Autodesk introduces regional data storage option in Australia

Autodesk introduces regional data storage option in Australia
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Autodesk has announced the availability of a new data storage option for its customers, allowing them to store their project data primarily in Australia. As of today, a new data storage location for select Autodesk Construction Cloud products is now operational in Australia.

Sumit Oberoi, industry strategy manager, Asia Pacific at Autodesk Construction Solutions, highlighted the importance of this launch in aligning with Autodesk’s regionalisation strategy for its cloud offerings.

“Having a local data storage option for select Autodesk Construction Cloud services gives our customers more choice with respect to the primary storage of their project data and helps them meet their data residency preferences,” said Oberoi.

In the construction industry, data serves as the cornerstone for informed decision-making, facilitating better planning, execution and management of projects. By offering customers more control over the storage location of their project data, Autodesk empowers them to enhance their data strategies and effectively manage their projects.

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Steven Bloomer, regional information management lead at GHD, an Autodesk customer, emphasised how hosting Autodesk Construction Cloud in Australia aligns seamlessly with the company’s robust data-centric approach.

“Secure and effective management of data is a priority for every client we work with and where that project data is stored is critical,” said Bloomer. “This can impact how we enable a collaborative and interconnected common data environment for Australian-based projects.”

“Autodesk establishing Australia as a storage region for project data gives us the option of a local native solution for the Autodesk product stack used in our project delivery.”

Benefits of the new regional data storage in Australia include:

Empowering customers with choice: With three global data storage locations available for select Autodesk Construction Cloud products, customers can choose where to primarily store their project data, prioritising trust and control.

Reduced latency: With the Australian server, customers in the region can enjoy optimised performance through reduced latency when working within the region for these select services.

Autodesk’s introduction of a data storage option in Australia marks a significant milestone in its commitment to customer-centric solutions and regionalisation efforts within the construction industry.

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