Armando Iachini: Take Care of the Planet: Practical tips

If you are looking to improve the way that your environment looks like, then there are plenty of things that you could do, however, Armando Iachini gives you some ideas that you could use:

Armando Iachini: Take Care of the Planet: Practical tips
Armando Iachini: Taking care of your planet!

Avoid smoking

Even if this sounds more of a tip to improve your health, avoiding cigarettes will help you and will help nature as well. Try to avoid the consumption of cigarettes that you commonly have. It would be nice that you diminish a lot this habit because if you diminish it that means that chances of throwing away the cigarette stubs will also diminish since you would probably reduce their usage. There are many places of the planet that would be benefited if you do this.

Use trash cans more often

Whether on the streets or in your house, try to use them more often in case you don’t because even if you throw something small like a cigarrete stub or a little paper, that is enough to contaminate your planet and imagine if you do that at the same time that other hundreds and actually thousands of people do the same thing, it would be overwhelming!

Plant a tree

Armando Iachini: Take Care of the Planet: Practical tips
Armando Iachini: Plant a tree!

This seems like one of the most “green planet” kind of strategies that you could use, but more than being good for the environment because of that specific plant that you would put on the earth, it would be nice, so you can get the real consciousness of how important it is for you to take care for this planet. If you do that, chances are that you want to take care of that tree and you will want to protect it as if it was a beloved pet, so you will kind of get a better sense of protection of the environment. You can also try saving more water and using only what is necessary. Great idea!