GPO Hotel Marriott project in Adelaide tops out

BESIX Watpac has commemorated a milestone with the Topping Out Ceremony for the GPO Hotel Marriott project in Adelaide.

The final structural element was recently positioned atop the $200 million development, which is on track for completion in the first half of 2024.

BESIX Watpac CEO Mark Baker praised the entire project team, including consultants and subcontractors, for their dedication to achieving the milestone.

“The GPO Hotel Marriott project is a great demonstration of our unwavering commitment to excellence and ability to work around existing structures,” said Baker.

Bill Couros, senior development manager for the project’s developer, Greaton, conveyed his enthusiasm about the project’s role in Adelaide’s growth and development.

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GPO Hotel Marriott project in Adelaide tops out
Progress on the GPO Hotel Marriott project shows façade works well underway.

“The GPO Hotel Marriott project heralds an exciting chapter in Adelaide’s evolution and expansion,” said Couros. “We are delighted to collaborate with BESIX Watpac, who consistently brings the project’s intricate design vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for Adelaide’s heritage.”

“Our partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence.”

Designed by local architectural firm Baukultur, the GPO Hotel Marriott blends Adelaide’s rich heritage with contemporary design principles.

Andrew Esposito, BESIX Watpac project manager for the GPO Hotel Marriott, said he was proud of the project’s noteworthy statistics.

“To date, the project team has poured an impressive 7,500 cubic meters of concrete, installed 1,160 tonnes of reinforcing and placed 450 façade panels, reaching up to level nine of 15,” said Esposito. “The installation of structural steel has been a monumental achievement, with 620 tonnes in the tower and 137 tonnes in the heritage section.”

The Topping Out Ceremony featured a traditional Smoking Ceremony – symbolising reverence for the land and culture – performed by the Traditional Owner Group, Kuma Kaaru.

The traditional Smoking Ceremony highlighted the project’s dedication to honouring and respecting the Indigenous heritage of the land on which it stands.

GPO Hotel Marriott project in Adelaide tops out
GPO Hotel Marriott project render, completed.

Mark Baker also emphasised the project’s significance in BESIX Watpac’s history. “This project signifies BESIX Watpac’s fifth residential and hotel endeavour in the South Australian region in just over a decade,” said Baker.

“It stands as another outstanding addition to our distinguished global portfolio across the residential and hotels sector, which includes iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences in Dubai.”

As the GPO Hotel Marriott project draws closer to completion, anticipation mounts for a grand unveiling that is poised to set new standards for luxury hospitality in Adelaide.

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