Construction Companies Committed with People and Environment

Construction Companies Committed with People and Environment

Many of the companies in the construction sector in Venezuela are not only institutions dedicated to build buildingsstreets or highways connected throughout the Venezuelan territory; these companies also have a great sense of respect and commitment to the environment and show that through their actions on behalf of the land and the people. Some of these construction companies are:

Construcciones Yamaro

Construction Companies Committed with People and Environment
Recovery of Roads Thanks to Yamaro

It is a construction company founded in 1969 by two Italian immigrants who came to Venezuela in the 50s in search of a better future for their families. Their career began when they just had a little capital and a single truck to transport construction material. Yamaro started as Subcontractor Company, title that changed in the 70s, when it began a busier and more prosperous work for the workers of Yamaro. In 1974 the company was formally registered as an independent company, and since then, Yamaro works with the construction of roads in the country.

Years later, with 400 workers, Yamaro took the challenge to build the San Fernando Road – Puerto Paez on the border with Colombia. In 1990 Construcciones Yamaro acquired its first asphalt plant, which allowed the company to advance in the construction of highways across the country.

Their values are perseverance, sacrifice, honesty, compromise, dedication and high quality of work, with the aim of creating jobs, move the country’s economy and also care, maintain and recover the spaces throughout the national territory.

Constructora Nase

Constructora Nase is a Venezuelan national firm, founded on December 13, 1972 in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state, Venezuela. Since its creation, the company has ventured into the piping activities and works related to the water sector in the country, participating in building projects of adduction systems of drinking water in the main cities of the country.

Construction Companies Committed with People and Environment
Working for the country

In the 80s, the vision of Constructora Nase was expanded to services in the oil sector of the country, working with both private and transnational companies, for them to develop large-scale projects in these sectors, such as the installation of pipes ranging from 4 to 120 in diameter, various length and thicknesses; and multidisciplinary projects in engineering, procurement and construction.

During the 40 years of excellent and responsible uninterrupted service, Constructora Nase has established itself among the leading construction companies in the sector nationwide, always demonstrating responsibility, reliability and quality in the performance of the work, thanks to its excellent technical, supervisory and management staff; and with a great quantity and quality of own and specialized machinery for the implementation of these projects.

Constructora Nase takes steadfast commitment to excellence and environmental protection in Venezuela based on the following principles:

  • Constant improvement and pollution prevention
  • Commitment to make healthy practices of environmental control that allow continuous improvement in their environmental management.
  • Commitment to sustainable development that protects the environment and has the potential of constant improvement and strengthening of environmental performance, running processes in an environmentally conscious manner, in order to reduce consumption of resources including chemicals and energy.