What to Consider in Each Construction Environment

What to Consider in Each Construction Environment

The protection sense. It is important to distinguish that every work and activity in the construction sector has its risks, however, for Construcciones Yamaro all these risks can be handle and avoided in a right way in order to abstain from any health risk.

Different aspects regarding industry safe and activities in the construction sector may lead to the most common primary risks, to which workers are exposed, and even supervisors may be victims of those risks if the necessary measures are not taken. Construcciones Yamaro can be sure that many things can be achieved in the prevention of accidents if strict safety regulations during a construction work are considered.

What to Consider in Each Construction Environment
Safety sense

Measures to be taken. Construcciones Yamaro carries out different activities in the construction sector in Venezuela. Because of its great experience in the field, the company has adapted industrial safety measures to protect and ensure the welfare of its workers in each one of the rooms, spaces and areas of any construction work.

Before reviewing the measures to be taken in each workplace, it is very important to remember the significance of taking care of the general preventive security measures. Even though these seem simple and obvious, we must insist on their compliance.

All those details, measures and considerations are taken into account in the different work environments; some of them can be:

For Cold Environments

What to Consider in Each Construction Environment
Safety campaigns

Cold environments, whether internal or external, may increase the risk of work disability and disease of the worker. Construcciones Yamaro recommends:

  • To use proper cold and activity protective clothing. It is also important to consider special clothing in case of rain.
  • To provide shelter areas and heat supplies for the worker.
  • To increase metabolism.
  • To avoid prolonged exposure in these environments.
  • To provide supplies of hot drinks.
  • To adapt labor practices.

For cases of Hot Environments

Contrary to the previous environment, Construcciones Yamaro suggests:

  • Using breathable clothing.
  • Considering having covered areas (shaded).
  • Reducing metabolism.
  • Avoiding prolonged exposure in these environments.
  • Providing water supplies.

For cases of Demolition and earthworks

What to Consider in Each Construction Environment
Measures to be taken

Demolition is one of the most dangerous construction activities. In addition to the physical, chemical and biological hazards, these works can cause hygiene hazards that not only compromise the worker’s life, but also can damage the surrounding communities. For these cases, Construcciones Yamaro recommends:

  • To insist on full and proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • To minimize uneven terrain.
  • To avoid charges after being subjected to vibrations.

Finally, it is important to consider the more than 40 years of experience of Construcciones Yamaro. Through these years, the company has been raising important major works for the country and the company got ahead, being an example of management and entrepreneurship. This company also has great interest and compromise with its workers, employees and the Venezuelan society. Terms related to safety and environment are some of the most important aspects considered in every work Construcciones Yamaro does since its beginning.