The Importance of the Environment for Construcciones Yamaro

The Importance of the Environment for Construcciones Yamaro

What is CSR?

The Importance of the Environment for Construcciones Yamaro
Green planning

Corporate environmental responsibility is much more than recycling initiatives or awareness about the use of energy. The commitment to environmental stewardship is leading the way in terms of policies, strategies and managements of companies in the Venezuelan construction sector and in the rest of the world.

For Construcciones Yamaro, taking care of the environment and the welfare of the communities that live in it, has become as important as the work itself, and the reasons vary in number and in nature. Construcciones Yamaro has a major task in each work it starts: to collaborate in the maintenance of the environment.

The Impact of Construcciones Yamaro

The Importance of the Environment for Construcciones Yamaro
Sustainable ideas

Also, Construcciones Yamaro seeks to use materials that do not emit toxic substances neither in the production process nor in construction in order to avoid unhealthy or dangerous risks for those who inhabit the surrounding environments.

Everyday, more and more entrepreneurs are convinced that the economic success of their companies is not only about creating strategies to increase benefits for their employees, customers and business partners. Companies that consider environmental protection and the practice of social responsibility have perceived the following benefits:

  • The company manages the production activities towards the use of new technological alternatives that allow optimization of work and the protection of employees, thus favoring access to more demanding markets, power continuously innovation and creativity, the diversification of the economy.
  • Corporate environmental responsibility allows achieving sustainable development by favoring the creation of new opportunities and constant re-engineering business activities.
  • Improves image and credibility of the company.

Each day, month and year that pass, construction firm, as well as Construcciones Yamaro, are seeing to the sustainability and environmental situation before undertaking construction work, to the point of valuing waste generated or incinerate to avoid harmful consequences.