Armando Iachini: Taking care of the environment in every work

Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction

From a vanguard point of view, builders and construction companies in general are trying at all costs to obtain contracts with companies that generate reputation within their market. However, the environment is the first thing affected in this regard and does not go unnoticed for Construcciones Yamaro.

Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction
Armando Iachini: Principles to guide the company

This company has managed to create an awareness plan to carry out their work, keeping a series of policies to protect the environment and to avoid pollution as much as possible, whatever its type. Construcciones Yamaro has developed six principles:

  • Making a law that encourages companies to adapt their work on preserving the environment.
  • Creating statements about current trends on environmental awareness, both within the country and outside its borders.
  • Promoting the participation of all companies in the media in prevention programs environmental, focused on the construction sector.
  • Linking to the construction and higher education to design avant-garde and cooperation with the ecosystem projects.
  • Always observing international environmental mechanisms.
  • Supporting all projects with this initiative as construction pattern.

According to Construcciones Yamaro, companies can obtain new corporate culture in line with the global challenges of today: economic crisis, environmental disasters, climate change, access to water, among others, in order to give that knowledge and consciousness to the communities. Some of the activities that can be considered as corporate environmental responsibility go beyond the own benefit for the company and spread to every participant in the society, as well as the impact on the environment.

Yamaro and the Care of the Environment in a Construction
Armando Iachini: Planting a new hope

In the current globalized Venezuelan society, hand in hand with environmentalists, architects, civil engineers and workers will work together to meet all possible expectations, since the need of creating information-leanings and working table discussions about the topic is very important, as well as using solutions for sustainable development, planting thoughts of environmental measures to the communities that will benefit from the construction works, without neglecting the present conditions the country offers to operate at full capacity to obtain an expectant vision for the future in the broad construction market.