3M VHB Tape slashes labour time at Hansen Signs

3M VHB Tape slashes labour time at Hansen Signs
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Hansen Signs has reduced its labour time by 80 per cent, leveraging the remarkable properties of 3M VHB Tape to achieve high-quality results in signage applications.

In the signage industry, the performance of products is just as crucial as their aesthetics. Unfortunately, mechanical fasteners often impose limitations on both form and function. However, 3M VHB Tape opens up new design possibilities, allowing for striking results with dissimilar materials that would otherwise be challenging to bond. Whether it’s bonding metal to painted metal, metal to plastic, or metal to tempered glass, 3M VHB Tape offers a quick and effective solution to common design challenges.

With its exceptional dynamic strength, sealing capabilities and weather resistance, 3M VHB Tape proves to be an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor signage applications.

Signage customers worldwide have experienced the effectiveness of 3M VHB Tape in their applications, including Hansen Signs.

Hansen Signs, a family-owned company that has been operating for 37 years, specialises in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining various types of signage. Nick Hansen, owner of the company, emphasises the importance of smooth surfaces and clean painted finishes in meeting clients’ expectations. He notes that traditional rivets may cause rippling effects, especially in varying weather conditions.

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Hansen Signs relies on 3M VHB Tape to bond a wide array of substrates, including aluminium to composite and composite to plastics. The company also bonds PVC letters to aluminum and painted surfaces.

“Durability is important to us because we’re responsible for the end result of our clients’ image,” says Hansen. “We’re in Atlantic Canada, so the environments that our signage is experiencing once it goes outdoors is snow, sleet, rain, extreme temperature changes.”

Given the incorporation of electrical components within its signage, coupled with the company’s steadfast commitment to maintaining premium quality standards, Hansen Signs remains dedicated to ensuring watertight seals to prevent any infiltration of moisture or water into its final products.

“So, we use the 3M VHB Tape along the seams to accomplish that,” says Hansen. “On a typical 4×8 panel where we would be riveting, drilling and riveting all of the sections of the panel, we probably have about 40 rivets.”

He adds that this process typically takes between one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes to complete. In contrast, bonding the 3M VHB Tape to the frame and panel can be accomplished by two men in approximately 15 minutes.

“I would recommend 3M VHB Tape to any sign company that is manufacturing and bonding panels to frames with any other product,” says Hansen. “It’s going to save them time and save them money.”

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