Armando Iachini: The importance of ecology in construction

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR

Climate change has not only and important impact on climate itself, the environment and the preservation of some of their inhabitants and species, but also affects and puts food security at risk, promoting shortages of certain foods or significant drop in the rate of production of certain products. Today, Construcciones Yamaro wants to dedicate this post to those construction companies that also concern about environment and create different corporate social responsibility campaigns to give something back to the planet.

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR
Armando Iachini: Plants that Provide Us Energy

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the determining factors in global warming gases, one of the main responsible factors for climate change that our planet is facing today. Fortunately, plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide in order to release oxygen. This simple biological process makes us understand the importance of trees for the protection of life in our planet.

Reforestation has become over the years one of the most significant projects that corporate social responsibility has developed in certain companies, especially those that include deforestation during their construction activities in order to obtain raw materials or for papermaking.

Many companies have focused on the task of making from reforestation an activity that can also involve some communities in order to promote the value of conservation in people as well as the importance that nature has in this crusade for the conservation and protection of the planet. In this sense, constant tree planting campaigns, financed by reputable firms, have voluntary participation of altruistic or ecofriendly people.

Armando Iachini: What Ecology Gives to CSR
Armando Iachini: Green Thought and Ideas for the Future

Experts also recommend companies to bet on the ecology, as this can connect to a healthy population with a huge desire to collaborate and make their contribution to the change. Through such initiatives, highly visible firms can harmonize with their surroundings, reducing the violence and impact on society and the environment.