armando Iachini: Roads and Economic Development at Construcciones Yamaro
Producing its own asphalt

The high quality standards of Construcciones Yamaro make them one of the most reliable options when asked for construction works of any size. The company has the most advanced equipment on the market, which is another plus for Construcciones Yamaro. This is why counting on the company to build or rehabilitate road infrastructure in the nation could be a shrewd move of the Venezuelan State in order to contribute to the economic development of the country; being able to perform these works using high quality products made at home is another reason to be proud of.

Made at home. Construcciones Yamaro produces and markets its own asphalt, prepared according to international quality standards and also offers after-sales services. Another key point of the company is it valuable human capital, because it has highly trained professionals experts in the construction sector that own a large number of skills and abilities to undertake any work that comes to their way.