National Precast spotlights Mondrian Gold Coast

National Precast spotlights Mondrian Gold Coast
Quality requirements were unprecedented for the Mondrian project and tight quality control during installation was essential to the project’s success. (Image: National Precast)

Queensland’s fast‐growing Burleigh Heads has welcomed two iconic 24 and 25‐storey precast concrete towers as part of the Mondrian Gold Coast project.

By the National Precast Concrete Association Australia (National Precast).

Project – Mondrian Gold Coast
Location –
Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Architect –
Elenberg Fraser
Engineer –
ADG Engineers
Head contractor –
Hutchinson Builders
Precast installer –
HD Rigging
Master Precaster –
Euro Precast

A joint initiative between global hospitality group Accor and Vitale Property Group, Mondrian Gold Coast epitomises a fusion of luxury accommodation and lifestyle amenities in one of Australia’s most scenic coastal areas. It features 83 exquisite residential apartments and a five-star hotel boasting 208 guestrooms. The buildings are united by a three-storey podium that acts as the building’s common space and activity hub, housing a porte-cochère, hotel lobby, cafés and restaurants. Additionally, there are three levels of basement car parking.

National Precast Master Precaster, Euro Precast, manufactured over 750 precast elements for the project including walls, columns, arches, spandrels and balustrades.

According to Euro Precast’s Queensland general manager Jeff Stratford, his team worked tirelessly with Hutchinson Builders, ADG Engineers and architects Elenberg Fraser to deliver high-quality elements to meet the project’s demanding schedule.

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National Precast spotlights Mondrian Gold Coast
National Precast Master Precaster Euro Precast manufactured over 750 precast elements for the project, including walls, columns, arches, spandrels and balustrades. (Image: National Precast)

Complex geometric elements

“This is one of the most comprehensive projects we have been involved in, with complex geometries across the majority of the elements that form the hotel tower, the residential tower and particularly the porte-cochère,” says Stratford.

“As well as the need for a significant investment in moulds and some innovative vertical connections to maximise the off-form surface finishes, eight different concrete mix designs were required to meet the structural and architectural requirements of the project.”

Euro Precast manufactured and installed plain and patterned load-bearing and non-loadbearing walls, both single and double height. The columns were a combination of rectangular and circular, single and double height, raked and vertical, together with balustrades that were a mix of flat and curved – with single, double, triple and quadruple scallops.

What sets this project apart is its porte-cochère – a covered entrance that is both functional and visually stunning. Designed as a hub of activity that also provides shelter from the sun and rain, it is a unique and eye-catching focal point for visitors and locals alike. Features such as outdoor seating, public art installations and a range of retail and dining options offer a place where people can come together, relax and enjoy the vibrant energy of the Burleigh Heads community. Precast elements supplied for this part of the project included columns, arches and arch segments and spandrels.

Digitised QA delivers new transparency

According to Stratford, quality requirements were unprecedented for the Mondrian Gold Coast project, and tight quality control during both manufacture and installation was essential to the project’s success.

Utilising National Precast Industry Partner CONQA’s new digitised quality control software, Euro Precast was able to ensure transparency during manufacture by conducting virtual inspections of every element. This involved reviewing moulds, concrete strength, reinforcement, tolerances and class of finish. Onsite, careful attention was given to transportation, temporary bracing, placement, caulking and grouting.

Partnering with National Precast members

“We also partnered with many other National Precast members for the project, including PSA, HD Rigging, Construc, PROGRESS GROUP, Reid Construction Systems, Milwaukee Tools and Actech,” says Stratford.

“It really demonstrates how the relationships we have fostered over the years with these companies – through our involvement with National Precast – have delivered an outstanding result.”

Sophisticated coastal living

The Mondrian Hotel and Residential complex represents a harmonious blend of luxury living, unparalleled views and a vibrant community spirit. It has become a landmark, attracting tourists, investors and locals alike, setting new benchmarks for sophisticated coastal living and appealing to discerning residents and travellers seeking a refined lifestyle experience amidst the natural beauty of the Gold Coast. Its presence has also catalysed economic growth in the area, boosting tourism and attracting businesses that cater to the high-end demographic it attracts.

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