Armando Iachini: Building professionally

Armando Ianchini – Yamaro is building SR Awareness

Yamaro is an enterprise where social responsibility is something very important. Taking this into account could lead any enterprise further than many others. The reason? Many people would prefer to avoid this responsibility but that is not how it actually should be. Remember that social responsibility is something that should be taken into account because it’s a serious matter.


Armando Ianchini - Yamaro is building SR Awareness
Armando Iachini: Social responsability

Yamaro has been doing very well when it comes to having a very good sense of responsibility with customers. Their works have been really useful for many people who has been benefited by those different architectonic works of theirs. It is also good because Yamaro is a very important door for business in Venezuela.  This is good not only in the sense that Yamaro will be helpful for Venezuelans but also for people from abroad who are looking for opportunities and different parts of the world to invest.


Venezuela is a really good place in which many businessman and experienced entrepreneurs can bring out its true potential, which is there for amazing businesses in tourism and other areas. This is useful also for the people who are looking to get involved with social responsibility in a more international sense.  They would be, somehow, contributing to the development of another country which has a good potential and metaphorical “good retributing earth”.

In short, Yamaro and the social responsibility are two good elements that you can put as a part of your plan and business system because, in the middle or long term, you will see results that won’t disappoint you.

Armando Ianchini - Yamaro is building SR Awareness
Armando Iachini – Working with Yamaro make a better country

-Armando Ianchini