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[Armando Iachini ] Yamaro: Building Responsibility

Yamaro is a building enterprise which has a good sense of corporate social responsibility. When it is about enterprises, it is not only about satisfying the need of the enterprise itself but also about the ones in the surrounding areas.

Investing money for urban work, planting trees or removing segments of the area that are not necessary are part of what working in Yamaro implies.

[Armando Iachini ] Yamaro: Building Responsibility
Armando Iachini: Build your business and your dreams with Yamaro

It may seem something very difficult to take that many tasks at the same time you are directing enterprises, but in fact, it can help your business at the same time!

Not everyone would easily agree with helping others with nothing in exchange that is something that is a reality which in spite of not being good is a today’s issue. However, as for CSR, it would be totally nice that you remember to help the planet with what you can so that you can have also a better understanding of the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs need a lot of patience and doing intelligent investments in their jobs and this has something to do with that they are going to need to think of the need in their business very clearly.

You may not like to be an entrepreneur who spends only money in his need which is quite a selfish mindset but instead, by accomplishing your social responsibility, you are doing something that is the ethic, responsible and which will make of you a better entrepreneur.

[Armando Iachini ] Yamaro: Building Responsibility
Armando Iachini: Hard Work

Moreover, you can remember that when you do your donations and charity projects, you are probably going to avoid taxes and this is important because anyone who wants to be a good entrepreneur will possibly not want to get that many taxes on their list.

There you go, Yamaro is an enterprise that not only dedicates to building great works but also creating a good sense of social responsibility. Entrepreneurship can be something hard at times but when there are will and responsibility, it can be achieved and your dreams can grow responsibly!


-Armando Iachini