Armando Iachini: Construcciones Yamaro

Armando Iachini – SR is Just Amazing and Important!

Thanks to the social responsibility that Yamaro has been promoting, many people can see themselves benefited in the sense that they will understand better how it works. It is very interesting because Yamaro is an enterprise that has been able to have a very good development not only because of its good work in the last 40 years but also because they have had a very nice sense of social responsibility.

You can be totally sure that it’s not the same thing to talk about an enterprise that has 40 years of experience without SR than an enterprise  with 40 years of experience with a good sense of SR. At least most of the people would be  more prone to work with the latest.

Armando Iachini - SR is Just Amazing and Important!
Armando Iachini: Yamaro Enterprises

So as you can understand, SR is something that is very important so you can actually develop  successful businesses in Venezuela or any country of the world. You should know that there are some companies that prefer to avoid this responsability just because they prefer to avoid legal issues.  They see more rentable to not investing in other’s need but if you understand the importance of it and know how to use it, you can be sure that your reputation, which is a symbol of your quality, will bright in contrast to other enterprises and their entrepreneurs.

It is surely necessary that you learn more often about enterprises and SR so you can understand how Yamaro is doing a very good work in this sense and so that you can also understand how important this can be for your own objectives.

Armando Iachini - SR is Just Amazing and Important!
Armando Iachini: Work for a better country

-Armando Ianchini