Framing made from TRUECORE steel delivers new-school thinking

Frames made from TRUECORE steel are proving to be a game‐changer for the Redland Bay State School project, offering both structural strength and the ability for ADCO Constructions to control costs.

Project: Redland Bay State School, Queensland
Fabricator: Lee Jones, general manager at Hytek Framing
Builder: Andrew Park, senior project manager at ADCO Constructions
Architect: Conrad Gargett Architectus
Principle Steel Product: 140,000 lineal metres of LGS made from TRUECORE® steel
Photographer: Aaron Ng, Primal Agency
Address: 350-372 Serpentine Creek Road, Redland Bay

In the heart of Queensland, the Redland Bay State School project stands as a testament to the advantages derived from employing light gauge steel (LGS) framing made from TRUECORE steel. Nestled along Serpentine Creek Road, the new educational facility opened its doors in early 2024, catering to students from Prep to Year Six. The school is strategically positioned to serve the fast‐growing community emanating from the new Shoreline development.

By utilising LGS made from TRUECORE steel for the walls, trusses and bracing, the project has achieved a host of benefits.

Collaboration from the start

Working closely with builder ADCO Constructions (ADCO) and Inertia Engineering from the initial stages of the project, Hytek Framing designed, fabricated and installed LGS walls, trusses and bracing for the new school. Setting early expectations on design parameters and documentation helped ADCO keep project risks (e.g. increasing costs, delays) to a minimum.

Minimising risks in today’s economy

Redland Bay State School comprises nine buildings, eight on slabs and one on a floating slab. After the completion of the slabs, builder ADCO confidently handed over the erection of the wall frames and trusses to Hytek Framing, utilising its own experienced installation teams. Andrew Park, senior project manager at ADCO, highlights the efficiency of using LGS framing made from TRUECORE steel for the building designs on this project. In comparison to structural steel, this choice not only saved a full week of build time, but also streamlined trade coordination, reducing the likelihood of cost overruns and delays.

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Framing made from TRUECORE steel delivers new-school thinking
Large open veranda areas will provide shade for students.

TRUECORE steel provides confidence

Using LGS framing made from TRUECORE steel instils confidence in both subcontractors and engineers. On the Redland Bay project, test certificates for the steel could be provided almost immediately. This assurance gave the engineers confidence that locally sourced TRUECORE steel met their specifications, eliminating the need for further testing.

Lightweight and preferred by trades

LGS framing made from TRUECORE steel was pre‐punched with service holes making it easy for following trades to speed up during the installation phase. Lightweight steel frames at the Redland Bay site were easily carried by two apprentices, making light work for the installation team.

Framing made from TRUECORE steel delivers new-school thinking
Light weight frames made from TRUECORE steel have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for wide spans and flexible designs to suit multi-purpose spaces.

Project highlights

The Redland Bay State School was deemed essential to help educate school children, who would be primarily living within the new Shoreline Development, and will help provide enrolment relief to surrounding schools within this new catchment area.

The new school is part of the Queensland Government’s ambitious plan to invest $2.1 billion in education infrastructure in 2023‐24 alone. The infrastructure plan is set to build, improve, expand and maintain schools right across the state, creating 3,700 jobs.

Stage One of the new Redland Bay State School included an administration building, Prep and Junior general learning areas, a student support and staff building, an information and resource centre, a multi‐purpose hall, a canteen, an oval, a multi‐purpose court, and general and student amenities as well as car parking.

ADCO was tasked with managing all aspects of the state school project. “A key learning from this project is to ensure everyone’s on the same page right from the start,” says Park. “It makes a lot of sense to coordinate an upfront review with the principal engineer and steel fabricator to confirm the design parameters for the project and cover off expectations regarding shared documentation.”

“Previously we’ve used LGS framing made from TRUECORE steel on other jobs and had no issues or concerns with Hytek Framing’s recommendation to use TRUECORE steel again.

“Steel allows us to mitigate risk against termite issues and frame movement over time – we never see any bowing or warping in the light gauge steel walls.”

Hytek Framing provides commercial builders with an onsite install capability, using their own in‐house carpentry team or experienced, long‐term subcontractors. “In the commercial space in Queensland, a supply‐only‐arrangement wouldn’t work for most Tier 1 builders,” says Lee Jones, general manager at Hytek Framing. “They need to reduce their risk in terms of escalating costs and ensure on‐time delivery.”

“I’ve been a carpenter for 35 years and spent the last 15 years working with steel framing; I’ve learnt it comes down to being up front and delivering what you say you’re going to deliver – TRUECORE steel helps us do that.”

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