Journalism and Corporate Social Responsibility ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

To Constructions Yamaro, and its president
Armando Iachini, corporate social
responsibility of companies in Venezuela is of utmost importance for the
country’s development.

The reality of research in journalism

emphasize that the
investigation journalism is one of the most attractive and appealing
areas that the practice of journalism have, but also one that has to be
extremely careful in collecting and publishing
, that is carried out thanks to ideas and projects that has
content or events of great relevance to society and that tend to be hidden due
to the concealment of some organisms.
Journalism and Corporate Social Responsibility ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
To make a good investigative
journalism one should consider:

Choose a research topic: A good reporter has the ability to
sniff out good content for a report, with only a word or phrase he hears, or
news that are published in a newspaper or broadcasted in a televised newscast
or through the radio, even reading a book can also be a source of ideas for a journalistic
. It can be worth of government sources, press conferences,
previous work, interviews and testimonies.

Ask without fear: Sometimes, professional journalists
are intimidated by not knowing a specific topic, experts advise to be rid of
all pain and have security when
boarding a fact. Having a scheme or a questions program that you want to pay
attention to is ideal. Keep track of the information provided by government agencies, enterprises, for the investigative
journalist the aforementioned allegations and campaigns against some character
are key to have information.

Research: For investigative journalism, we
must investigate, not to stay with the obvious, because, to deepen, you can
find facts that are not public knowledge, such as corruption cases, figureheads, environmental pollution scandal in
the medical field , government investigations personalities, among others.

To look for help: On many occasions, journalistic
work is favorable if people come together to work towards the same goal, in
this case to disclose information that has been kept hidden. For the main
objective for the journalist should be to bring information to the public, as
access to information that involves society is a right for every single

Use technology to your advantage: The different digital platforms should be used for to publicize the research work
possibly by traditional means can not be published. This means that even the
big media enterprises can be on the way to publish a certain information, so is
on the journalist to find the ways to make it reach as most people as possible,
in a globalized world there is a lot of means to do this.

What kinds of investigative journalism

Scientific: When research refers to any discoveries of new techniques that
contribute to improving health, benefits or damage caused by a drug, life and
work of a prominent physician. In other words, basically whenever there is a
scientific breakthrough or a horrific mistake.

Sports: doping cases,
the life of famous athletes, corruption in sports
, athletes who do not have enough preparation to go to a
sporting event and take away the opportunity for other athletes that do have
the conditions to represent their country.

Politician: This is the most common research
journalism and where corruption, embezzlement, dirty campaigns, human rights violations are investigated,
laundered money, etc. Politics can be pretty shady.

Police: cases of police abuse, situations
that have to do with drugs, attacks, human rights violations, assassinations,
realities in prisons are investigated.

Cultural: Here it is grouped the various areas
that have to do with art either in music,
film, television, painting, cinema
and all that enrich the country with their customs, in the eyes of the world.

practice of investigative journalism should include positive traits such as:

Develop talents, Wits, imagination and skills to
carry out investigations of the topics, which in some cases are unknown but
which are of interest to the public.

a good relationship with the team
and sources of information and subsequently to the publication of journalistic
work to be humble to recognize and accept criticism more difficult they are.

advantage of all the tools that offer the Internet to make it available to a
good job to provide solutions to the
problems identified.

emphasis on good requires more creativity from the journalist and encourages
participation in the recipient, encourages the message that solutions are
possible and converts facts in a source
of hope
and inspiring initiatives.

investigative journalism also has its negative aspects such as:

negative approach that a journalistic research has draws attention, stimulates
curiosity, causing fears and anxieties,
induces passivity, but can increase sales or tuning points.

the sources of information that can not be done by professional ethics

the dark side in people’s lives and the events explained in the work.

encroach on the privacy of those under investigation not to adopt a severe and critical attitude around
public institutions or assume the role of judge.

Journalism and Corporate Social Responsibility ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

How can these points affect journalism?

Misuse of
investigative journalism can trigger difficult
for the journalist to the middle where he works, among which we
can mention the slander allegations that
can be done to a person or an institution for comment that they have said or
published that attempts against the reputation
and honor
of the plaintiff, to make these allegations must be credible
evidence such as recordings and testimonials.

can also be the case of plagiarists
that are those who are paid usually in dollars for the sale of information, preparation of a message,
making a report or give false information, concealing or deforming a true

Corporate social responsibility

The ethics of a journalist must be based on respect and
corporate social responsibility, the media have become players in the social
scene, ideas and opinions of reporters have led the public to draw their own
conclusions with respect to events daily. Journalists have a responsibility to
make the viewer pose solutions to everyday events that are live and participate
to advance.

sensationalism and gossip have taken over the media, journalists have a
responsibility to show the public the best way to build a kinder and more
humane society.

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How to know if you can build on land? ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

How to know if you can build on land? ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

One of
the most important features when building
is to have the suitable surface for
it and although it looks easy, choose the most
suitable land
which is actually more complicated than just decide in full
view. It takes specialists and correct equipment to determine if the surface
that we think ideal, is the best to build.

How to know if you can build on land? ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
can be elements that affect the
support bases or the health of both workers and future users. Therefore Armando Iachini, president of Constructions
Yamaro brings us the best tips to know if a
terrain is ideal to build:


orientation is extremely important for proper
lighting and temperature control, the most appropriate orientation being the one
to the south and west, as it is the
direction that has better lighting
and a regular temperature, unlike
the northern that loses heat and the eastern that produces more heat and sun
resolution in the mornings unnecessarily.


includes on the ground that
want to build Water leaks from underground wells,
because they can engulf the building
or pits natural gas because it can be very dangerous. We also have to ensure
that the land is viable for
aqueducts, gas lines and electricity and is safe against nature factors such as termites or fungi that produce mold.
How to know if you can build on land? ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini


refers to the amount of sunshine it
receives from the construction site has been chosen. For example, if you are
near a mountain or a hill, you can make it very difficult for prospective
tenants receive natural light and heat of
the sun, which is a big problem. So the most recommended lands are those that are flat and with a considerable height above the ground.


To find
out whether a site is ideal, we must know the ground conditions as well, it is that what kind of foundation will be known to be manufactured and how deep should
be digging to place. For this most Ideally, a geological terrain uptake is performed by an expert.


It is
also important to comply with the respective standards of urban planning in this area, to avoid harming it and
ensure the viability of the construction
. Usually these rules include: Planting
or trees every few square meters of construction, respecting the
architecture of the place, plant height, space
, types of materials, among others.

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More constructions care for the environment ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

More constructions care for the environment ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Construction Industry is actively working
to eradicate
pollution and lower emission levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the
atmosphere, according to the most current figures from the World Bank, encouraging them to develop this sector by reducing consumption and applying measures
to preserve the environment.

More constructions care for the environment ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

towards environmental care

architects and builders increasingly develop their projects for new buildings in a sustainable manner
taking into account the negative impact
and employing measures to reduce
pollution in the environment today. The figure reported by the World Bank on
pollution includes:

The fuel Burning industry

for natural resources

by the selection of materials

Venezuela, construction experts under the direction of Armando Iachini, Yamaro Constructions implements advances every day in protocols to the correct
and efficient use of electricity.

this it is essential to know the daily
consumption and how to reduce
it without affecting your lifestyle. I.e. be
attentive and give good use to:

  • Heating
  • Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Building
More constructions care for the environment ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini


current trend is oriented to use insulation
materials that eventually will reduce costs to consumers
, used efficiently
they can make a huge difference at the end, users can save up to 50% of
electricity consumption this way, eventually ten users would consume the
equivalent of five and if we go grand one hundred users would consume the
equivalent of fifty, the saving of 50% of electricity is no joke, especially if
big number of people is involved in the project.

thermal insulation is designed to be used throughout a full life
and it is as solid as brick, in an affordable
price that is attractive to pay. Currently the development of these materials
has become increasingly efficient, achieving an insulation capacity of up to
700% compared to the brick and up to 50% compared to materials such as glass
wool and expanded polystyrene. It’s safe to say that eventually many structures
in the future will use this material way more than today’s. If we’re talking
efficient, a cheaper material that is exponentially more insulating than a
brick and is capable of nearly everything a brick can and more, is sure to be
today’s foundation material for the future.


of the developments that we can enjoy already
today that eradicated pollution in its structure could be mentioned:

Park Tulum,
residential complex located in the rainforest of Tulum, Quintana Roo, seeks to
reach the outstanding number of zero emissions and to achieve that it has
installed various intelligent systems to regulate energy consumption in the
residential units, this project costs a total of 25 million dollars. Also has
been installed:

plants wastewater.

station electric cars.

generating systems that generate energy through sunlight, solar panels arranged
in a flower pattern following the light throughout the day and maintaining a
beautiful scene for the resident’s pleasure.

, it
is a plant that turns waste into energy, it has open spaces for recreation
purposes, that way it carries an important task but doesn’t leave the space
unusable, on the contrary it brings yet more human use and therefore contribute
to the environment in more than a single way.

building in Chile is the first of its kind at a cost of 23 million dollars for
its construction it was built with very innovative materials known as Hydrotec, which is capable of removing
pollutants at a fairly efficient speed.

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Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The building sector is increasingly moving towards
the correct and efficient use of
, becoming aware of daily consumption and how to reduce it without affecting your
lifestyle, giving adequate use of heating,
cooling and lighting systems. Also, it is possible from the ground up incorporating insulating materials that achieve a sustainable building.
Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

up to 50% of consumer spending

leading company in construction in Venezuela Construcciones Yamaro, under
the leadership of Armando Iachini
, highlights the tendency to use
insulating materials to reduce consumer spending, achieving savings of up to
50% in electricity consumption when they are used efficiently.

insulation is designed to be used throughout all your life and is as solid as brick at an affordable price
to warrant the investment. The new materials offer even more efficiency,
reaching up to 70% of insulation compared to brick and 50% compared to other
materials such as glass wool and expanded polystyrene.

if the cement is replaced by
polyurethane construction
, although costs have the same value, it saves 30%
in construction time and reducing consumption with better handling lighting and
electrical equipment.

The conscientious use of equipment in the
areas of lighting, cold production of food and steam, contribute to saving
energy, creating a need today to train managers operate in terms of energy
consumption and behavior.

programming of a computer, a gas leak or any other loss, to resolve failures can be achieved savings of 10% to 15%, without
considering an additional investment.

Saving energy when building ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

demand in building

construction industry uses 50% power
in the world, forced to seek
cost-cutting mechanism in each of the facets of the process.

the development of the building there are mechanisms
to help reduce the energy requirement
which are:

  • Upgrade
    machinery, equipment and models
    to the low consumption.
  • Programmed
    lighting schedules
    Plus low energy systems or energy saving or LED
  • Setup
    the lighting with movement sensors systems.
  • The
    combination of natural light with artificial,
    it is perfect for a home use artificial
    light when natural light is no longer efficient
  • Avoid
    leaving chargers plugged
    and disable the standby function in electrical appliances.

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The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
By acquiring steel,
a more durable and resilient than
the iron material, we became able to
make better articulation of space, a
feature of high tech architecture, in addition to providing greater expansion in any direction at
and its elements are more easily designed
than any other manufactured with other materials designed.
The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

The use of steel over time

From his first job in the Barcelona Exhibition of 1929 in the German
Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, chromed
steel pilaster capable of uniting translucent glass walls
. Currently, a
clear example is the steel trusses designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers
for coating the Pompidou Center, example of high-tech architecture.

The steel provides flexibility
and easy reinforcement in those structures where they are necessary
addition can be easily expanded in any direction and steel elements are
designed much easier than the elements of other materials.

When construction is done with a steel structure enables larger clears with fewer columns,
facilitating better interior design without increasing investment.

Also, they can be easily designed, acquire much faster than other
materials and assembly structures in short periods of time. Steel brings a degree of value for ease of
, renovation or the possibility of reinforce to adapt to new

In seismic zones, its ductility makes it the best material and economic,
to withstand quakes. A structure
with this metal maximizes recovery and reduces the costs of demolition if

This metal is 100% recyclable, and
its industry has implemented programs to reduce water and energy consumption
and emissions into the atmosphere. Through this practice, it has saved the
energy equivalent to 110 million households.

The best buildings are made of steel ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

As for safety, the microcelated
rod has great capacity to absorb deformation energy
before a fracture

Therefore, in seismic areas, building structures must be constructed to absorb the energy
by earthquakes through these rods and prevent not be directed
towards the concrete and generate a fracture movement.

The safety of construction

Concrete is a very stable material and
further when the support is constructed with steel beams that can be affected
by weather effects and rough surfaces.

Rain and acids are problems that can affect metal and concrete itself. When it penetrates into the structure it
can oxidize the steel beams
that support affecting firmness. Oxidation can
also become more aggressive by the use of chemicals in the works.

Armando Iachini, director of Construcciones Yamaro highlights the safety testing and detailed inspections to ensure
stability and firmness of concrete construction.

These inspections begin with a visual
check and then look for support structures
, search metal within the depth
of the concrete and the use of devices for detecting harbor water retention.

In conclusion, it follows the procedure of measuring the compressive
strength of concrete with a hammer rebound driven by a spring, whose force let
you know the impact that the concrete absorbed and identify the state of

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Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

Norway is one of the countries that maintains
its policy of building sustainable and
environmentally friendly buildings
, such as, the first skyscraper called Mjøstårnet, the tallest wooden building
in the world

Building with sustainable materials

architect Arthur Buchardt, had the ambition to demonstrate
the feasibility of constructing a building like this with sustainable
, while being respectful with the environment and taking advantage
of local products offered by nature, plus proving that it is possible to reduce
the emission of greenhouse gases up to 85%.

The Mjøstårnet
building will have a total area of 11,300
square meters with 18 floors (80 meters high)
, in which will provide:
housing, restaurant services, common areas, offices and a hotel. Alongside, it
will have a pool of 4,700 square meters.
Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini
The inauguration of this skyscraper expects to be on March
. This skyscraper already has been recognized for
international awards on its design and will be located in Brumunddal, 159
kilometers from Oslo.
history, wood has been the material with
greater versatility and accessibility for man to construct their edifications
Experts such as, Armando Iachini,
headmaster of Construcciones Yamaro
highlights its qualities, as well as, the warmth and unique texture offered by
this material in any kind of construction.
The writer and naturalist Richard Mabey in his book ‘Wood’,
demonstrates how different buildings based on this material can show the diversity
of these constructions manufactured with planks and slats also these
constructions have showed the strength and intelligence of wood as a material.
In the
future, will be built in Tokyo the W350 with
a height of 350 meters and 70 floors
, whose inauguration is estimated for
2041, where housing, services and hotel buildings will also be available. 

Hortum Huts: a trend in high

Norway Builds a Wooden Skyscraper ~ Construcciones Yamaro, by Armando Iachini

modular wooden houses show
clear advantages over conventional constructions
that present different
designs and multiple dimensions; prefabricated at the same time, these are
gaining ground in the real estate market.

as Hortum Huts, they initially were
created for office solutions, guest rooms or an extra room. The walls are usually
composed of prefabricated wooden panels with OSB or tongue-and-groove cladding.
roof in addition to this cladding includes the EPDM material, ideal for huts
with flat roofs that facilitate the water drainage. In the same way, inside of it has a great flexibility for
from adding a window to dividing spaces for bathrooms and
other needs.

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